Chapter 5 : Etozawa House

When morning comes, Ema-san leave the hospital room with a apologize face.


“This is my email address and phone number for my cell phone… Will you contact me? I will sent an email to you too.”


I receive Ema-san Contact information.

After that session, I thoroughly enjoy Ema-san body, I made her drink, rubbed and poured all my semen that I had saved for a week into Ema-san. After we finish with missionary position we change into women in the top and other position as well, a naughty Onee-san is really the best! I said the last one to Ema-san that was gasping for breath.


I look outside the window that has become brighten now.

Today was the day when I will be discharged.


I finally arrive at my own room after a week.

When I arrive at my home after picked up by my family with car, I rush back into my room.


In an instant, I look at the remote controller that was grasped in my right hand. When I think ‘Dissapear’ in my mind, It disappear immediately from my right hand.

This time when I think ‘Appear’, I can feel it in my right hand. The remote controller was appear from the place that was emptied before.

When I think ‘Move to left hand’, the remote controller disappear from my right hand, and appear in my left hand instead.


I have some understanding how to handle this remote controller.


Still, it seems like I have obtained something unexpected.

It seems like only I can seen it. Even when I shown the remote controller to Sayaka who come to pick me up and my younger sister that has returned from school, they wasn’t able to see it at all.


I didn’t only shown it to them, when I try to make them touch it, it pass through their body as I expected it.


After some testing I was able to concluded.


When you let anyone touch the remote (Because it will pass through their body, I don’t if the word ‘touch’ is the right one…) Then the partner will become the target of this remote controller.

The LCD that was only displaying [Hanayashiki Ema] for sometime, When I make other people touch it, the display changed.


Etozawa Sayaka Love… 71

Etozawa Kaoru   Love… 57


Sayaka, was my step mother.

Kaoru was my younger sister.


Looking at the numerical value displayed by the remote controller, wow, the love point of Sayaka was high! I think it was possible to reach this high because it was the love for family member.

However, my younger sister was only 57 point. I didn’t know if it is high or low.

Yesterday, when I raise Ema-san affection to 100, her love love aura was revealed. That is at 100 point. Before I change it with this remote controller, the numerical value when it was still a nurse and her patient was only 10 point. But, Kaoru numerical value was in between that two point.

Somehow I was able to understand it.


When I thought about such thing my cellphone informed me the I have receive an e-mail.

When I look who is it, It was from Ema-san. To summarized the email contain was [I’m so lonely when I can’t meet you]. Isn’t it too fast? we just parted this morning, not even half a day has passed since then.

I intend to replied later, so I throw my cellphone on the bed.



I heard someone was calling me from downstair. It was sayaka-san.

When I come downstairs, what await me was a beautiful women with an apron.

She tied her hair behind her, she give a gentle atmosphere that was full of smile, it is motherhood beauty.


“What is it? Sayaka-san.”

“Kotaro-kun. have you greet your father yet?”

“Ah, I haven’t yet. I will do it now.”


After I say so, I go to the room with Buddhist altar, and put my hands together.


When I was small, my father died.

Just after he remarried with the women that I called mother, Sayaka-san…

In other word, Sayaka-san was my step mother. And Kaoru, was a child from Sayaka-san former marriage. In other word, she was my step-sister.


After I put my hand together, I look at my father picture that doesn’t aged even after all this time has passed, and report I have been discharged. Incidentally I also reported that I have lost my virginity

Father…. I have graduate from my virginity. My partner was nurse Onee-san. It was the best.

For some reason I though my father photograph, he said [Keep it up!] while giving me a thumb up.

Based on the stories, it seems like he was infamous playboy, because the senior citizens in the neighborhood had tell me various things with an introduction saying “That pervert brat~”, so I know.


As for Sayaka-san, it seems like she had various rival before she remarried my father. However when she was able to won all the battle and married my father, then….

Ma, from the stories the old people in the neighborhood, when my father was alive it seems like he have done a lot of mischief and affair. that only god know how many it is.


When I tell Sayaka-san that [I have reported to father], she smile joyfully.

She give a gentle atmosphere around her, she was still in her twenties, a proud and beautiful step-mother.


I think, Sayaka-san was 28 years old this year.



It seems like she was pregnant with Kaoru, when she was 13. It is so dangerous, when she was 13 that means she was a primary school not too long ago.

Her partner seems to be her teacher. However, that is still a crime. I didn’t know whatever this is a heaven punishment or not, but, when they pursue the teacher, he seems to have died from illness.

And while being supported by the people around her, she raise up Kaoru, When Sayaka san remarried my father, she was still 20 years old, and Kaoru at that time was still 7 years old.

Not long after, my father died a premature death. This happen during their honeymoon.

