Chapter 11: Female bitch part 1

“Sensei, even though I love sensei, as I though the relationship between a student and teacher was bad after all”


After our love affair.

In this empty classroom, I said it to Yamashima-sensei that was leaning on my body naked and behave like a baby, it was interesting how her complexion change immediately and become panicked.


“E, eeh!? Even though you said that you love me so passionately before, Etozawa-kun was cruel…! Ple…. please don’t throw me away….”


Yamashina-sensei was clinging to me with teary eyes. Before I violate her, she was refusing my advance because of student and teacher relationship barrier, but, it seems all of this change once I cum inside her.

It must because of the power of the remote controler.

I put my hand on Yamashina-sensei shoulder to calm her down.


“No, no, it was different. Can you listen to my story till the end? It was simple, we need to hide the relationship between sensei and me.”


When I say so, Yamashina-sensei face become relieved immediately.


“Ah…. I understand… but, the two of us already become a lover right?”

“Yes yes, a lover. Sensei was my women after all.”

“Ufufufu…. My women…. Kotaro-kun has made Tomoko body can’t life without him anymore….”

“Then, give me the key for this classroom. Even if it disappear no one will notice right?”

“Yes! It was the love nest for Tomoko and Kotaro-kun after all.”


With this, I was able to get this room to become my hideout.


A few days have passed since that time, I was enjoying the school life.

Using the hideout I can live my sex life to fullness and my meat stick become stronger.

[TL: probably talking about how he can hold much longer.]


After I got the key from Yamashina-sensei, I cleaned the classroom and brought the airbed to the hideout. I want to brought a sofa as well, but I didn’t know how to smuggle something that big here.

Like this, I have improvised a simple classroom to become my hideout. Looking at this hideout I become fired up! After all it was a boy dreams.

[TL: it is like how every boy always want a secret hideout(so the can go hiki).]


However unlike a secret base when I was young, not only I can bring snack, manga, and playing game here. I can also bring a girl here.

When the class end today, it will be Mizuhara-san turn.


Mizuhara-san…, no, I make Sakuya going all four and violate her from behind. I take off her uniform while leaving her skirt behind, I move her panty to the side and insert it. The feeling of violating her feel so good!


“It’s feel good!”

“Fuwa!! Yes… it is amazing…! Kotaro-kun… so big…!”

“Sakuya hole was making a naughty sound. It is tightening around my meat stick while making lewd sound”

“Hya… Hyuuu…. I am embarrassed…”

“Sakuya is a naughty child, in truth Sakuya was a dirty slut right?”


While slapping Sakuya naked ass, I ram my meat stick from behind her, and Sakuya cry out because of the pleasure.

Really, Sakuya already become a naughty child. But, I was the one who make her so.


I look at the remote controller on my right hand.

Sakuya Affection was 100 point. And I set her lust to 80 point. With this Sakuya body become overly sensitive.


When I step toward her while drooling, Her body was flushed red entirely, her love for me become a joy of women pleasure.

Even an ordinary caress can change her drastically. When I kiss her, she start to melt, when I grope her breast she start to weakened, and when I play with her nipples she cum immediately.


Since she already wet from the beginning, I jam my meat stick suddenly inside her and she cry out with licentious cry.

Really, when she was in front of everyone at class she was cute like a cat. With a face like angel that was pure and innocent that wasn’t tainted by dirt. But, when I lick her private part from the back her face was melt away and exposed her true face.


“All right, try to say what you want!”

“Ah…. Sakuya… an! Kotaro-kun… Fua… sperm, I want it!”

“Where did you want it, you female pig!”

“I want it inside my pussy… n! Please make Sakuya pregnant… with Kotaro-kun sperm… An!”

“You said it well. Then… as a reward…N!”


I start to speed up my waist movement, and Sakuya bend her back while letting out sexy voice.

I grab her waist tightly and thrust deep inside and cum.

As Sakuya hole receive my semen her body trembled and twitched.


When I come out from my hideout, the sun already start to set.

Sakuya who has been with me since after the school, because we can meet again tomorrow, I sooth her down and sent her home.


When I arrive in my home, the sun already perfectly set, the lukewarm wind of summer night tickled my cheek.

I was sweating around because I have sex with Sakuya, when I return I want to take a shower…. Thinking so I open the entrance door.


I’m Ho….


Then, I noticed something was wrong.

There is unfamiliar sneaker. Did we have a guest?

Sayaka-san who notice me coming home come out from living room.


“Ah, Kotaro-kun, welcome back.”

“I’m home, Sayaka-san. Did we have visitor?”

“Arara, why are you being so formal to the guest?”


Sayaka-san was smiling while looking at me. Even though she was always smiling, it seems like her smile  was a little bit different today.

Without able to grasp the situation, Sayaka-san continue to talk while looking at my face.


