[SS] Chapter 106: The Ice Melt Guild

Hydra and the rest were led through the gates and into the palace.  It was a long walk from the gate to the palace entrance but no one complained, as most, including Hydra, were too intrigued to be bothered by the extra amount of steps taken.


However the moment they walked up to the doors of the palace a few guards opened the door seeing Sagarus’s presence.  Although they couldn’t see their gazes, Hydra’s group could tell they were giving a glare of wariness towards them.  All the guards knew that today was the day of the banquet.  However these guards were wary of anyone simply because they were doing their job diligently.  They were unlike the guards at the gates and only cautiously watching those that entered.


After entering they found that there was a path of white stone that led further into the castle and split off into other passages.  As for the remaining stone it was a pale grey closer to a silverish colour without the shine to it.  It was a combination one would think didn’t fit well but surprisingly it gave light mood when walking in and the the oppressive feeling of a palace.   There were numerous statues of soldiers holding their sword point to the ground while standing at attention.  These statues were simply marvelous and the craftsmanship was superb.  The soft wrinkles of the clothing and the well toned body gave a feeling of realism.  Although they were still statues Hydra let out a breath of admiration.


“These are quite skillfully made.”


Hydra spoke as he looked at each passing statue.  He was more interested in there because they were nicely made, different from the gates where he wanted to steal them.  On the other hand Irina was looking at the large pillars that were supporting the structure of the castle.  They were placed in efficient locations to hold as much weight as possible.  They were large and more than likely the same stone that the white pathway was made of.   But maybe it was because it was rising straight up, Irina could see the structure of the stone better.  When she walked by one on their way she carefully move her eyes to steal a glimpse.  After she successfully passed one she would look around to make sure no one saw what she was doing.  Unfortunately as she was pressed against Hydra.  There was someone else pressed against him and Irina made eye contact with Valeria, who in turn covered her mouth and smiled with her eyes.


‘She saw me…. Ah!! I want to run away!  But if I do she will take advantage of Hydra!’


Irina felt embarrassed but she refused to show any signs of this.  Instead she immediately broke eye contact with Valeria unconsciously but she soon realized that was instead the wrong decision.  As she was looking forward with a tinge of red on her little puffy cheeks, but in the next moment Irina could hear a light snicker from the other side of Hydra.


Hydra responded with a tilt of his head as he was broken from his trance towards the statues.  As he tilted his head and spoke out.


“What’s up Valeria?”


“Oh it’s nothing!”


Valeria responded as she elegantly his her smile behind the palm of her hand.  Valeria felt a little bit happy seeing Irina’s embarrassment.  However as she calmed down, her good mood turned sour.  She too was entranced by the palace hallway, but for a different reason entirely.




Hydra’s Bread Followers made their way through the palace hallway and were led to a large banquet room.  As the wooden doors with a particular design and grooves were opened, a burst of intense pressure enveloped Hydra and his friends.  Immediately their facial expressions turned serious.  


Cline walked up to Sagarus and thanked him for walking them to the banquet.  Although they didn’t come across any potential problems, Cline was still thankful to his old subordinate.  As for the pressure he didn’t mind it much.  It was something that Cline had clearly been through many times before.  It was the scent of blood.  It was the feeling of an intense bloodlust that could cause sane people to turn insane.  It was enough for both Irina and Valeria to unintentionally squeeze onto Hydra’s arms.


Although Irina was by no means a weak warrior, she was still by birth an Elf.  Someone who tended to live in the forests with a calm and tranquil nature.  She was childish and sometimes had tantrums from the smallest things, this was a part of her.  However even still she did not enjoy the feeling of murder.  She only wished to live herself and in an atmosphere that should be a calm banquet caused her to feel uneasy.


As for Valeria she was not a fighter to begin with.  She could hold her own, but if one was to compare her to all of Hydra’s other top leaders, she would undoubtedly be the weakest.  Her talent lied in overseeing the entire corps of the Bread Order.  Naturally she was closer to a secretary to Cline and Hydra.  Where Hydra was a model, and Pan was the symbol, behind them Cline and her ran everything else.  


Falcon’s muscles tensed as he felt the bloodlust and he contended by straightening his previous face.  He didn’t feel in danger, but as he was a direct subordinate of Hydra, there was no way he would allow his light attitude get the better of him.  He approached Hydra’s back to protect him from any danger.


Hydra himself was staring off into the distance.  The glass chandeliers lit up the entire room.  Inside the room were numerous people and although it was unbearably silent, when the doors opened and Hydra’s group entered, all eyes were on Hydra and his companions.   But as Hydra was staring at the people in the corners, or some eating the delicious meat and desserts prepared for them, a spark ignited in his heart.


