[SS] Chapter 39: What Exists At The End

Goliath and the rest of the [Shadow Lurkers] stood in front a giant giant compiled of humans of multiple different classes. They were colourfully assorted with all their mismatched gear and if anyone was to ask if this was a united army, the answer would definitely be no.

As the battle had already started the their job was to patiently wait for the boss [Kobold King] to come out to the front lines. Which only happen after crushing the rest of the [Kobolds], as the strategies for the battle was thought up by Lockon it was needless to say the battle was strongly in their favour.

Just as the battle had reached its climax Goliath over heard a loud squeal that could be heard throughout the entire battlefield. While everyone was questioning the reason and looking toward the sound’s origin, Goliath could only smile happily as if he knew the exact reason behind the screams. Although it might have been a rude measure to use the young boy, truthfully by utilizing the ‘secret weapon’ Goliath was able to lure out a few hundred [Kobolds] to chase after them. This as a strategy worked wonders as he only had to sacrifice 10 or so people for a few hundred. To him there was nothing better as a war accomplishment and he could only thank the young boy in his head.

After smiling with a look of accomplishment that only he would know he suddenly turned serious as the main contender for the fight had finally shown up.

“Archer group 1 back off to the left and flank the boss. Mage group stand behind the warriors and bombard the boss in waves. Use single types to increase overall damage with combination magic. NPC’s back off it’s time to end this and finally tanks.. Let’s kick ass!”


As the army rushed towards the giant green-skinned [King Kobold]. The ears were sticking out and they were nearly as long as a small child. it was equipped with giant club. Although the body of the [Kobolds] could be said to be similar to humans they were without doubt ugly creatures. The [King Kobolds] snout stretched out like a dog and have whiskers like a cat. If its intelligence level matched its ugliness, the [Shadow Lurkers] were worried they wouldn’t even be able to enjoy this fight before it ended.

As the army engaged with the boss they realized it was well over a level 100 boss even though the army was all above 50 it was still a huge difference in levels. It was not enough for the boss to overcome the army however. The [Kobold King] while not nearly as unintelligent as its kin was simply unable to cope with the strategies that Lockon had come up with.

The moment the [King Kobold] would strike the knights would all raised their shields and parry the strike. Leaving the boss wide open the rogues, archers ,mages shamans, clerics, lancers, swordsmen, warriors and even the rest of the knights utilized this chance to bombard the [Kobold King].
After each trade the health of the boss would diminish by a tenth. It was needless to say the rest of the fight went exactly as they planned. It might have been a raid that only appears every 50 levels but with the skills of the [Shadow Lurkers] it was an easy task. It was even sort of a let down to them. Although they brought an entire army even larger than needed it still took only a day in game time to complete the quest. That was a mere 8 hours in real life. That gave plenty of time to do other things after such an adventurous quest.

Especially after seeing Hydra’s rank C quest which was the same rank as the [Rise of the
Kobold King] quest it was unable to pump their blood as much as Hydra’s quest. Every time they thought about how close they came to protecting the city, they felt the blood rush and felt unhappy. But at the same time they were excited. Excited that such an intense battle could happen. Now they thought they would have the same opportunity, but alas it was too easy after all. And with so many people drops became randomized throughout the entire group.

The moment the boss died the [Shadow Lurkers] could only give a slight smile as they acquired next to no experience and no drops at all were given to either one of them. The only good thing that came out of this quest was the fame for leading the army to victory.



As Lila walked up with Rina towards Goliath after the battle was finished. They had troubled expressions but it wasn’t something that looked worrisome, so Goliath only nodded and responded.

“Umm.. We have been thinking.”

“Well it should be fun whatever it is right?”

Goliath easily answered without any trouble. As long as it was his friend’s decision he would by no means be against it. When he looked at Lockon he felt it was even less of a problem because he only slightly looked away as if guilty of something.

“We want to go adventure with the four of us. Together, we can fight against any foe and become strong. We don’t need to prove our worth on a battlefield right now. Also isn’t this just like before? It’s too easy. Didn’t Hydra say before he entered a hidden dungeon? Let’s join an adventure like that!”

Lila couldn’t help but spew out the entire monologue giving Goliath no time to react. Although, he himself, also agreed that this wasn’t what they originally wanted.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Let’s do that!”
Before the army had even realized it, their commander and co had left the dungeon for their own adventure.

