[SS] Chapter 97: A Light Breeze

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Before Hydra could even speak Valeria had already left the tent, so she naturally didn’t hear Hydra’s response. Although she didn’t need to as she knew from both how awkward they were their clumsy kiss couldn’t be anything but a first. Thinking of this while she ran out she blushed furiously and held her cheeks as she continued to rush through the campsite, hoping no one would notice her current state of mind.

However, there was one person who noticed, a person who was crouching near a red panda.
Seeing Valeria rush off Irina resolved herself to make a step forward, as for when she did even she didn’t know.

Hydra was currently still stunned to the point that he couldn’t even continue to rub his lips where he was previously kissed. After all Hydra, although a young adult he hadn’t known what a physical relationship was and he had no idea it could feel… so good! This didn’t mean that Hydra’s feelings for Valeria were now love, but at the same time Hydra would no longer be able to see Valeria the same way ever again.

It could be said that Valeria’s courage paid off only she didn’t truly know how well it paid off. But Valeria knew for sure that what she did was the same thing as starting a war with Irina. Any who knew Irina well enough could tell she had budding feelings for Hydra, she wasn’t overly friendly with anyone else but Hydra. She wasn’t reclusive but she made it known that only Hydra could see her cheerful and childish attitude. Although it can said to be quite immature, she indulged in the ability to act spoiled by Hydra. She was after all the first person who started travelling with Hydra.

This was a position that no one could take from her. Thus she acted childish, but at the same time this was also what Hydra wished for. He knew that Irina had grown up with many responsibilities and knowing that she was a bird in a cage he wanted her to enjoy herself to the fullest.

Without waiting another second Irina picked up Pan and rushed towards Hydra’s tent. Opening the tent flap with a smooth but forceful manner, Hydra who was stunned jolted out of his shock and looked towards Irina world was entering with Pan in her bosom.


Hydra looked towards Irina, but he knew something was wrong. She had a sour expression her face, one with a slight tinge of pain and regret. Although he wasn’t sure what exactly was the reason due to the events that just transpired he could only think that she knew something. As such he called out to her with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Don’t speak, I’ll talk.”

Irina lifted her bright eyes as she stared deeply into Hydra’s nearly causing him to unconsciously look away in embarrassment. But he knew she was serious and he didn’t want to make it hard for her. So he gathered his courage and stared back. Two people stared back and forth for how long, not even the two themselves would be able to tell. Pan at the time had looked back and forth between the two so many times he was starting to become dizzy and upon noticing that Pan was becoming fidgety, the deadlock finally stopped.

Irina, gracefully put Pan down and once again looked at Hydra. But this time she spoke softly as if each word of hers was precious and would float away forever if Hydra didn’t catch them now.

“I may not know exactly what happened between you two, but I know that I won’t let her steal you from me.”


As Hydra was about to speak Irina once again took the initiative and rushed only a few inches from his body and she gently placed her finger on his mouth, although the strength was by far what was needed to stop Hydra from talking, it felt as if it was a weight that simply could not be removed as he kept his mouth shut and listened to Irina.

“Hydra, we may not have been traveling together that long, but the times we were together were my greatest moments. Every laugh, every tear, every skip of my heartbeat, all of those were made possible cause you were there with me. Now, I won’t any take that away from me.”

As she spoke here was a gentleness that Hydra first saw when she cried for him, for her mother. But there was also a hint of the fiery passion and cheerful Irina after another few words. Her facial expressions didn’t change to match the differing tones of voice but only smirk that meant so much more than what Hydra was able to tell at the moment.

When she finished she didn’t remove her finger, instead she brought both her hands and placed both her thumbs over Hydra’s lips and stretched her tiny fingers along his cheeks. Hydra wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen next, however he only stood there and waited as if waiting was the perfect thing to do. Then Irina went on her tippy toes and slowly closed the distance of their face. At this Hydra was alarmed but suddenly, but because her fingers were still placed over his lips it didn’t feel as sudden as Valeria’s kiss. But the moment she placed her tiny red lips on her thumbs, she transferred some of her magic through her lips into her thumbs which they prickled onto Hydra’s out lips.

This feeling was certainly different from the moist lips of Valeria however he could feel that almost as if a soft breeze was caressing his lips telling him to simply enjoy the moment, as such Hydra could no longer keep his eyes opened as he enjoyed the feeling completely. Unfortunately as he was just enjoying the breeze it disappeared as it did he opened his eyes with a hint of disappointment and looked towards Irina. Her face had a tinge of red to it while she tried her best to overcome her embarrassment, something Hydra couldn’t help but think was cute. The moment they locked eyes, Irina this time rushed towards the exit. Like Valeria, she too turned at the last moment and spoke out.

“You can have my first when you take it for yourself. Until then, let that serve as a reminder that I am waiting for you.”

With that she left. Leaving Hydra to be stunned by her words. A long time passed and Hydra realized he spent enough time stunned in one day that could last him a lifetime, but none of these moments felt wrong. Every single detail he couldn’t describe or remember them perfectly. There was simply too many small details that happened all at once that he couldn’t picture it perfectly in his mind. But that was what allowed it to be so perfect. Hydra could feel the previous electrifying feeling from Valeria’s lips, or the soft caressing breeze from Irina’s touch. Both were perfect in their own ways.

But as fate would have it, Hydra wasn’t left to ponder the feelings of love, even if he could he had no idea as to how. He was too ignorant of these topics to from him to have a starting place. It was like there was a labyrinth with a million entrances and he could choose only one that was correct. The moment he wanted to start thinking, another person rushed into the door.

“Lord Hydra!”

“Falcon? What’s wrong?”

“There is a massive army of piglets approaching!”

“Oh…. I totally forgot.”


Falcon looked on with confusion to Hydra’s words as he couldn’t piece the information together, but Pan looked on as if saying, “As expected of Master”. While Hydra kneaded his temples, he had no idea how to get out of this one.


“Set up the perimeter! Don’t let any of the [Piglets] within 50 meters of the camp! You! Get your ass to position!”

Cline roared at the bread followers as they rushed to set defensive positions against the army coming their way. He hadn’t thought that such a huge army of [Piglets] was possible, and although they were of the weakest monsters in Tsula, he would never underestimate his opponents. After all it wasn’t the individual strength that generally won wars, it was numbers and technology difference. Although they held the difference in technology, the overwhelming numbers of the [Piglets] could with one stampede wipe out their entire force. Naturally it would also come with a huge price to the [Piglets] army as well. Although Cline didn’t think so at first, now the Bread followers were incredibly strong as a team. They worked together to save their brothers from harm even at the cost of their own bodies without hesitation. This was an important part when it came to war. Hesitation! It lead to many warriors great lives to be ended without them being able to achieve their deserved glory. But, as for the Bread followers they may not be the strongest or most talented warriors, but they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives if needed. Although none of them had died it was simply they would be willing to at a moments notice if for the greater good. Such a small army was possibly the most scary one. An army that would fight regardless of their foe, an army that would stand by their leader in the face of millions of enemies and not even bat an eyelid. This was when Cline truly realized the fearsome power of being a follower of the Bread. A follower of the one true god, the Bread God!