[SS] Chapter 100!!!: Intermediate Player

With the end of voluem 5 comes the beginning of the triple digits chapter 1 0 0.  A huge deal, I have written over 200k in 4 months.  I would like to thank all of you have continued to follow my series even though volume 5 was not as good as people thought.  Although I don’t regret writing it whatsoever I do feel It could be better.  However It was funny and it was naturally needed for future development of the story.

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Next volume comes with a shit load of action.  The introduction to the [Glory Guild] AKA GG (Ha HA Ha get it?) And finally the arrival of Sarah into the story.  Also the bakcground of a unknown character who had been laying it low but is now finally coming out.  (Can you guess?  Feel free to comment!)

Once agian my readers, my fans, my fellow Bread followers and worshipper of Pan.  Thank you for following this adventure.  I hope to continue to improve and meet your expectations.

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As Hydra pushed the accept option, he had no idea what was occurring in the world around him.  But how could he?  After all, to this point Hydra hadn’t been involved much with the players of this game world.  Not to mention he didn’t even have really the opportunity to choose for himself what to do.

However none of that was a bad thing, it just meant he had no ins to finding out what was happening.  And naturally the [Shadow Lurkers] wouldn’t be messaging him to tell him either, after all Lockon had already given him his graduation from a noob to a educated noob.  Of course they would assume he’d look at the [World Message] himself.  But would he really?

Naturally the answer can be nothing other than no.  He is Hydra after all.  Someone who goes with the flow, because he can’t say no.  In this case, the flow happened to be the full upgrade of his entire army.  As such he didn’t feel he had time to be looking at the message above him and just continued to rush over to find out about all the benefits everyone received.  Although he read the windows for everyone there might be other small things that were glossed over.

But instead what happened the moment he took a step forward was another window popped up in front of him.  He rolled his eyes and couldn’t help but think the game really wanted him to spend the entire day reading windows as he thought to himself.  But when he looked at the new window he knew that was not the case at all.


Player Hydra has finally reached level 50 and now the beginner handicapped has been turned off!  As such we, Phoenix Enterprises, would like to congratulate you on your promotion from a beginner to a intermediate player!  With this new additions will be added and we hope you enjoy the difficulty rise in the game.  Thank you for playing!


[Intermediate Player effects]
-Players over 50 will now lose 3 permanent stats on death.  If a player is killed by another player, that player will receive the stats instead.  This does not include duels, or fights in the city (Pseudo Duels).
– All [common] monsters will do 50% more damage, [Elites] +100%, [Boss] +150%, [Elite Boss] +200%, [Hidden Elites] +250%, [Hidden Elite Bosses] +300%, [Legendary] will instant kill unless the level is within 10 of the monster.
-All monsters +100% to crowd control.  (Skills are half as effective and skills with less than 10% will have no effect).
-Durability will fall with every attack, and possibility of instant destruction enabled.
-Dropping of gear after death enabled.
-Towns and Cities are not conquerable.  Players who manage to overtake the towns/cities will become the Lord upon successful defence for one week.  However if too many innocents are killed in the process players will become [Murderers] and a bounty will be set.  All caught/killed [Murderers] will permanently lose all levels and their profession.
-Creation of Guilds is now possible. (Only the Guild leader needs to be level 50, all other players may be lower).
-Cost of items +1000%.
-Promotion Classes enabled.
-Players needed until [Plains of Lathandra] Event Opens 999,999/1,000,000.


An [Intermediate Player] bonus item/skill option is now available.  Choose one.
-Learn all Languages
-Acquire the first rank of nobility (cost 5000 gold)
-Acquire [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook] (1000 gold)
-Learn [Aether Bladist] skill
-Acquire Pet skill
-Acquire a mount

“Hmm, this game is changing quite a bit.  It seems everything is going to get a lot more difficult from now on.  Specially Legendary monsters luckily I managed to defeat one before I was level 50.  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to kill it even with my luck stat.”

As Hydra though through the long listed window in front of him and the window of the options available to him behind it.  He couldn’t help but crease his forehead.  As the difficulty rose it made it harder to acquire money and trading for real money only became harder.  Although Hydra had only been able to make one exchange that one exchange was quite a large benefit already.  If he continued to exchange at rates like that he would be able to easily acquire the money required for the first year of schooling for everyone.

