[SS] Chapter 102: A Cushion

Cline had been walking through the camp on his way to Hydra’s tent.  He was busy worrying about how he should teach Hydra from now on.  After all the previous experience resulted in them chasing him for quite some time.


“This student of mine sure likes to slack off when it comes to studying.”


Cline couldn’t help but shake his head. Though he looked disappointed in fact he was rather happy, because Hydra even without his teachings had been improving every day.  It was only the finer details that Cline needed to teach him.  With a smirk he walked into Hydra’s tent, but was momentarily surprised to see the pile of materials scattered everywhere.


There was only a single path that a person could barely walk through to the middle where Hydra slept.  Seeing that Hydra was passed out and had a pale expression showing his exhaustion Cline didn’t linger and left immediately.  He couldn’t help but think to himself as he walked out.


‘Well all in good time.’


As he just exited he saw another person at the exit.  Nearly bumping into them, only for her to dodge at the last second did Cline realize he almost ran into someone and quickly apologized.


“My apologies.”


“It’s okay.”


When Cline looked up after bowing slightly he realized the person was Irina, and in her bosom was Pan with his feet dangling in the air and his tail swaying back and forth.  Clearly Pan was enjoying his current attention.  Irina on the other hand didn’t let it bother her and was straight face and only passed by Cline entering into Hydra’s tent.  Seeing this Cline couldn’t help but smile a bit and walked away.


When Irina entered, she was immediately confused as to why the tent was a complete disaster.  Though she didn’t care much and walking down the pathway seeing Hydra sleeping she unconsciously started to quicken her pace.  Unknowingly Irina when it happened, but Irina was already right beside Hydra, as she bent over and softly let Pan down.  


Naturally Pan was staring at Hydra’s lap the entire time thinking to himself.


‘How dare master sleep without me.’


But as Hydra himself didn’t mean to fall asleep it couldn’t be blamed on him.  Nonetheless Pan cutely walked over and with some difficulty climbed onto Hydra’s stomach and twirled around a few times before lying down immediately falling asleep.  Irina watching the sight with interest smiled softly.  It was a smile that could calm the hearts of fierce warriors and boys to immediately blush in embarrassment.  Like Pan her eyes focused on a single point, although it looked like it was on Hydra it was in fact the spot right beside Hydra.  Because she wasn’t Pan who didn’t care about what others thought she slightly hesitated before remembering Valerias expression as she left the tent the previous day.  Clenching her tiny little first, causing imprints of her slender fingers to be imprinted on her palm, she finally relaxed and awkwardly approached Hydra’s side.  The feeling of approaching him caused her to be nervous, even while knowing he was asleep she felt he knew everything she was currently doing at this moment.  


But her determination to gain Hydra’s favour overcame her nervousness and she slightly plopped down beside Hydra.  Tilting her head gently onto his shoulder.  Not realizing how comfortable the feeling was going to be, like Pan, she was sucked into a deep sleep.






Valeria was standing at the entrance of Hydra’s tent.  Naturally, she was inside and what she saw made her completely jealous and made her want to leave immediately.  Her fists pointed outwards as she couldn’t help but pout with her lips.  Although she had thought her move was hidden from Irina’s view, it was apparently immediately found out.  Valeria with her seductive facade immediately broke and she became a young woman who only wanted to be near the one she cared for.  Naturally now that Irina was already sleeping beside Hydra it was a little bit awkward, but her gaze failed to give justice to her thoughts.  As her gaze rested on the other open spot beside Hydra.


Unlike Irina, Valeria walked over not filled with confidence but a will that refused to let her lose to Irina.  She elegantly sat down and with both of her arms she wrapped them around Hydra’s and cautiously rested her head against his chest careful not to wake him up.  But similarly to Pan and Irina, Valeria also failed she realize how comfortable it was and immediately closed her eyes drifting off to the dreamworld.