“Even though I didn’t know the situation, Kotaro-kun has older girlfriend huh.”


…. Yes?


“…. girlfriend?”

“I have shown her to Kotaro-kun room. Ufufufu, nevertheless she was a good girl. When she see me she ask『are you Kotaro-kun older sister?』”


‘Mou, stop it already.’ She said while hitting on my shoulder lightly.

I hurriedly climb the stair and rush to my room.

When I open the door to my familiar room. There is suspicious person raising a suspicious sound.


“Kotaro-kun…. Nn… ha…. Kotaro-kun smell….”

[TL: she is smelling his smell.]


For some reason on my bed, there is a someone with blonde hair that was moving in suspicious way while smelling on my pillow.

She remove her glasses and put it to the side while smelling my pillow.


“…. What are you doing, Ema-san….”

“Ah….! Kotaro-kun…. Ano… I….”


She was startled when she see me, she raise her face from the pillow. Her well-proportioned face looks strangely loosen now. This beauty avert her eyes while feeling embarrassment.

It was Hanayashiki Ema


It was the first time for me to see Ema-san in plain clothes, ‘ah no wonder she was not popular…..’ because she has unique fashion sense.

Why she was wearing dungarees. Combined with her black rimmed glasses she looks like arare-chan.

However, because she was a beauty, no matter what fashion she wear, she will still looks like a beautiful women.


“Kotaro-kun was cruel. You haven’t reply my mail since 3 days ago….”

“Ah, un. I am sorry about that…. But, how did you able to found my home?”

“That is because I look at hospital history!”


This beautiful women puffed out her chest.


“That…. isn’t that a crime….?”

“Eh? Eh? That is…!? What should I do? Will they put me into a prison!?”

“No, If I didn’t said anything it will be okay…. probably.”


However for her to come to my home only because haven’t reply her mail for 3 days. I summoned the remote control and make Ema-san touch it.


“What are you doing? Kotaro-kun.”

“Nn, this was something like a spell….”

“Could it be, a spell so I didn’t need to go to prison….!? Kotaro-kun was so kind~”


Ema-san misunderstanding and selfishly embrace me. ‘Yes yes’ while saying so, I look at remote controler.



Hanayashiki Ema 【Child Making Mode】on

Affection … 100

Lust…….… 66



“High!! Her Lust was High!!”


Even for Sakuya and other, because it will become a trouble for their daily life, I usually set their lust to 0.

Nevertheless because I was nervous since the numerical value will raise on their own, I lower their lust every morning.

Once I tested to see their reaction on each numerical value of lust. At 50 they start fidgeting, at 60 they start to asking for it, when it reach beyond 70 they will said ‘I can’t stand it anymore…’ and began to play with their private part.


In other word, Ema-san now was feeling frustrated….?

While I think so, I look at the remote controller again and with *Pikon Ema-san Lust value raise again. I didn’t do anything this time.

While looking at the remote controller something soft and smell good was hugging on me.

Ema-san buried her face on my neck, and embraced me tightly.


“Kun…. it was Kotaro-kun for the first time of the week…. But, I need to hold on….”


Her lust raise again with *pikon *pikon. Ah, it already gone beyond 70 point.


“Uu… Mou, I can’t stand it anymore… Itadakimasu.”

“Uwa! Um! It will bad if we do it here! Sayaka-san was here! …. Mnmm!”

“Nn…. Chu…. Kotaro-kun, let’s kiss…. Fuwa…. Mnnn.”


Just like that I was being pushed down and kissed while still being embraced. Ema-san tongue was running wild in my mouth and entwine it with my tongue.

Letting out passionate sigh, without stopping the kiss Ema-san start taking off her dungarees by sliding the strap.

Under her dungarees, she was wearing a t-shirt and pant. When her fiendish boobs was pushed to my chest it start to change the shape.

…. this women, she didn’t wear a bra.


“Hamu… Nn…. ne…. Touch it… because it was Kotaro-kun property.”


Ema-san take my hand and place it to her breast. Even though I touch it over her shirt, it was very soft. Her nipple was pointed out from inside her shirt.

I was entranced by Ema-san soft breast.

And didn’t notice the sound of footstep climbing up the stairs.


“Onii-chan. Kaa-san said you should bring your girlfriend to eat here….”


Kaoru opened the door, when she do so, she caught the sight of her brother girlfriend that was only wearing a t-shirt and underwear pushing down her brother while kissing him.

She come at the time when her brother was massaging his girlfriend big breast while being pushed down.


When Kaoru look at the situation inside the room, she turned around and close the door.


“Kaa-san!! Onii-chan was doing ecchi thing inside his room!!!!”


With the sound of her running down from the stair, the sound my stepsister reporting my deed echoed inside the house.

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