However he soon realized how naive that thought process was as the game would evolve with the player and not make it a boring grind fest the longer the game got.  He could only think that less players would end up playing the game as they got to higher levels, but at the same time he could only realize that what this made players do is group together.

After all an RPG was something you played with others.  An MMO is an MMO because it involves so many players, although solo play was possible only skilled people could do it.  If he played by himself he would reap all the benefits but the possible of failure also increased as well.

There was something else that was bothering him as well.  Although he wanted to choose something he wasn’t in a rush to get the item.  Hydra was carefully looking over each new add on into the game. When Lockon taught him that even the slightest bit of new information can become the difference between success and failure of gaming he quickly became someone who read the rules and new information every chance he got.  There wasn’t anything he felt he overlooked but the [Plains Of Lathandra] he couldn’t get off his mind.  He had walked through the plains to get to the capital in fact he was already really close to the plains.  But what was going to happen the moment only one more player became and [Intermediate Player]?

This bothered him specially that he realized already 1 million people were of equal or higher level than him.  Although he jumped from level 39 to level 51, the amount who were still at level 50 were probably quite small.

After pondering it for a few more seconds he finally released the tension on his forehead and relaxed his tense muscles.  Worrying about it any longer wouldn’t be helpful and he couldn’t help but sigh.  He then looked over to the available options and immediately chose one.

It wasn’t a difficult choice, which was why he didn’t pick one right away and looked over the add-ons.  The choice he made was naturally the [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook].  He already figured it had elementary blueprints on equipment that he could build.  Although he didn’t know is if all these options were exclusive to him, or if only some of them were, he didn’t bother learning or getting anything else.

When thinking about it, the skill that had the highest potentials were without a doubt [Dual], and [Transmutation].  As Hydra already attempted using a sword and rune magic at the same time he realized it was an incredible boost in power.  Although it require intense concentration and focus to utilize once master he would be a force that could fight hundreds of enemies at once.

As for [Transmutation] that in itself was obvious.  As a hidden crafting skill he could create nearly infinite amount of item with only having a required level in order to utilize.  Equipment?  Potions?  All were possible to be made and only required time.  Although Hydra lacked time it wasn’t to the point where by using his time in [Transmutation] it would be called a waste.  In fact by using [Transmutation] it might even be possible to make all the money he needed through that alone.

But the situation now was different. Had he learn it without having companions maybe that was the choice he would make.  But now?  He had friends.  What were friends to Hydra?  They were everything!  His family and friends were the most perish to him and he would do everything in his ability to help.  Also it wasn’t as if Hydra didn’t enjoy the game as such only sitting down making endless amount of items could be considered quite the dull life.  So why not take the good from both worlds?  Many people would call him greedy, but it was possible because Hydra was confident in being able to achieve both.  Where did this confidence come from?  It was simple, he just had the feeling he could do it.  So he would trust that instinct and continue forward never looking back.

After receiving the notebook Hydra didn’t take the time to look at it as he still had to speak with his Bread followers.  As he was already beside Portko and Falcon, he quickly found that they acquired nothing more than what was already mentioned.  They gave slight nods and copied one another but twitching parts of their bodies.  One flexing his buff arms, the other twitching his snout.  This only made Hydra somehow feel the two were made for one another and was nearly tempted to allow Porkto become the mount of Falcon.  However as Porkto himself was a king it would be wrong of him to do that.  After all Porkto’s status was only second to his own and equal to Cline’s.

Naturally Pan and Irina were off in their own bubble of power.  One because he was the symbol of their religion and now matched with the [Copper Bread] item.  The other because making her angry came with terrifying repercussions.  And truthfully Irina was already a Queen and didn’t even believe in the Bread god.  Now that Hydra truly thought about it.  He realized that she gained a skill without even being a follower.  Was it because she was a party member?

Hydra couldn’t make any sense of it and rushed over to ask her.  His group of companions had already made their way to the middle of the field.  Although windows didn’t appear in front of them and instead was directly sent to their minds, they naturally knew about the pig army joining them.