In a dark dungeon, there stood two people in front of a giant wall. This wall was made of an unknown blue rock sleek and smooth to the touch. In the middle was a giant circular door. There was a slit in the middle that somewhat resembled a ‘yin and yang’ sign and in the very middle was a small slit of what could be a key hole.

At this moment the young boy who was standing with the young girl was in a sorry state. His face was bruised and his body felt numb all over.

“jeez. She really beat the crap out of me. How can a woman be so vicious yet have such an adorable smile. It’s terrifying!”

“Hydra did you say something?!”


‘Holy crap she can read minds!’

As Hydra stared at Irina, who at this point could easily tell everything he was thinking. She was slightly clenching her fist warning him if he thought any thing else his death was imminent. Of course killing Hydra was fine as long as she was the one to do it, but no one else. How Irina thought was a question that Hydra pondered many times over.

“Hydra shove the [Shadow Stealer] into the slit there.”

“Huh? Why would a sword go into a key… Huh? what?! The doors opening?! What is this magic?”

“Wasn’t that clear by looking at this door?”

“No no no no usually you retort that a sword is used as a key.”

“Don’t sweat it let’s go.”

Without having a choice but to accept the reality, Hydra chased after Irina who had already gotten a head start. The large pathway that was opened up to them was full of blue crystals. They sparkled as the light from the cave entered the darkness.

Even though Hydra felt something was going on, and truthfully even he wasn’t stupid enough to think this wasn’t all planned out. Irina had led him here for a reason but he was unable to determine the exact cause.

At first, Irina only had the intentions on letting him farm against high leveled [Cruglings] but the moment she found out about his class that all changed. She felt that meeting him was simply too much of a coincidence when she thought about all that has happened to this point.

As the pathway ended and giant room appeared, they noticed the entire room was filled with those blue crystals. Unable to describe the feelings Hydra was feeling by witnessing such a beautiful sight he only stared and stood at the entrance. He looked back and forth until finally his gaze looked downwards. On the ground there was a single pathway and surrounding the pathway was pond. This pond looked entirely pure as the crystals reflections could be seen without any defect. Because he was too busy staring at the room’s surroundings he failed to realize what was at the end of the pathway. Then that ‘thing’ started to move.

A giant black beast rose up from its slumber and looked straight at Irina and Hydra. Irina was able to stay calm however Hydra was freaking out. It was clear due to his actions as he was slowly backing away while trembling. Even he couldn’t help but silently ask Irina why she was so calm.

“Irina… That’s a dragon you know. Why are you standing in front of it like it doesn’t concern you.”

“Oh cause she only wants to eat you. That’s the reason I brought you here after all she’s my friend and likes to eat [Aether Bladist] classes.”

“No no no even as a joke that’s a bit too much.”

But as he was even more scared after hearing Irina’s words. The giant black dragon began to speak.

“Human… She is right. I just want to eat you. You look rather tasty.”

“No no, just frigging no. I’m so done with this game. I’m outta here!”

“Okay little one I was just teasing don’t take it so seriously.”

“…You won’t eat me?”

“Maybe later.”

As the dragon flat-out said she was contemplating eating him later Hydra was already prepared to run for his life. Unfortunately, Irina had already grabbed onto him, and could only patiently wait to be eaten, if that was what the dragon wanted to do. However, Hydra would at the very least want to see the description of what was going to eat him. Somehow he knew the phrase ‘Ignorance is bliss’ fit perfectly right at this moment.

Kurgal (Divine Dragon)
level 999 Health 1000000/??????????
As the first dragon that came into existence her very life is what brought upon the race of dragons. When she came to be is unknown but it is said that she was born even before the gods. Therefore even the gods will treat her with respect when speaking to her. She became a mother after copulating with an unknown God.

Kurgal has disappeared from the world many eons ago and it was unknown where she had fled until this very moment. She does not look down upon humans by she does not favour them either as their arrogance has led to many wars and problems. Her power is even greater than most of the Gods. Although, she does not show it, angering her will result in an continents utter destruction. Thus extreme caution is advised when dealing with her.

With her power she created the thousands of sky islands surrounding Mount Myriad where all the dragons continue to live and treat as their holy land. It is unknown whether she participated in the War of the Ancients but as historic scrolls from that period have been completely destroyed.


Due note that the 1000000/?????? health means that she currently has that much health and it is not her max health (AKA she is hurt)

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