Chapter 10 : Tomoko Yamashina ②

I remove all the button from her shirt, I reach my hand to unhook her bra and her abundant breast appear.

Looking at it from the closer, it looks amazing. It has good shape, and on top of her two mountain there is her lovely pink nipple.

When I rub it from the bottom to the top, I can feel it softness.



“Wow, Sensei breast~”

“Ya… don’t…. Don’t rub it.”

“Sensei, why your nipple become hard?”

“Don’t…. Lick it…. Hyaa!”



While I lick sensei breast and play with it like a toy, I reach out my hand to remove her flare skirt.


“Then, sensei. I will take it off”

“Y, yaa…”



I take off her shirt together with her cardigan, I also take off her bra and strip her skirt off her.

I was lost in the word for a moment when I see what appear under her skirt.

I was surprised she was still wearing a print panty when she was 24 years old.



“Sensei…. I don’t think anyone wearing a printed panty when they are 24 years old. Morever it was bear panty.”

“It, its cute, it is my favorite….! Ah, don’t…. Take my panty…!”

“Sensei panty was to childish, so I am going to take it off~”



It take a while to take the bear panty off from sensei.

As expected Yamashina sensei was showing resistance when I try to take off her underwear, however there is no strength at all.

Before long her figure in her birthday suit was shown to me.

In the empty classroom the beautiful female teacher was stark naked. She try to sit down with her body that was filled with carnal desire, but there doesn’t seem to be power in her body.



“Umu, sensei really have a nice body. It was erotic.”

“U, ero…!? Don’t say it like that….”

“Hora, don’t hide it. Let me see sensei private part”

“Hy, Hya!”



I move her hand that was trying to cover her private part and catch Tomo-chan sensei knee and hold it to the so called Manguri position.

Her private part and back door was completely exposed to me without anything to hide it.

[TL: for those that was curious about Manguri Position Google it with this word まんぐり]



Surprisingly Tomo-chan private part was bald.

I wonder if it was because she cum just now. Her Private part was wet because of her love juice and it made indecent sound. I can see her pink clit as well.



“Wow. Sensei, has already become this wet. I should lick it to clean it up”

“Fue…. Li, lick it…!? HYA, fuaaa!!!”



When I bring my face closer to sensei private place, I can smell her womanly smell.

I thrust my lip and suck her private part with *Jyuru *Jyuru

Tomo-chan sensei raise her voice sexly and her body tremble in pleasure. Her body really was honest.



I lick her private part and going up to her thigh. Sensei smooth and soft thigh now was covered with my saliva.

Sensei always wear a knee high skirt, sometime when I was at the bottom of the stair I can see it when it was lifted by the wind. I thought that I want to lick sensei white and smooth thigh someday.

[TL:why it going up? Because it was on Maguri position.]



After thoroughly enjoy her thigh, now I start to lick her stomach. Her breast, neck, armpit, I trace my tongue completely throughout sensei body


In this empty classroom, the figure of female teacher that was exposed to her birthday suit was gasping for breath.

By the time I have licked her body from the tip to her toe, she has cum for several time. I lay her wearily body down to the floor that was still twitching.



“Sensei was so ecchi. Even though I only touch, sensei already become like this.”


“Me too when I look at sensei like this I have become like this. Look”

“…! No….Etozawa-kun….Don’t…. Only that….”



I take out my meat stick that already become erect out. Then Yamashina-san that was still lay limply on the floor shake her head and begged with teary eyes.

However, I disregard it and start to take off my school uniform.



“Etozawa-kun…. Please…. Just let me go….”

“It’s useless. Because I will make sensei my women. I will violate and cum inside sensei until sensei become pregnant.”



The moment sensei hear become pregnant, sensei face change.

Her expression was filled with fear. However under her face, I can feel her excitement that was appear and disappear in an instant. While being pinned down by man, she has an expression of joy like a female that will be violated soon.

“Sensei, it seems like you have become excited when knowing we will embrace each other nakedly.”

“No…. Don’t…. Etozawa-kun, please….”

“Then, this part of sensei was this wet? Look, even though my tip was only kissed with it, it feels like it try to swallowed me whole.”



When my glans was swallowed by her private part, I move my waist a little bit with [Hya…] in instant her expression change.

“This part of sensei, doesn’t it look delighted? It seems to want my meat stick.”

“No, it was different…. No….”

