[SS] Chapter 104: Staying At The Capital

Hydra and his group of companions rushed by to the capital.  Although it was more of a leisurely walk than a rush as they were already near the capital to begin with.  With the two day time limit they were able to arrive within a few hours.  But Hydra felt there was stuff to be done.  As such he had only a few of the Bread followers follow him.  Only those who would didn’t have too large of a criminal record were allowed to enter with Hydra, Valeria, Cline, Falcon and finally Irina.  This naturally included Rich and Bob as they wouldn’t be able to acquire a large criminal record even if they wished too


As for Porkto and the pigs, the 300 or so that became mounts stayed with the Bread followers while the rest of the pig army went back to their territory.  Before leaving Hydra made sure they all had enough supplies to last them a long time.  By supplies this naturally meant massive amounts of Bread  In fact all the bread they had in reserve was given to the pig army for them to grow.  Surprisingly, as the pigs ate more bread their levels grew.  It was like a natural rare candy for them.  Hydra couldn’t help but be surprised for them.  Although it became hard to reach past the 40 range, it was definitely strong enough to take over the area and be safe.


With nothing else to worry about they couple dozen of Bread followers entered the capital.  For Hydra this was already his second time here, but it was sort of rushed and he wasn’t able to see a large portion of the capital.  Now that he wasn’t rushed or didn’t have to worry about being caught, he was able to see that many interactions of the merchants.  The woman selling themselves in front of the brothels.  He even saw little kids with hats hoping for even a copper more to fill their stomachs.


Although Hydra was a scourge when it came to money, this sight reminded him of the children at the orphanage and he couldn’t help but to get a few pieces of copper for the lad.  But even this was enough to make him jump for joy as he rushed off to grab some food.  Although Hydra could give him some bread, that was probably the worst idea.  As bread was the most common food item in the game it meant that much of the wasted food was bread.  It would usually be molding or soggy, and for a boy who ate that everyday probably even a normal piece of bread wouldn’t make feel good.  He would naturally be happier than it being soggy or moldy but when Hydra could make him even more happier why wouldn’t he?


Irina watched in silence as a slight smirk appeared on her face.  As for Valeria she turned red and happiness.  As for the men they took their own allowances and passed it to the other children.  They were after all criminals because of these exact situations.  Were they in the wrong?  No of course not, but neither was the common man.  Power existed in the world for a reason and that was something Hydra knew of his own world as well.  This wouldn’t change, unless someone forcefully changed it.  But that person wasn’t Hydra.  He didn’t have the courage to make such a dramatic change in the game nor would he want too.  It would come with too many responsibilities that he didn’t want to carry.


The group continued to move along the path buying a few ingredients for food, some supplies for crafting and building tents and traps.  Naturally all the bread in the bakery shop was bought out in one go.  There was only 50,000 pieces of bread bought in a single go.  This was only 50 gold.  One could imagine how much bread Hydra could buy with his over 4000 gold he had.  But he wasn’t crazy enough to do that even if he was a bread believer.  It wasn’t like Hydra wasn’t willing to pay for the bread himself, but when he offered everyone made a fuss and said ‘You’re the Lord keep your money let your subjects buy the necessities’.


With no way to argue he only continued to look around.  Sometimes Valeria would drag Hydra over to a stall and have him treat her to a snack or try on a few clothes.  Naturally she would ask for Hydra’s opinion every time.  When he became embarrassed she was laugh coquettishly and blush.  Naturally she was very happy inside to cause him to be flustered.  Irina ignored the situation.  She was willing to be close with Hydra if there was only the two of them, but in the case of the entire group around she wasn’t willing to act girlish and act spoiled.


In the afternoon they managed to find an inn that could fit them all.  It was a small inn and just by bringing the few dozen of them they nearly took up all of the rooms, but it was cozy and had a home like feel to it.  The inn keeper herself was a mother with a small daughter that had rosy red cheeks.  She was the definition of cuteness and Hydra found himself playing with her with his free time.  After all there wasn’t much to do before entering the banquet.  He didn’t have any more materials to use for [Transmutation] and buying them was a definite no, because materials for it was simply too expensive.  When he could rely on the pig army of the Bread followers to gather materials for him at an astonishing rate there was no need to buy stuff like that.


He practiced his swordplay that was still lacking with Cline, but even with one arm Cline would demolish Hydra.  Of course this was only when it came to straight sword play.  Hydra wasn’t using his agility to dodge and attack because then it wouldn’t become sword technique but something relying on his innate abilities.  If he wanted to improve he had to continually practice like this.


Though it might seem like the bread followers might be discovered at first, it was something they prepared for incase it happened  but maybe because of the upcoming event all the guards were too busy to even look at the people inside the city.  They were rushing back and forth with carriages out of the capital even during the night.  But no one cared what they were doing as long as they weren’t found out they wouldn’t go looking for trouble either.


Like this, two days quickly passed and it was time for the banquet.  Hydra was already forced to dress up in a formal attire.  In this kingdom wearing a formal warrior suit was custom for foreigners so he was forced to buy a charcoal coloured leather armour.  Although it was leather it was made for formal wear and it carried no defensive ability whatsoever.  It was the so called costume clothing that many games had.  As for Cline he surprisingly wore his knight armor.  When Hydra say this he gave a look of confusion but Cline waved his hand and spoke.


“There’s no worry.  The moment we were all sent to Yorula, all our crimes have been pardoned.  The only problem is the criminals with larger bounties previously will get caught and framed so they could cash in more money.”


It was plausible, and because it was Hydra only nodded.  Falcon was wearing attempting to wear a long sleeve, but he couldn’t handle it anymore and ripped off the sleeves leaving him like a barbarian like appearance.  But luckily he looked like a dressed up barbian.  So hydra could only roll his eyes and didn’t bother.  Pan was given to Falcon to carry, so under no circumstance would he jump out to beat the crap out of someone for speaking a word wrong to Hydra.  


As for Irina and Valerai he had yet to see them, but right at that moment they both finally stepped out of their room with the innkeeper and daughter.  The only thing Hydra could do was mutter just loudly enough for both of the females to hear him.




Like Hydra said, they were born adorned in a beautiful appearance.  Their dressed matched their hair colours as Irina was wearing a pure white dress that was made of silk.  It was something she bought herself as she didn’t want to Hydra to see what she bought.  The curvature of the back was completely visible as Irina slightly turned her body to hide herself.  Naturally she wasn’t able too and her sunny blond hair rested on her pearl like shoulders that were completely visible for the entire room to see.  Even though she turned her body away the entire time her eyes rested upon Hydra’s reaction.  Seeing him look up and down towards her body she inwardly smiled and became a bit flushed.


As for Valeria she her black wear was tied in a beautiful bun that hand a the longer portion of her hair flow out like waterfall.  Her dress was the exact same as Irina’s the only difference was that it was black instead.  Her tender skin was complemented by the dark colour of the dress giving a seductive feeling to her.  But she didn’t hide her body and made a slight twirl grabbing Hydra’s attention as he looked towards Valeria.  His gaze caused he to turn warm.  She couldn’t help but raise her hands to her face to cool her cheeks.
Everyone was impressed by the beautiful woman in their group, but when a loud knocking noise sounded on the door to the inn everyone looked towards the new guest.  As opposed to a guest it was a knight that came to pick them up, after all they already made preparations to join the banquet and had their invitation.  The group of people walked into their carriages, with Hydra, Cline, Irina, and Valeria sitting in one.  Naturally Cline was left by himself on one side while the two girls sandwiched Hydra in the middle.  They also didn’t forget to take Pan with them.  After all they could give him back when they arrived.