Without having to worry they started to make their way over.  The moment Hydra made eye contact with Valeria and Irina, who also joined, a tinge of red was seen covering their faces.  Valeria dipped her head and refused to make eye contact.  On the other hand Irina made eye contact but her eyes sucked in Hydra’s gaze entirely.  It was so strong that he was lost in it and only recovered when Cline started to roar.

“Why the hell did I get amantle that turns me into a piece of bread?!”

Finally looking over he forgot about the pitiful fact that Cline really got the low end of the stick from this promotion.  Hydra figured everyone had already explained their abilities towards one another leaving him to be slightly lonely.  But when Hydra thought for a good minute leaving the knight completely out of his usual charisma form, to vent.  Then he suddenly remembered and spoke.

“Isn’t it because you have a piece of the [Dragon God’s] blood?  After all you technically are a follower of her now.  Not to mention [Azure Dragon Arm] in itself is already the most beneficial thing you could ever receive.”

After hearing this Cline calmed down and soon nodded afterwards.  He also remembered that out of everyone here he had the best equipment, his super longsword and the gauntlet shield.  With these alone he was already incredibly well off from the others except maybe Irina.  At this point Cline also looked at Irina strangely but was unable to make a comment.  Even if he could fight Irina, there was no way he would risk that chance.  But Hydra on the other hand did after learning that no one else gained any other abilities.

“Irina, why did you gain a skill as well?”

“Hm?  Oh, well I guess it can’t be called as such because truthfully, with Lady Aspa’s inheritance I can already grow any form of plant.”


Everyone screamed at the same time.  They were simply too shocked, although Hydra wasn’t sure as to why, he patiently waited for the situation to unfold naturally.  The first to question this was by his surprise Porkto.

“Lady Irina, you said you can grow any plant form?  Does this mean you know [Nature] Magic?”

His snout twitch with every syllable he spoke.  Although he was speaking pig which naturally were only oinks and snorts, they were translated immediately and even gave the impression his mouth was mimicking the sounds as well.  As Hydra was momentarily distracted by the neat effect he soon realized he also wanted to learn more about this [Nature] magic that was apparently surprising.

“As the direct descendant and the Queen of the Elves it is only natural that I am able to.”

Everyone started to shiver and sweat.  As Hydra was still confused he couldn’t help but ask curiously why it mattered.

“Why is [Nature] magic so surprising?”

As Cline regained his composure first he answered.

“Hydra, as a foreigner you might only know the basic magics that exist in Tsula.  But truthfully that isn’t all there is.  There are also [Ancient Magics] as well. [Nature] and [Time] as examples.  Just talking about nature alone, it directly affects life with no negative effects to the plants whatsoever.  She could feed the entire world herself.  If that isn’t a god-like ability then what else would be?”

As Hydra pondered over the words of Cline, he couldn’t help but think it was reasonable.  Although he didn’t truly understand how powerful it was without Irina explaining it herself, he knew they would never have to worry about food again.  Without dragging out how surprised everyone was Hydra changed the topic and spoke towards Porkto.

“Porkto, would you be able to choose the strongest few hundred for our companions to become mounts of us?”

Portko looked on with awe towards his most admired person and hastily nodded while his snout twitched uncontrollably.

“Naturally, I will have it done immediately.”

Everyone else recovered and soon looked on with a complicated expression.  Although having a mount was a good and all.  They were [Piglets] after all.  The weakest monsters, anyone else would laugh at them.  However their dilemma was short lived the moment they thought of their new Bread loving companions.  As Hydra shouted towards everyone and grabbed a piece of bread from the few Falcon was still carrying.

“Share the Bread!  Become friends and join together as one!  We shall spread our Bread throughout the lands and strive to change the way people used to think of us.  We are the [Fellowship of The Bread Order]!”

“YEAHHHHH!” “Snoooort!”

“All Hail The Bread God!”

“All Hail Hydra!”

It could be said that everyone of Hydra’s followers were treated as scum or weak ants only to be used as food or experience, but now?  With Hydra leading, he would never let them be seen as weak or pitiful ever again.  He would raise the strength of his companions to the peak.  After all only at the peak can he achieve his goals!

End of Volume 5 Rise of the Pigperor

Next Volume  War In Lathandra!

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