The Bread followers were still celebrating the promotion of their religion, they didn’t care about any other matters currently going on as they drank till they choked.  Only to shove bread down their throats to choke some more.  This didn’t bother them even a bit as they were all too happy about their new brothers.  A group filled of previous bandits, criminals, and piglets they couldn’t help but feel a connection to one another.  After all the bread followers and the piglets were all seen as trash by the rest of the world. There was only one person who looked at them with pride.  That was their leader Hydra.  He gave them a reason for living, and for them that reason was following every wish of their leader till they day they passed, or the day he left them forever.  It wouldn’t matter they were content just being there for him.  To them, it was the happiest moments of their lives.


Soon after a giant red pig was drunk.  He was so incredibly drunk he wanted to grab his brother Shadow and have some fun with the lady pigs all night.  Thinking he was being such a chap of a friend calling out his brother he happily trotted along to his tent.  His snout twitching like dancing to a song, he entered the tent without a moment’s hesitation.  However the moment he saw the two woman and Hydra, plus Pan but that didn’t surprise him, he screamed!


“AHH! AHH!  AHH!  Brother!  How could you!  Didn’t you know mingling with humanoids could cause problems in birth?”




Hydra woke up slowly and with a huge amount of reluctance as he could only hear the screams of Porkto.  He wasn’t sure what was going on but as he was about to get up, he realized he was unable to.  When Hydra looked over to his shoulder he saw Irina’s beautiful white face with her cherry lips just a tiny biny from his own.  He had wanted to retreat to the other direction as he couldn’t help but remember her previous actions he turned red in embarrassment.  But to his surprise again, when he tried to move the other direction he realize that Valeria was lying just below his shoulder on his chest.  Although he couldn’t see her face and luckily didn’t result in near close contact, it was Valeria who woke up next.


The moment she woke up she was already in a bad mood as she was having a good sleep.  She couldn’t remember where exactly she was but as Valeria lifted her head and looked up, in front of her was Hydra’s face.  Naturally the situation turned into Hyra once again being infinitely close to her lips.  But Hydra was so shocked at the sudden turn of development that he didn’t move.  Instead Valeria consciously remembered her kiss and brought her hands to push Hydra off of her who was actually on him.  However she couldn’t mind such details at the moment.


Unfortunately, she forgot that  Irina was on the other side and when Valeria pushed Hydra off the only direction for him to go was back into Irina, who he previously tried to retreat from.  Whether it was luck or a curse stat involved Hydra wasn’t sure, but he tried to stabilize his balance, but as the force was too much he ended falling along with Irina!


‘Oh crap!’


Hydra immediately forgot about anything else and grabbed onto Irina.  She was falling and because she was asleep she end up falling on her head.  Although there was other materials around, Hydra didn’t want to risk Irina getting hurt and immediately grabbed put his hand around the back of her head shielding it from the impact.






Hydra heard the adorable sound of Irina slightly fidgeting while waking up.  In fact it was already a surprise that she hadn’t woken up till now, but who could have guessed that Hydra’s body would be the perfect pillow?  Irina couldn’t help but fall into a deep sleep and only wake up now.  But what she woke up too surprised her so much that her eyes went wide and she blinked numerous times as if trying to figure out how the turn of events happened.  She nervously thought a million things at once.


“Oh no, oh no oh no!  I know I said he would have to come get the my first, but I never expected him to move the next day!  What do I do?  I’m not prepared for this!  Mother, what should I do in such a situation?”


As if her prayer was heard she could feel that her mother was slightly telling her something.  But her entire face blushed red when she heard the thoughts ‘let it happen’ with a ‘ohohoh’ laugh.  Feeling weak Irina lost all her strength as she barely attempted to push Hydra off from her.  Her knees buckled, and she stared into Hydra’s eyes.  But she could only react by closing them letting whatever would happen, happen.


The situation escalated, with no way of knowing what was going on the three of them froze.  It was at this moment that Porkto spoke up again.
“My ladies, please unhand my brother, he is a pig, you can’t seduce him with your thin humanoid appearances!  He needs a female pig to be the cushion for his pushing!”