[SS] Chapter 105: Defending Gates

At the gates of the imperial castle, Hydra started with a little drool coming from his mouth.  He was unable to hold himself back from muttering as he exited the carriage.

“If I could sell even this gate, I’d probably have enough to send all the kids to school…  Should I just become a thief?  Stealing would get me a lot of money….”

Irina, and Valeria who followed after him exiting the carriage gave Hydra a strange look.  First they were confused by the entire sentence, or at least the beginning of the sentence.  But the thing they paid attention to the most was that he wanted to be a thief all of a sudden.  While each of the two girls knew that Hydra needed money, they didn’t realize it was too this degree.  Unfortunately neither of them had the money to give Hydra to help.  One was a Queen of an elvish town that didn’t care about mediums of exchange such as money.  The other was imprisoned and had nothing to her name as she was suppose to be dead by now.

The worst of it was when he said that the full suited knights in front of the gate heard him.  One of the knights wearing the shiny silver armour, with a red sash over the shoulder, came walking over with an exaggerated movement.  Though it was exaggerated it was probably justified from the fact that the armour looked so heavy.  But to this Hydra was still staring at the gates.  The reason why he was so amazed by the gates was they were created from a dark black stone.  This stone was known as Obsidian.  One of the rares metals to use for equipment.  For even the imperial castle to have this gate was a few million gold alone.

Naturally, the king had tons of money to utilize, however this could still be called an exceptionally overpriced object.  With his drool continuously flowing the knight finally arrived and roared at Hydra fill of rage.

“How dare you!  In front of the palace you dare say you will become a thief and steal the Defending Gate?  Shall I lock you up and throw you into Yorula for you rot your days away?!”

By now Irina and Valeria were getting angrier as the words kept spewing from the knight’s mouth.  However they weren’t armed with weapons and had already given their items and equipment to Hydra to carry with him.  Naturals weren’t given [Void Bags] and had to carry things normally.  As being in their skin tight dressed it would be impossible to conceal their weapons.  For Valeria’s case she didn’t even like to fight, yet she still learn how to use a dagger albeit a small one.  However she wasn’t comfortable hiding it on her thigh when Cline had asked.  Thus she gave everything to Hydra was well.  Even still they were nearly at the point of roaring back at the knight.

Their beautiful faces were unable to turn ugly even with their frowns and glares.  But the knight and as well as Hydra were ignorant of their facial expressions.  Hydra had zoned out so hard that he couldn’t even hear the sounds of the knight yelling right beside him.  It was simply because Hydra cared so much about the orphanage’s problem that he ended up having a one track mind when it came to helping them.  Luckily as the screaming became louder another voice sounded in the air.

“Why don’t we just calm down and relax a bit.  It is a special day after all.”

“Sir Sagarus!  This man..”

Before the knight could continue the just arrived knight rose his hand shaking his head.  It was clear he had no intentions to follow the matter any further.  Without a choice the guard walked back towards the gate.  The new knight had just came walking from behind the Defending Gate after hearing of the noise.  His armour was much more splendid that the knights guarding the gates.  He was adorned with a white armour that gave the impression of a paladin.  He wore a red cape with golden trims.  At the moment he wasn’t wearing his helmet so one could see the sincerity behind his actions.  The bridge of his nose had a soft incline, and his eyes held a kindness that anyone could tell at a glance.  His black hair was slightly pressed down from the helmet he wore, but it only added a unique look to him.  As the knight had arrived just as Cline was stepping out of his carriage with Falcon and a few other Bread followers.  Cline hadn’t even heard what was going on and it was already being solved.  But when Cline saw who was solving it he walked over reluctantly and spoke.

“Thank you Sagarus.”

The knight looked over towards Cline.  At first the knight started to blink, and then he started to take off his glove and rub his eyes.  After in which he pinched himself to make sure, that Cline was in front of him.  Seeing this Cline felt a bit helpless, while Hydra was still thinking about the gates, everyone’s attention rested onto Cline and Sagarus.  Sagarus who finally managed to believed that Cline was in front of him spoke.

“Wall Commander Cline?  You’re alive?!”

Sagarus’s voice rose in pitch as he couldn’t hold his excitement in any longer and rushed over to hug Cline.  At first their group was slightly worried about Cline being known would cause problems, but apparently for Sagarus this wasn’t the case at all.  Cline stood there awkwardly unable to react to the sudden hug.  Sagarus didn’t care, but he let go nonetheless, after doing so he saluted.  Cline shook his hand and spoke.

“Don’t.  You know I am no longer a knight of the Imperial Capital.  Saluting me is below your honour now.  Don’t sully it.”

“But Com..”

“Don’t let it bother you Sagarus.  Anyways, we are here for the event, can you be kind of enough to escort us?  It would prevent any problems for us on our way.”

Sagarus felt conflicted upon hearing these words.  Hr was honoured to be helpful to his previous commander who he was a subordinate of.  But now he was in a different position and he knew of the issue that Cline had committed.  It didn’t change his impression of Cline whatsoever, but he knew that was not how the Nobles thought of it.  Even though Cline was free not that he escaped from Yorula, it still didn’t matter to those Nobles.  They would definitely do all in their power to imprison Cline again.  After all they wouldn’t feel safe with Cline around.  Because not only was Cline incredibly strong, he also had a lot of power in the army.  As many of the soldiers treated him with the utmost respect.

Cline could see the dilemma within Sagarus’s eyes.  After all he knew how good of a person he was.  He wanted to help him, but at the same time he wanted Cline to leave so he wouldn’t be troubled.  Thus Cline could only give a slight nod.  Finally Sagarus agreed and gestured to follow him.  After watching the Bread followers follow one after another, both Valeria and Irina grabbed onto one of Hydra’s arms each and dragged him along.

‘I’m just helping him to follow Cline that’s all.  I’m absolutely not taking advantage of Hydra who is zoned out and I’m not showing my feelings in public.’

Irina calmed herself down within her mind.  On the other hand Valeria was thinking something completely different.

‘Should I take this chance to advance our relationship?  I did kiss him, but if I do it again will I scare him off?  Oh no, I don’t know what to do.  I had to really try my hardest to kiss him.  I’m too embarrassed to do anything else.  But I can’t lose to Irina!’

Valeria squeezed her tiny little hand into a ball as she felt determination rush into her.  With that Hydra was escorted by two beautiful woman, polar opposites of one another into the Palace.  Cline looked back and sighed.  Falcon looked on with complete jealously, and Sagarus thought it was normal for man to have multiple women and didn’t say much.  The rest of the Bread followers were more concerned with Hydra as their leader as opposed to Irina and Valeria.


“Is this the place?”

An ice cold voice sounded out.  As the man and a few thousand behind him arrived just outside of the imperial capital.  He gave a look of disgust towards the capital as if it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen.  He didn’t want to even approach it, however there was something he had to do.  That was to murder the so called ‘Shadow’, who had taken over the Pet leaderboards and many of the first World messages.  As such he who was one of the highest level players, needed to show his power in this world.  After all, this was the Blood Twin swordsman and his name was Asselin.  He was the guild leader of the first and most powerful guild in [Second Saga], the Glory Guild!