[SS] Chapter 26: The Underwater Cave


Irina jumped head first into the river just slightly in front of the waterfall. As her body was absorbed into the water Hydra was having second thoughts on jumping in himself. As his facial expression turned into one of bitterness, Pan noticing his owner’s feelings moved his face and rubbed his soft fur happily crying out to his master for encouragement. As he did Hydra stop worrying and calmly started to pet Pan. Pan folded his ears and squinted his eyes enjoying the moment.

“Thanks Pan.”

With new determination Hydra jumped in, although not head first his jump showed none of his previous hesitation. It was not easy for anyone to jump into water after nearly drowning. It would be easy to turn such an event in a trauma, but with Pans help it was easy for him to get over his slight fear and jump in. As his body hit the water he was wrapped with a pressure enveloping his body. As his body was fully submerged he was unable to see due to the crashing waterfall. The air bubbles were exploding on his skin and even gave off a ticklish feeling. Hydra sloppily swam downwards while Pan was holding onto his shoulder. It wasn’t elegant but it did the job and with the help of the waterfall he was pushed further downwards. The waterfall no longer able to pierce through the flowing river Hydra was able to see properly for the first time.

As he stared into the deep basin that he entered there was a cave. With no light entering the cave it gave off an eerie feeling. The bottom of the river was covered with small rocks polished by the current. Some even gave off a gem like presence, and with money staring right at him Hydra found it hard not to swim downwards to grab some. However just as he was about to grab a shiny rock he was grabbed and nearly let out the oxygen trapped in his lungs. As he looked towards where he was grabbed, he prepared his sword just in case. Fighting with a sword under water may have not been an effective means of damaging an enemy but he had no other means to fight. As he fully turned and found the recipient of the hand, he noticed it was only Irina, who was reprimanding him with furious hand signals. Somehow Hydra felt a little silly being admonished under water. In the next moment Irina shook her head and grabbed onto Hydra’s hand, as she started to swim towards the cave. Without an opinion in the matter Hydra would only follow prepared to leave his and Pan’s life in her tiny jade like hand.

As Irina entered the cave she was engulfed in darkness and Hydra was no longer able to see her. It was only until he entered that he felt like he entered the jaws of a sleeping beast. It was a beast that should never be disturbed but Irina head fast entered without hesitation followed by Hydra who was somewhat regretting the curiosity of entering a new dungeon. As the only thing Hydra would see was Irina’s hand that he was connected too. The only other thing he could feel was the water slightly getting colder as the current pushed on his face before spreading to his entire body. As his eyes adjusted he was able to see the general outline of Irina but even her golden hair was nothing but a black form swaying in the water.

After some time Hydra felt his limits in holding his breath. As he was about to give up and feared drowning again a pressure was suddenly applied to his hand. Following the direction the hand was leading Hydra started to swim sloppily towards the surface.

Hydra inhaled all the possible air around him. As he huffed and he puffed he was out of breath and could only float on the water. As Irina dragged him to the edge of the water. Hydra was only focused on breathing, as if it was the first time he had breathed in years.

“Wow…. this is incredible.”

As Irina spoke in admiration towards the cave Hydra finally regained some of his composure and looked around. The underwater cave was full of markings on the walls. The walls themselves were damp but it failed to hide the intricacy of the walls, and gave off an ancient feeling. There were markings of people fighting giant beasts and humanoids. It was unknown what it represented as lots of the markings had faded with time. As he stared towards the back of the cave there was an exit to another room. The giant open way looked as if it could incorporate a dragon cause it was so big. On either side was a torch of blue flames that flickered, but oddly enough the fire created no shadows. To the flames it was like the very idea of a shadow hadn’t existed in the first place.

As Hydra exited the water with the help of Irina they started to walk towards the exit. In the meantime with every step Pan was shaking his fur onto Hydra’s face drenching his already wet face. He had decided it was impossible to be dry with Pan for the next hour or so.

“What do you think this place is Irina?”

“I have no idea, but it is definitely ancient. It might have been built before the War of the Ancients.”

“That old?”

As Hydra had already entered a cave with ancient origins he was surprised to find another so soon especially as his second dungeon. It was a stroke of luck that Hydra saved Irina in time to be told of this place. He didn’t doubt that this place would continue to stay hidden if it wasn’t for the fact that Irina knew about it. Because of that Hydra was curious towards how Irina knew about such a place and asked.

“How did you hear about such a place?”

“My family origins has documents that date from the War of the Ancients.”

“Wow your family must be rich.”

“No, my family just was lucky that’s all.”

As Irina didn’t look interested in explaining further, Hydra didn’t pester her to answer. The closer Hydra got the more he felt that this place was filled with a weird feeling. Just as he said that a window poppy up.

You are the first to discover [Underwater Cave] (Hidden)
For being the first to discover you have been granted 50% drop rate 100% experience boost and +500 fame +2 luck This effect lasts until four days.
A cave with an unknown origin, history would not be able to date such an ancient existence. It could be created by the first humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, or beast clan or even other species that might have already become extinct. As it is impossible to know the name, it can only be called an underwater cave. But as the cave is ancient it gives off a feeling of power sleeping deep within. Whether one decides to wake this sleeping power is up to them.

‘Surprisingly this cave is so old it has lost its name.’

“Irina. There’s something deep in this cave.”

“Really? Did the menu tell you that?”

“Yes. So let’s be careful starting now alright? First, let me scout ahead with Stealth. As we are in a cave without much light I should be able to go unnoticed.”

“Kay, that sounds good I’ll hold onto Pan.”

“You can look after him but let him walk on his own. As we are in an ancient cave he should be able to find some rare things. Pan if you want cooked meat you gotta work hard okay?”


Hydra nodded in approval before he let the shadow enveloped him. As he cautiously walked past the two torches they reacted fiercely. They immediately turned a darker blue as it started to suck in the shadow encased around Hydra. Irina worried, called out as she watched in confusion.


“Wait. It’s fine.”

Hydra himself, was worried at the time but now he suddenly realized why there was no shadow created from the flames. They absorbed darkness magic or anything affiliated with darkness.


Hydra looked as he became visible again. Irina rushed over to his side and checked for any anomalies. Upon finding nothing wrong she sighed in relief but Hydra didn’t take any notice and was still staring at the flames that had turned back to a pale blue. He tried to identify them but the only thing that appeared was ‘can not identify’. It must be an ancient fire and without an upgraded form of identity it would be impossible to find any further details.

“Should we go back?”

Irina asked. Allow she was not afraid she was worried that harm would fall upon them if they didn’t take this serious enough. However Hydra shook his head, although she thought it was because he was brave. It was more because he didn’t want to swim through that cave again. Although it’s possible there is no exit he would rather find a different path than the one they took to arrive.

“Let’s go.”



The three walked towards the unknown without a hint of fear.

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