“Look… my meat stick is entering sensei private part…. N…”

“Hya, Nnn… Ahn…”



My meat stick was piercing her wet private part. Her wet hole was tightened around my meat stick gently, it feel good.

While Yamashina-sensei suppressed her voice with teary eyes, and try to endure it desperately.

However it was quite tight…. If I do it slowly, it seems like I will ejaculate immediately, so when my glans already half buried, I thrust it inside quickly.



“HyaaA…!!! … uuu….”


Sensei raise her voice.

It seems like she was enduring the pain, when I look at her private part, I can see a trace of blood flowed out of it.

It was the blood of deflowering.

“…Sensei, was a virgin…?”


“To be able to get sensei first time. I am happy, in return I will make sensei feel good”



Using the remote control, I raise the lust by 10 point, and make it reach 90. The expression of sensei that was enduring pain was gradually melted.

When her pain already lessen up. I start to do deep thrust. A sweet sigh was leaked from sensei mouth, and her hole was tightened around my meat stick.

Soon, my meat stick was buried completely inside her hole.



“Look… all of it already entered inside. With this sensei already become my women”


After inserting all of it inside her, I pat the hair of Yamashina-sensei while speaking with her.

Sensei expression already become dim because of pleasure, and she only can receive my meat stick while panting.

Even though I didn’t move and just keep still, sensei start to move timidly without my permission, even though she has tear in her eyes, it seems like she enjoy it.

“Ah… Tomoko… become Etozawa-kun women…?”

“That is right. Look, all of it already inside, did you understand what this mean? Sensei and I have become one. You already become my women.”

“Fuwaa…. Uuu… I have become Etozawa-kun women… Tomoko… have become an adult… I am gonna become pregnant and bore Etozawa-kun baby….”



I am the first for sensei.

I didn’t understand why sensei suddenly become obedient when I insert my meat stick deep inside her. It is just like the line from doujinshi [Stick your meat stick deep inside the women to make them obedient] was true Or it is just that Yamashina Sensei was easy?

Because it doesn’t seems like she was in pain now, I start to thrust my waist.

Whenever I trust it inside sensei face was panting as if she was suffering.

Her hole was so wet and tighten around my meat stick as if asking me to spit my semen and fill her hole.

“Etozawa-kun…. Amazing… It feel good…. Tomoko, Feel so good…”

“Me too. Hey, stick out your tongue. Let’s kiss.”

“Ahn…! Un… Ki…sss…. Because, Tomoko was Etozawa-kun women…. I want to… Kiss… Fuwa…n!”



Sensei stick out her tongue like a dog, and entwine it with mine, she happily drink my saliva when I give it to her.

I feel there is something wrong with her reaction, so I summoned the remote controller while moving my waist and look at Sensei Parameter… and I become surprised.

Her Love point was gradually raised.

The numerical value that should have been at 30 point at the start, now already raise to 72, furthermore the numerical value still raising right in front of me as if it was totally linked to the movement of my waist.

Was it because I stick my meat stick inside her that she immediately fall in love with me? Good grief, looks like this natural airheaded teacher was a natural lewd teacher.

“Sensei, did you love me?

“N… ha… un… Like… I love you so much….”



Her love point has exceed 80 point, and still raising.


“Sensei, did you want me to cum inside? So you can completely become my women.”

“Un… Do it…. Make Tomoko…. Etozawa-kun…. Women…. Ahn!”



At last it arrive at 90 point.

My meat stick was at it limit too. I start to move my waist furiously for this last spurt, and sensei start to wiggled crazily under my body.

And at last I reach my limit.

“….Urgh! Cum!! I am cumming!! Sensei!”

“AHnnnN!!  Cum… Tomoko, cummming toooo!!”




I slam my waist hard to her and push my meat stick deep inside her and my semen was gushing inside her with great momentum.

“Ah… so hot… Tomoko private part… feel so full… Aan..!”


I trembled as I ejaculate inside Sensei.

After I poured my semen inside her, before long my ejaculation was over.

“Fu…ah… an unbelievable amount come out…”


When I look at sensei it seems like she already fainted after she cum. Her body was still twitching even though she already lose her conscious.

Looking at sensei naked body that was lying on the floor, soon… I can see my sperm that flowed backward from inside of her hole.

Uwa… it feel good to cum inside her hole… It feel like I am conquering her.

I feel satisfied since I was able to violate a woman to my heart content. Next… who should I invite to this room…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. It was exciting ^^
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