Chapter 14 : Kotaro, thinking about the future

Sayaka-san seems to be exhausted and doesn’t seems like able to stand up anymore, so I take her out of the bath, wipe her body and take her to her bedroom.


“Sayaka-san, can you wear a clothes by your own? Sayaka-san?




Sayaka-san seems to be asleep. Her sleeping face looks so gentle.


“Did you already asleep…? Can’t be helped.”


She may catch cold if she sleep in nude. I need to cover her with something…. So I brought a blanket.

I lie Sayaka-san on the bed and covered her with the blanket…. I was being captivated by Sayaka-san breast that was pointing upward.

After a bath her skin looks glossy…., as expected it was a good body. This body just a moment ago was being groped by my throughly, when I think about the moment before, my crotch start to become hot.

Umu, seems like I am still horny.




“Sayaka-san breast feel so good…”



When I rub the breast of Sayaka-san who was sleeping, Sayaka-san leak out a sigh from her mouth. ……. I can’t stand it.


“It was comparable with Ema breast….”


That is right, Ema. that remind me I have keep her waiting at my room.

I remember  Ema while rubbing Sayaka-san breast. I am still horny, I will cum inside Ema meat hole as well.


“Ah, welcome back~. It was a long bath…. Uwawa! Why you are  naked!?”


When I come back to my room, Ema who was reading a manga raise her face to look at me. At the same time she covered her face behind her hand while shouting [Kya!] when she look at me naked.

That remind me, I didn’t wear any clothes. Maa, it is ok, I will take it off immediately as well.

Ema face become red while she speak to me, she stole a glance from time to time from the gaps of her hand that covered her face.



“A, ano…. Kotaro-kun…. Why you didn’t wear any clothes….?”

“That is because Ema-san will take it off anyways.”

“Fue!? Then…. why…. that become so big….?”

“It was standing erect, because it will go inside Ema-san meat hole now.”




I decided to show off my meat stick that was standing erect to Ema-san while I approaching her.

On the bed, Ema-san already throwing off her half read manga, moreover her face already becoming red, while she was fixedly staring at my erect meat stick through the gap of her hand that was covering her face. It was easy to understand Ema-san.


I take Ema-san hand and made her grasp on my meat stick. Ema-san remain on her spot, but, as soon as I let her grasp my meat stick, she raise her voice[Hya…].

Her cold hand feel good on my meat stick that just coming out from bath.


“It has become erected since I was on the bath. Please help me calm it down, Ema-san.”

“Ah…. un…. Like, like this….?”



Ema-san white hand  start to stroke my meat stick nervously.


“N~….  this is good as well, but, I want to put it inside Ema-san mouth.”

“Un…. then…. amu….”



*chiro…. The tip of her red tongue was licking on my swelled up glans. She start licking it like a  puppy on my glans, the back of my meat stick, and sucked all the pole inside her mouth.


“Hamu…. N…. N… Kotaro-kun, does it feel good?”

“Un, Ema-san felatio was the best. As expected you have practice how to hum right?”

“Fua….! you, you didn’t need to say that….”



Ema-san keep serving me and buried her face to my crotch despite her protest.

My meat stick that was being pumped by Ema-san mouth already become rock hard. Even though I just ejaculate inside Sayaka-san just now, it didn’t have fidelity at all if I so myself.


“N…. amu…. Ah…. what’s wrong Kotaro-kun…. kya!”


Because I can’t stand it anymore, as soon as my meat stick separate from Ema-san mouth, I push her to bed immediately.

When I strip off her pajama and at the same time, Ema-san meat hole already become wet with her love juice.

I will pour a lot of my semen inside of this lewd women hole. I summoned the remote controller and turn off the child making mode. With this, I can freely ejaculate inside her.


“Ah…. is you finally want to put it inside….?”

“Un. I will use my meat stick that is still wet from being sucked by your mouth and insert it inside your damp lewd meat hole”

“Y, ya…. I am ashamed…. an!”



I placed my meat stick on the front door of her dripping wet meat hole and when I insert it with *Zubu *Zubu Ema-san groaned out with pleasure.


“Ah…. fua…. So…. big….”

“You mustn’t be too loud Ema-san. Kaoru was still here too.”



When I said it like that, it remind me, is the voice when we are inside the bathroom leaking out or not.

While I was violating Ema-san meat hole, I inquired about it, it seems like Sayaka-san unladylike voice didn’t reach out to 2nd floor. The wall was unexpected soundproof, I feel relieved.



However, this remote controller sure is convenient tool, I think so while violating Ema-san in missionary position.

When I raised Ema-san lust point, Ema-san start to twitching underneath me, it was interesting.

I slam my meat stick and trusted it inside her womb and rubbing on Ema-san plump breast, while she is desperately try to suppress her voice.


“I… feel…. Strange….! Just now…. It seems like…. Something change…. No…. I feel strange….!”

“Ema-san meat hole was tightened around my meat stick, it feel so good. I can’t hold it anymore”

“Aah…. ya…. Ejaculate it inside me…. Now….! Aaa….nn!!”



I ejaculate my semen right inside Ema-san. As I ejaculate inside her, Ema-san also reach her climax as well. She hold her mouth with her hand to suppress her voice while her body was twitching.


I poured all my semen completely inside Ema-san meat hole.

After I pour all of it, I pulled my meat stick from her meat hole, as Ema-san was still sensitive after her climax, she raise her voice [Hya!]



The next morning.


“As expected I think it is still too early for Kotaro-kun to have a girlfriend.”

“Fue? What are you saying Sayaka-san. You support me so much yesterday….”



In the morning when we are sitting on the dining table, Ema-san was puzzled by Sayaka-san sudden change from yesterday. Sayaka-san tell the decision while touching my arm excessively.

Ema-san seems to be surprised at first, was it a woman’s intuition? With the eyes like she was challenging Sayaka-san she take my other arm.


“…. I love Kotaro-kun, and even Kotaro-kun love me so so much.”

“….. is that so?”

“….. that is right”



With Sayaka-san being strangely clinging and Ema-san being unusual spoiled, I can feel there is a strange light crashed in the middle of their sight, after I finish eating breakfast, I leave the house early, at the same time Ema-san decided to sent me to school.

…. Because it is bad for my stomach I want you to stop it.

[TL: well it is like those lightning that crash in the middle when two rival was looking at each other. Didn’t know how to word it well]


After parting with Ema-san that was clinging to me, I went to school while thinking about the power of remote controller.

Right now there is 3 parameter that I can control using the power of remote controler.


Family Love.




With this 3 parameter, I can turn a neat and clean virtuous girls to a female slave that will open her legs by herself and beg for my meat stick.

Umu…. it is the best….


Even though it was morning, I can feel the blood start to gather around my crotch.

As expected it will be embarrassing if I walk around in the public place with hard on. So I stop and pretend to tied my shoelaces to calm it down. However my thought keep thinking about it.



There is many beautiful girls in our school. If it was possible I want to eat all the girl from our school.


For example, Mizuhara Sayaka close friend, Tsuzurigi Shiori.

For example, the 1st year Shikimori Arisa

For example, the 3rd year student council president, Kamiyama Natsuki.

For example, Kamiyama right hand, Yuigahama Miyabi

For example, the student council Shimizu Touka

For example, the english teacher Hikawa Nanako

For example, the school chairman daughter, Houshoin Seira


Each of this girl was a first rate beautiful girl.

My crotch was reacting again as I try to calm it down.

…. even though it was morning, I feel like wanting to cum once.

I take out my cellphone and emailed to Sakuya. Now, I will ejaculate a lot inside her meat hole.


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