Polymath Redux

Polymath Redux

by HiDrangeA


The strongest player in ‘Hellgana’ a popular MMORPG. [Mordred] is sent to a mysterious new world with all of his powers intact. No reason, no destination, no motivation, not anything. Now free from all the shackles of sensible human society, he could do anything he wanted to in this new fantasy world.

But what did he truly want to do?

The first order of business was to set up a base of operations and the innocent state of Xagontetia looked just ripe for the taking. Military, Politics and State, all of them needed be conquered for his true motivations to come to fruition. What he wished for was the essence of this new world; the ‘Perfect Narrative’.

Arc 1: PROJECT: Hellgate
Arc 2: The Secret War
Arc 3: Goddesses of the World Tree

Categories: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Gender Bender , Mature , Romance

ARC 1: Project: Hellgate

Chapter 1 – An easy guide on how to demonstrate authority as a king
Chapter 2 – Three easy steps on how to kill a Red Dragon
Chapter 3 – To display your power, display a powerful minion!
Chapter 4 – Starting off the adventure by saving a village under siege!
Chapter 5 – Don’t explore just one path, explore both!
Chapter 6 – Welcome to Solaris, the capital of Xagontetia!
Chapter 7 – To the lady and gentleman, a Solaris style greetings to you!
Chapter 8 – To the lady and gentlemen, a Hellgana style greetings to you!
Chapter 9 – Join them? No, we’ll be controlling them!
Chapter 10 – Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild!
Chapter 11 – Enter! The clumsy maid and the devilish butler
Chapter 12 – What it means to be a cog
Chapter 13 – How to effectively set up your pawn
Chapter 14 – The conga line for the Hellgana style death trap is this way
Chapter 15 – Course laid in
Chapter 16 – Into the belly of the beast
Chapter 17 – King vs. King
Chapter 18 – The line between gaining everything or losing everything
Chapter 19 – Congratulations! You win a permanent time out
Chapter 20 – Will you grant my wish?
Chapter 21 – Buying power with money is a legitimate strategy
Chapter 22 – To the place that I belong
Chapter 23 – Some people have to work for a living, I’m just here for fun
Chapter 24 – PROJECT: Hellgate (1/7)
Chapter 25 – PROJECT: Hellgate (2/7)
Chapter 26 – PROJECT: Hellgate (3/7)
Chapter 27 – PROJECT: Hellgate (4/7)
Chapter 28 – PROJECT: Hellgate (5/7)
Chapter 29 – PROJECT: Hellgate (6/7)
Chapter 30 – PROJECT: Hellgate (7/7)
Chapter 31 – You are the picture of perfection so act like it
Chapter 32 – Don’t forget to look behind when fighting from the front
Chapter 33 – I have a dream that one day…
Chapter 34 – That one day this nation will rise up!

ARC2: The Secret War

Chapter 35 – A perfect guide on how to raise your hero
Chapter 36 – Welcome to Solaris, the capital of the new world
Chapter 37 – Wait, I felt a great disturbance in the force
Chapter 38 – Where were you on the night of Mr. Lazzaro’s Murder?
Chapter 39 – Misfortune takes the form of a saintly merchant
Chapter 40 – A fate better than death but worse than living
Chapter 41 – The Determination of uncertain destinies
Chapter 42 – The idiot’s guide to political misinformation
Chapter 43 – The product of a strength that is not truly your own
Chapter 44 – The man known as Prince
Chapter 45 – A fundamental flaw in your understanding
Chapter 46 – Declaration of the Secret War
Chapter 47 – In preparation of an unimaginable gambit
Chapter 48 – Secret War (1/10): Ratman’s Requiem
Chapter 49 – Secret War (2/10): Illegitimate Insubordination
Chapter 50 – Secret War (3/10): Mistress’ Mistake