[SS] Chapter 10: There’s Always A Bad Guy Somewhere

Landon the his sisters had finished their day.  Although Lisa and Azla had wanted to come over and eat dinner together, he reminded that they were already going to be scolded and it would only get worse if that skipped dinner.  They hugged their brother and reluctantly left, they knew he was right and if they wanted to see him more often they would need to stay out of trouble first.  While they left they secretly squeezed their new teddy bears even now they were only acting in order to be spoiled more for that next time.  Seeing the girls leave with a Landon smirked happily and thought to himself.

‘Maybe I’ll cook them lemon marinated chicken for them next time’

The girls were secretly developing their acting skills and even Landon hadn’t been able to see through it any more! Now that his two sisters were no longer visible he walked off towards his own home.  The distance from his work and the orphanage was only a short distance away and was the main reason he choose this apartment despite the sun being a wake up call, but for Landon that was a bonus in his opinion except he hoped that another situation like today wouldn’t happen again.  While Sarah was able to quell it without much difficulty he was feeling a little regretful.  Sarah had told him it was not that busy but that was only to help give him reason to enjoy his time with his sisters.  The reality was that it was busy and she was running around just to keep up with the order’s however Landon didn’t know that to her it was even more worth it.  The conversation she had with his sister’s he didn’t know about it but Sarah was happy with the results and even if it were to be a week of working at this pace she wouldn’t hesitate.

Arriving at his house, and slowly made a quick dinner.  He didn’t have the time to be spending on cooking as he had to dive back into the game and start his path  to being a Core gamer.  Even then that was only the beginning for him.  Landon’s primary goal was not only to make a living off of the game himself, but to support his family as well!  He wanted the younger kids to get an education!  He was hoping to send his sisters to college as well even though they hadn’t been educated nearly as well as teenagers who went to school, they were diligent and even more hard working than anyone else.

‘I don’t have time to waste.’

Landon quickly devoured his food and ran towards his room.  Although at the moment seeing the Box unit he cautiously approached it. All his misfortune suddenly flowed back into his mind and he was slightly worried that it would be a similar day.  He hadn’t even lasted an hour before having to quit the game, even though it was 4 hours in game time.  Even though he was worried his steps towards the Box didn’t slow and he didn’t hesitate to enter.  If his dream was that weak the Old man wouldn’t have given it to him in the first place.  Putting on the headset he quickly muttered.

“[Second Saga]”

Hydra, opened his heavy eyes,  while he was definitely wide awake in reality, in [Second Saga] he had just woke up from his death last night.  He soon noticed that he was in the same church he started in yesterday and slightly gave a thankful nod towards the sky.  He wasn’t sure if anyone noticed his prayers but at this moment he was more thankful to not have been trapped in the cave.
Leaving the Church Hydra was bombarded by the loud bustling chatter of the users and NPC’s.  He didn’t pull any embarassing actions like last time.  Truthfully he was slightly self concious about showing his happiness in this game, but like they say the strong eats the weak therefore once he becomes strong he can do make all the stupid expressions he wants.

‘Alright, it’s time I found a quest.’

People were enthusiastically selling goods or looking for parties.  It was easy to call it a beginner’s town but the shiny gear failed to meet the expectations of a noob environment.  The max level had already risen to beyond 100 although most of those users have left the beginner’s town to spread across the continent and explore the lands, many of them have chose to stay and farm around the current area.  Just because it was a beginner area did not mean there wasn’t strong monsters near by, and by overhearing people’s conversations as he passed by he realized people could easily stay until they were level 150.  Suddenly remembering level, Hydra realized he yet had to distribute his points so he quickly added them in the same fashion he has been earlier.  Now his stats looked uneven but his survival was clearly the most important in his mind!

Name Hydra Level 7
Race Human Profession Aether Blade
Fame 250
Damage 19(+1)~ Defense 0
Vitality 420 Mana 120
Strength 19 Agility 42
Stamina 10 Wisdom 6
Intelligence 10 Luck 44
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
Shadow Stealer- damage +1
Dusk Glove- defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)

It was only a few hours of playing but his stats really got a huge boost even though his equipment was still lacking he didn’t mind.  He was staring the sword equipped at his side while incredibly weak at the moment it was still a ‘Growth’ item could potentially become one of the strongest items in this game.  The other was unique glove, while it had no defensive capabilities it’s usage could not be ignored.  Having more options in a fight was just one step closer to victory or defeat.  At this moment Hydra was definitely wearing his emotions on his face but he didn’t notice instead other users did.  As Hydra was experienced in combat of the game he still knew close to nothing about the game and had no idea where to start now that he cleared a dungeon he was back to where he started originally.  It wasn’t long that he had planning on his next move that he was called out.

“Hey,  Filthy casual!”

Hydra perked his ears, normally he would ignore it however he had already been called it once due to his silly actions at the start therefore he was quite attentive towards those words.

“Yeah I’m talking to you brat!”

“What can I do for you?”

Hydra quite frankly was confused.  He stared at the three males in front of him.  One was a swordsman, the other was an archer, finally the last was a mage as to which class he belonged in Hydra wouldn’t be able to find out unless the user casted first.  It would be obvious later when the equipment started to diverge into specific classes but in the beginner area it was hard to find special items like that.  But that was what troubled him even more.  He wasn’t a person to go looking for trouble and usually was quite respectful to others, it was only people he was close too that would see his true nature.  To avoid further trouble he just respectfully asked the other party.

“Bring out 1000 Gold unless you want to be forcefully exited from the game”


Hydra blurted out.

‘Where did that come from?’

He had no idea what to say anymore.  But it was clear from the other parties intentions that they were purposely targeting him.  Noticing the grins on their faces a ‘ah’ leaked out of Hydra’s mouth while pointing towards them he called out.

“You’re evil villains!”

“What the hell this isn’t a superhero comic”

The other party quickly rebutted.  However Hydra was defeated, they were exactly right.  He didn’t much care that they were doing extortion in the middle of the street which now was crowded in user’s.  It was more of a show than anything else, what was 10 gold to these people?  90% of them were rich after all and it was a simple thing to bring out 1000 gold which was equivalent to 1000 dollars.  But was that something Hydra could pay for?  No if he had a 1000 dollars he would be happily enjoying a rich meal with the kids at the orphanage so the only answer Hydra could give was simple.

“Anyways, I’ll have to pass on giving you money.”

“You’re braver than you look.  Kill him!”

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