Release Schedule

Weekly Schedule: 2 Regulars chapter / week ( 8 / month)

2 Legged Mimic

*you can always sponsor a chapter for faster release*

Sponsored chapter will come out after regular chapters schedule are fulfilled

the daily schedule isn’t fixed since they may come out earlier or later than scheduled but the number of chapters released per week won’t change

schedule may be changed if an unforeseen events occurred

28 comments on “Release Schedule

  1. Didnt like Zombie Master =/ Totally love your other translations such as TDADP and Lazy Draggy xD Thank you for you translations!

  2. it might come from my PC, but I think that the background-colour and the font colour don’t have enough contrast, it’s hard to read for me

  3. might have missed the sponsored chapter queue on the right before, it has got a really nice look, Halloween colours :p
    didn’t know where to post that

  4. bro, can you please translated This light novel “The latest game is too amazing” because this story is interesting, it just like TDADP, why not this light novel “The latest game is too amazing” give in you index more Novel???

  5. Pleaase continue mafia boss~~!! ><
    And dungeon master, I reaaaaally love both!
    Thank you for birthing them :3

  6. What happened to werewolf? I really liked it and I have been waiting months for an update but nothing has happened and I wanna know if it’s dropped at least.

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