I didn’t know what my father job is, Even though I am his son I didn’t know it either. But, he had left enough inheritance for the three of us to be able to eat and live even though we didn’t work for another 20 years.

Then for 8 years since then, she have raising Kaoru and me who didn’t have any blood relationship with her, like a family.

That is why I am proud of Sayaka-san. She was a young and beautiful step-mother.


I stare at the back figure of Sayaka-san that was standing in the kitchen.

Looking at Sayaka-san white nape, her big swelling that seems to pushed up her blouse and her sexy waist preparing dinner with smile and laugh like it was fun.


…. I silently return to my room.



When I returned to my room, my cellphone was vibrating. It is an e-mail.

It was from Ema-san. To summarize [Why wouldn’t you returned my e-mail? Did you come to hate me now?”


…. It seems like it has become something troublesome.

I replied to Ema-san [It is too bothersome], it is not even the next day. Isn’t it troublesome.


I mean, is Ema-san my girlfriend now? Even though Ema-san body was the best, However, with this remote controller, I will be able to sleep with any girl I want. Ema-san body was good, but I want to taste various women body.


I didn’t like being restricted too much, After I sent the mail, The reply come with [I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to restraint you]

…. There is various problem with 100 Love point


However, I want to have various experiment with it.

After giving a suitable reply to Ema-san, I go downstairs again.

There is a beautiful girl dressed in short pant in living room, exposing her healthy thigh, while lying down eating a potato chips.

She has a medium raven-black hair. she give off an whimsical cat like atmosphere.

She is Kaoru, my step-sister.


“You will gain weight before you eat dinner”

“Ah, It is prohibited to say such thing! Mou, after returning to home, Onii-chan already start to preaching? It is much better when you are hospitalized, it was quiet.”


Kaoru turns to me while pouting.

Hearing my younger sister who was on her rebellious age speak with her sharp tongue.

More like she was on her rebellious age only to me. Recently she always said [Onii-chan was too noisy]

However, I take pride as a brother that spoiled her younger sister.

Her short cut hair was shaking, when she complaint, even though she was annoying, she was considerable cute.


Because Sayaka-san still young, when she went out together with Kaoru, they often being mistaken and asked [Are you a sisters?], and then Sayaka-san will said she is her younger sister joyfully.

Even though she was left behind by my deceased playboy father, her beautiful figure didn’t decline at all.

My step-sister who has inherited the trait from her mother, is still young now, but I am sure in the future she will become a incredibly beautiful women. Is what I feel.


…. Should I test it?


I take out my remote controller. Because I have touch her with it before, it was displayed by remote controller [Etozawa Kaoru Love….57]

I press the button to raise the numerical value.  Because 100 point was somewhat scary, I settle it around 80.


Etozawa Kaoru Love… 80


Then, right in front of my eyes, Kaoru state suddenly change.

She who was preaching her older brother lack delicacy and saying a forbidden word that about gained weight to the women, suddenly become silent.


“Wh, what’s wrong Kaoru. Why did you suddenly become silent…”

“Ah, no, that is…”


For someone reason Kaoru become bashful. She look at my face and muttered in low voice.


“Was Onii-chan looks this cool before…?”

“N? What is it?”

“! Nothing!”


I Ask ‘What? What is it?’ While sitting down at the sofa that next to where Kaoru sit. I ask ‘What is it? Did you have something to say to Onii-chan?’

Then Kaoru said [Don’t get carried away! I didn’t said anything to Onii-chan!] and she said [iitsu] while giving me a cat like punch.


“I hear something like I am cool or something like that. What is it? What is it?”

“Mou… So you already heard about it….”

“Fufufu, Aren’t you happy to have such cool Onii-chan? my younger sister?”

“It is no good to get carried away immediately. … But, because it was Onii-chan I will permit it from now on. It is good that you are full of spirit after getting discharged from hospital.”


Saying so, Kaoru pat my shoulder. What is this, such obedient younger sister after a long absence.

This remote controller effect was so amazing. If 80 point already like this, what will happen when I raise it to 100 point?

…. Should I raise it up?

I operate the remote controller and raise the numerical value for the love.


Etozawa Kaoru Love …. 100


Then, Kaoru snuggle next to me and press her head and rub it to me.


“…. What wrong? My younger sister.”

“Nn…. when I do something like this I feel like I can relaxed… Ne, Onii-chan, can you pat my head like in the past?”

“Of course… *pat *pat”

“Nfufu… I feel so happy.”

“I see, *pat *pat”

“Nfufu… Today Onii-chan was somewhat gentle.”


I love onii-chan. Kaoru said this while behave like spoiled child.


“It seems like Onii-chan after leaving the hospital you become somewhat gentle. Ah, did you finally understood the value of this cute younger sister after being away for 1 week?”


As the older brother having such pretty younger sister was a happiness, while saying this, the younger sister stick to me like a purring cat.

