[SS] Chapter 24: The Cat Girl

“HAHAHAHAHHAH.  Oh you really are the best savior I have ever seen Hydra.. hehehe”

“Would you quit it?  I was distracted.”

“Oh yes but at least now I saved your life so that means we are even.”

‘I wasn’t asking for you to repay me anyways’

Hydra sulked while poking a fire.  He was soaking wet and he nearly drowned.  As he was too mesmerized by the ravine they entered.   Honestly swimming in the virtual reality wasn’t something he considered at all.  He knew that real life skills was required when play the game but he never occurred to him that swimming would fall under such a case.  With the addition, that he wasn’t paying attention it led to nearly drowning.  Resulting in Irina jumping in after him trying to save him.  Quite frankly it was a sorry sight for him.  Even Pan was slightly unhappy with him and was sitting in Irina’s lap, who naturally was delighted, where he was staring giving Hydra a feeling of guilt.

“Anyways because a river wouldn’t be the ideal place to learn how to swim shall I take your hand oh Savior?

“Now you’re just teasing me.  You make it sound like swimming is a requirement to save people!”

“No, you’re right but I’ve never heard of someone saving a person from a village of hungry Liza then needing saved from a calm river.. heheheh”

Every time the matter was brought up she would start to giggle uncontrollably, holding her stomach showing no signs of stopping.  In fact it had lasted for nearly an hour already.  If if kept going on he wouldn’t be able to keep his sanity, so as a change of pace he decided to cook up some of the meat drops he got from all the monsters he killed.

Slightly salted smoked snake meat]
The meat is lightly salted just enough a sting to the tongue.  It allows the juiciness of the meat is overflowing and the smell alone is enough to cause onlookers to salivate.  Cooked by a professional
[Strength, Stamina +10% Satiety +50%]

As Hydra smirked at the sight of his masterful cooking he was about to chomp down when he heard a loud gulp and and small gulp.  He stared at the direction the sounds came from, looking towards Irina and Pan who were at this point trying to contain their drool but it was seemingly impossible.

“Oh,  would you like some?  I can cook you up some?”

The cute panda and now pacified Irina were nodding their heads in excitement.  An successful looking grin appeared on Hydra’s face.

‘I got them now!’

He thought to himself while waving the meat back and forth.  The two pairs of eyes were naturally following the meat, as if it was the most delectable piece of meat till now.

“But!  Pan has to forgive me and Irina you need to teach me how to swim.  At least the bare minimum so I can get to the cave.”


“No buts!  meat equals swimming or no meat!”


Pan had already forgave Hydra a long time ago as Hydra himself had the worst of the situation and how could Pan not forgive his master?  Pan was already running straight to Hydra’s lap showing his argument of the deal.  Hydra pat Pan then gave him a piece before taking more snake meat out and cooking it again.  Irina looked like she was sulking to earn some pity but Hydra knew, he knew that she was scheming something.  His heart slightly sped up, he had no idea what her plans were but he felt Irina was too much of a trickster to willingly teach him swimming.

Too Hydra’s surprise though as swimming lessons started his worries were unfounded and Irina in face diligently taught him.  As she showed him how to float properly he would stick out his stomach and still sink.  As Irina would laugh at him it wasn’t over exaggerated and slightly gave a cute feeling of happiness.  She would then lift him up and poke the places that needed to be adjusted.  Later after mastering floating Hydra would be led, in the shallow part of the river, by holding her hands.  She would be silently watching while encouraging him.  This made his worries float away and he was infact very happy she took this seriously, at least serious enough that she taught him without problems. When Hydra, finally started to get the hang of his Irina paused before speaking.

“Ah, the price of the meat ran out.  You gotta cook me some more meat for more lesson~!”

“I’ll cook from now on anyways, so what are you so worried about?!”

“Really?  Promise?!  Ahhh it’s been so long since I had such good food.”

“Yes, so let’s continue.”

“Ah but you already know the basics so let’s get going~!”

“Fine just don’t let me drown okay?  I seriously don’t want to add that to my death count.”

“Yes yes, don’t worry your miss savior will protect your life.”

‘Somehow I think my standing in the group is slowly approaching the bottom.’

Hydra sighed and he looked towards Irina, who was happily pretending to be a majestic heroine.


“This is….”

A girl was just leaving the church area.  As it was her first time logging into [Second Saga] when she was bombarded by all the lively chatter and old architecture she was unable to finish her sentence.  Left dumbfounded she stood in the way of most passer bys who unhappily clicked their tongue.  But the girl didn’t mind, she was after all a noob and minding something like that wasn’t going to solve anything.  The girl decided to walk around the area learning new things.  As she started walking people started to notice her more.  The reason was more than obvious.  She had ears on top of her head that would twitch so sudden noises, and looked so soft that people would forget time when petting them.  Her face was hidden by all the white fur surrounding it and it was unknown whether or not she was beautiful because of that.  But it could be said at the same time to others this was a beautiful trait in itself.  The girl has a long white tail with a black tip.  She was part of the Beast Clan and specifically she was a cat woman.  If anyone looked around, or if the girl herself looked around she would be able to notice that the population of Beast Clan members that started in the human city, in fact it was rather strange that there wasn’t more people who wanted to start off as a beast clan member.  The reason why was the price of the box units was simply to expensive for most people and they number of rich children were the majority.  These rich kids would not allow their beautiful skin and faces to not be seen.  Thus it lead to a majority either picking elves or humans.  As the game units become cheaper the diversity would most likely increase however until then the world of [Second Saga] was primarily humans and elves.  The girl didn’t even notice that she was the center of attention, she was too fascinated by the world of [Second Saga] to care about anyone else.

As time went by and her exploring broadened she found an alleyway.  This alleyway had absolutely no one walking towards it.  It was as if people could not see it.  So curiosity getting the better of her, as a cat she would not be able to deny wanting to check it out.  As the cat girl walked towards the alley, it was noticeably well maintained, and even though it was desolate there were shops with signs on either side.  The shops themselves also looked quite dead as if they existed only to fill in the space of the alleyway.  The girl crept further into the alley way looking at the shops as she passed them, nothing caught her eye as most were just selling odd items that looked to be gauntlets with claws on them or shin guards with blades on the end.  None of this could interest the girl, as she walked by she finally found a sign she was curious about.  The sign read [Tamer of All].  As she walked in she noticed a lingering smell of animals.  It was a bar but the bar was completely dead and had no longer been serving liquor.  The shelves were still covered with alcohol however they had obviously been sitting as they were covered with a layer of dust.  The moment she looked around carefully she noticed an old person who sat on the a stool at the far edges of the shop.  She walked over to the person, noticing she/he was covered in a cloak, calling over to the person softly as to not startle them.

“Um excuse me..”

“…..Have you come…. Have you come to learn the secrets of taming young one?”

The old lifeless voice only responded with a question towards the girl.  The girl was rather quite curious to the meaning of those words and nodded but as the covered person was unable to see her response she quickly voiced her approval.

“Yes I am.”

“Good, girl what is your name?”


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