‘So, this is where I finally can fight with players?  Although I’ve been taught martial arts by the old man and Sarah, I can tell that none of these guys are weak.  So the difference will come down to classes and equipment.  But have I gathered good enough gear?  Lately my gear is falling behind my level.’


Hydra thought himself as he slightly smirked on the side of his lips.  This was the place he wanted to be more than anything.  After being thrown into situations left and right, he could finally say that this event was something he entirely made for himself.  And regardless of the rewards he was going to enjoy every moment.


The moment Hydra’s few companions entered another group entered soon after.  For Hydra’s group there was only silence but for this group it definitely caused a stir.


“Holy crap is that the Ice Melt guild?!”


“No.. fucking… way.”


Some couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared at the fully gear players.  There was a few dozen more than Hydra’s group but even still it wouldn’t be able to even fill a drop of this large room.  They were all equipped with a light blue armor or robes that matched entirely.  On their shoulders was an emblem of an ice spike on the bottom was a small droplet of water to show signs of melting.  What it meant was not something that Hydra could know when he glanced at it.  As the Ice melt guild continued to enter they naturally met up with Hydra and his companions who were still on the main pathway.  Hydra was still in the front of the group so he wasn’t the first of the group to run into and without hesitation the Ice Melt continued to walk as to make a collision with Hydra’s group.  As they were about to collide Falcon rushed forward and roared.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


Falcon’s voice echoed in the hall and everyone was momentarily shocked into a daze.  No one had expected an unknown Natural would anger one of the strongest guild in [Second Saga].  As the daze stalled everyone, this gave enough time for Hydra and Cline to catch up.  Hydra left Irina and Valeria behind the group as he wasn’t sure how the situation would develop.  Irina and Valeria had wanted protest but Hydra gave a pleading look that they could not argue against.


‘If anything happens, I swear I’ll let the arrows fly!’


‘If someone hurts you let them feel the wrath of a woman in love!’


Although both of their thoughts were entirely different, both Valeria and Irina were worried about Hydra’s well being.  They could tell that the brawns for brains Falcon had progressed the situation in the wrong way.  Although the Ice Melt guild was looking to cause trouble, it could easily be led away from a fight with a quick response.  Instead Falcon did what any of the other Bread Followers would do, and that was to defend their pride.  Once again, Falcon roared and this shocked everyone out of their dazes.


“I said, what the fuck are you doing?”


Falcon tightly clenched his hands into a giant fist.  Hydra and Cline had already made their way beside Falcon.  Hydra himself didn’t try to stop Falcon, from the fact that the words had already been spoken trying to negotiate was unlikely at this point.  Instead Hydra made his position firm and Falcon noticed this was filled with pride knowing that he protected his leader’s honour.  At the very least this was his opinion.  Cline himself only wanted to show him how hard a one-armed man could punch, but that was for later.  As the whispers were ignited around the two groups a blue robed man stepped forward to confront Falcon.


“Might I ask you the same question Natural?  I already checked you out and you’re just a Natural… What is a Natural like you doing here when this place is….”




Falcon roared and cut off the robed man as he directly threw a jab.  Although it was only a jab, a jab from Falcon would still tear apart most men, not to mention a light armoured class like the robed man.  As the punched directly met with the man’s face he was sent flying into a group of blue armoured men.


“………..Falcon, I think that was a bit much.  You can only attack after being attacked first because then it’s self defense!”


Hydra spoke out reprimanding Falcon, although to anyone else it didn’t seem like he was being put down.  Instead Falcon was thinking Hydra was praising him.  At the same time Hydra was thinking something else.


‘Damn religion is a terrifying thing…’
Cline sighed and shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care anymore and once again because of Falcon, the entire hall was dazed into silence.  As for the Ice Melt guild, they were shivering from anger and as they stood of the man who was sent flying they immediately glared at Falcon with a deep a hatred.  Instead of one person approaching a group of armoured men approached.  From the spaces they made by begin side by side, Hydra could see a person following after them.  It looked like a group of knights protecting their king.  Their steps were heavy and caused an quake with each in timed movement.  They were marching perfectly in sync which only caused the tension to rise.  As they arrived all of the Bread Followers tensed their muscles.  As the armoured knights arrived just in front of Falcon, Cline and Hydra, they opened up showing a visible figure behind them.  But all of the Bread Followers were baffled when they saw who was behind the knights…