It’s not me who have changed, but, your love value has changed.

I can’t said that though.


However, it has been long time since I pat my cute younger sister that has become obedient. It feels like I have returned to the old days. When my younger sister keep calling me Onii-chan, Onii-chan’.

I keep patting my younger sister head until Sayaka-san entered the living room while saying [It will be dinner soon.]

‘Oh my, looks how close you are’ my step mother said while narrowing her eyes and smile. Hearing this word, Kaoru said ‘That is right, I become close to Onii-chan since he returned.’


Even though I use the remote controller out of curiosity, but the result is not that bad.



At night, when I relaxed in my room after eating dinner, my younger sister come over. With her homework and collection of problem in her hand.


“Onii-chan, can you help me with some problem with my homework…?”

“N? Ah, okay.”


A younger sister that love her older brother so much, It seems like she become bro-con.

My younger sister have excellent grade unlike her older brother. That is why there is no need for her to ask me to help her study, I think she only want an excuse being together with me. Shit, this cute fellow.


The older brother agreeing to look at his younger sister homework. Because he think it was just a freshman problem and try to show his dignity as a older brother.


10 minutes later.


“I’m sorry… I didn’t understand it…”

“Onii-chan, you do it this way… Hey, pull yourself together. Because there is only a little bit more!”


Eh!? How can I be this stupid!

An eleventh grader was taking a lesson from her younger sister that was a High Schooler freshman. Moreover it was a freshman problem.


“Onii-chan…. You will be taking examination next year right? Is it okay? I can’t help to be worried about you”

“I’m ashamed…”


We are sitting on the table inside my room to study, I have been humiliated myself when I said I will help Kaoru to study. Now it was me who was getting helped with my study.


“Ha.. I’m tired. Let take a little bit rest, okay?”

“Already! only 10 minutes have passed!”

“I can’t go on anymore… I’m sleepy…”


I sit on my bed and stretched my body. My mind was filled with sense of defeat.

When Kaoru look at me, looking at me who wasn’t able to get up anymore she only can said ‘Mou…’, as if she thought about something she stand up.

For some reason she put her hand side by side.


“Onii-chan is lazy, Take this!”

“Uwa, Kaoru! Don’t tickle me. Uhaha, It tickles!”

“Ahaha! Hora Hora!, you should go back to study, or I will tickle you more”


Kaoru stand up on my bed and start to tickles me. she solely aim on my side.

In order to escape, I try to change my posture, Kaoru, embrace me to tickle the place where I was weak at.

Kaoru was wearing a short pant and T-shirt on this time of summer. Although she was young, I was able to feel something soft and smooth when she touch me.


Since I was able to smell a pleasant smell. I thought she just got out of bath.


Her two soft bulging that was pressed over her T-shirt and her smooth and soft thigh.

Every Time I change the posture, Because she was clinging at me, so her cloth start to rolled up and exposed her navel.

When we are clinged together like this, a strange mood start to attack me gradually.


“St, Kaoru…. Stop. Hahahaha, It is dangerous…”

“Give up already? Then, return to your study quietly… eh. …eh? this…”


Kaoru who was straddled over me, and is tickling my underarm finally notice something.

The jersey which I wear as a substitute for Pajamas. Under it, my son already become hard and press it upward toward Kaoru.

Kaoru was straddling on my waist. I am sure Kaoru already noticed my son that was pressing between her soft ass.


“On, Onii-chan…? This..”

“Ah… I’m sorry. It is…”


Before I finish saying it. Kaoru start to back away.

I said [ahaha…] with a wry smile looking troubled, and then I scratch my cheek while looking away from her.


“Ah, I, I’m sorry Onii-chan. That’s right, Onii-chan is a man too..”

“Wait. I think you have misunderstood something, so wait a moment. I didn’t intent to do anything. It just happen on it’s own.”

“Un, It seems to be like that, Because I have learn it in my class, so I know about it… However… A, ahaha… I think I should go back to my room….”

“It was different!? I am not a pervert that was interested in my younger sister!?”

“Then, then, see you later. Good night, Onii-chan.”


Just like that, she tidy up the collection of problems on the table and hurriedly left my room without looking at my eyes.

It’s hopeless, She completely looking at me like I am a pervert.

But I can’t help it, recently Kaoru has suddenly growth. As for her swelling… Un, it was soft.


However, Even though her Love already at 100 point, as expected it was only a love for her brother.

But, for the older brother to get excited over his younger sister body, if looking it at sense of moral, I wouldn’t be here as well. No, Am I get excited? Isn’t it a physiology phenomenon?


While thinking so, Tomorrow, what kind of face should I made when I meet her…. But, it can’t be helped, when I remember the soft feeling for her swelling, I shoot twice before I can sleep. My erection was harder than usual.

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