[SS] Chapter 98: Spread The Bread

I’m not sure what everyone expects this chapter to be, hopefully you’ll think its funny, hopefully it went how you wanted~  It wasn’t a tough chapter to write as it was kinda just a simple fun enjoyable chapter.  Like usual comment if you see improvement or places that can be improved.  I think I’ll finish the volume tonight for you guys so keep checking for the next few hours~

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As Hydra rushed out, he wanted to collapse as he nearly lost all of his energy.  He was at the same time conflicted.  After all Porkto had gathered the entire population of the [Piglet] race, to find him.  On the other hand it was a pain because both sides could end being crippled when both of them were definitely on the same side.  How could they not be they all love bread!  Following the Bread God would only lead to a greater friendship but if they couldn’t communicate would one side take it was provocation?  This was what Hydra worried about most.  Thus failed to fall over and rushed full on instead.

Irina and Valeria both chose to not make an appearance at this time, this was somehow fortunate as Hydra didn’t know how to meet them at this point in time.  He also had a huge potential problem and didn’t want his mind to wander for even a second.  Although he knew how to prioritize he was after all still a young man who had the hearts of two beautiful women.

Shaking his head Hydra rushed to the front lines.


Cline roared towards, him not in anger but in delight.  He was naturally the second in command but no one but Hydra could raise the morale an extreme.  As such when all the Bread followers turned to look at their Lord they all put in twice the effort, and their efficiency rose as well.  They helped one another setup wooden fences blockades and even started to dip small trenches.  However all of this was useless as Hydra knew they wouldn’t, or at the very least shouldn’t be fighting.  So when Hydra saw this he only whispered a few words to Cline.

It was so sudden, and so confusing that Cline wasn’t even able to make an expression as the shock froze every muscle in his face.

‘You want to make peace with pigs?!’

At this Cline wanted to backhand this student of his and push onto the right path.  He didn’t want the one student he finally decided to teach to become an blockhead who would think up of suicide tactics,and he thought to himself again.

‘Are you crazy… wait.. Of Course you are who am I kidding.’

As Cline felt the huge internal conflicts within his mind he couldn’t help but finally shrug, but at this point Hydra had already left cline in his dream world not even waiting for his permission.  Naturally Cline’s lips twitched while smiling.  He was now scheming how to get revenge on this brat again.  Little did he know that Hydra was also one to take revenge regardless of how small or insignificant the detail was.  Thus began the war between student and teacher.

“Falcon, come with me, but don’t fight under any circumstances.  Oh also grab some bread.”

“Yes Lord Hydra!”

Falcon with his big burly muscles immediately rushed over causing slight tremors below his feet as he ran to the tents quickly grabbing as much bread as he could.  Of course when Hydra said grab ‘some’ bread, he meant literally some, but instead Falcon happily accepting the mission grabbed as many pieces as his huge body could grab.  Some were stuffed down his pants, others were balancing on his wide shoulders, thick head, squished under his armpits or the massive mountain in his arms.  When Hydra saw this he almost yelled at him to return and grab a few, however he quickly stopped himself, apparently Falcon was too excited to get a mission from Hydra that he lost himself.

Hydra wasn’t going to bother reprimanding someone who was trying their best for his sake so he just turned around and walked towards the army of pigs.  Although they had been spotted some time ago they didn’t rush to fight, in fact they were patiently standing still as if scoping out the camp waiting for something.  When Porkto’s eyes were scanning the area he noticed two humans walking out.  One was someone he knew all very well.  It was Shadow in his human illusion form.  Porkto knew his appearance because he was there as well when they accidentally “killed” him.  On the other hand, now that Porkto was registered as Hydra’s mount, he felt a certain connection with him, and thus could also tell that way.  On the other hand Porkto also looked towards the giant man carrying a massive pile of bread.

Porkto’s snout twitched uncontrollably for a long time before being able to calm down.  When he saw that his priest was safe, he roared.

“Our priest is safe!  Stay here, I will go talk with him!”

Porkto rushed forward with his giant muscles swaying back and forth, seeing this Hydra almost immediately thought it wa s pig version of Falcon.  Naturally he denied everything that he mind thought of on the spur of the moment. Two armies, both following the same religion, but differing species.  Both thinking that the other is harmful to them they are both wary of one another. And only Hydra knows that both of these scary terrifying fanatics are one in the same.  Hydra rushed over to meet Porkto and his 13 bodyguards.  The distance quickly shorted to them only being a few steps apart.  Immediately after Porkto snorted and started to speak in pig language.


‘Sigh I knew this was going to happen, but whatever I might as well try something.’

Hydra felt disappointed that he could no longer understand Porkto in his human form and if he didn’t think of a way to communicate soon, Porkto would definitely think he was disguising as Shadow and would immediately attack trying to save him.  Naturally he was perfectly fine and right in front of him, however Hydra still had to prove that.  And what better way than to communicate back?  Thus Hydra cleared his throat thrice, and coughed twice.  Opening his mouth only once he spoke.


A few seconds passed.  Only a slight breeze could be felt and not even  cricket could be heard.  Falcon who was happy to receive his mission stood there confused.  He almost, infinitely close thought that Hydra went senile.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Falcon was already thoroughly baptised as a brealiever he would have already started to show him how useful his bulging muscles were.  Of course as fast as he nearly doubted it immediately dissipated without a trace.  This silence was already past the awkward point an soared into the ‘What’ scaling. No one knew how to respond especially  Porkto.  Although he couldn’t understand the human pig dialect he somehow felt that ‘Shadow’ was swearing at him.  It made him so stunned even his snout didn’t twitch.  That was enough to show how stunned Porkto was at this point.  But just as Hydra was thinking all else failed, the one thing that would never fail him, popped up.


Miracle!  You have learn [Awkward Pig Dialect] (Passive)
You can speak pig, naturally it’s awkward so you might swear without knowing it.


Once again Hydra lightly cleared his throat.  Somehow he was sweating profusely.  He knew from the awkward silence his attempt was an utter failure however what mattered was that he got the skill, and luckily his luck didn’t turn into a curse at the most crucial time.  If it did there would be a bloody war with bread’s existence on the line.  How could Hydra let such a thing happen after building up his religion with so much effort?  To break the silence he begun to speak immediately.

“Your majesty!  I am sorry for my absence. My subordinates were worried and thought I was in danger and rushed to save me.  I apologize and hope you can forgive me.!”


Porkto’s snout twitched a couple times he let out a giant breath he had been holding.  He was worried because Hydra wasn’t communicating with him naturally at first and spoke some weird swear like gibberish.  Luckily before Porkto could recover Hydra spoke again to make him completely forget about the previous dialect and immediately noticed Hydra’s words.

“OH!  OH!  Brother you say this is your human army?  Good!  Good!  I think this is great!  Who are they?”

Seeing Porkto’s excitement Hydra smirked.  He knew he could no longer hide that he was the ‘Shadow’ that created the Bread Order, now to seal the deal and combine the two the only thing he could do was speak the truth and await for Porkto to roll over in shock!

“Portko, in fact I didn’t mean to hide this from you, but at first I didn’t know how true to the Bread God you were.  After seeing your care for me by gathering the entire army, I am touched and will tell you my secret!”

“Oh! OH!  Well brother Shadow don’t keep me waiting tell me!”

Porkto’s snout twitched in excitement and even his tail started to mimic the over exaggerated movements of his snout.  Hydra at this moment was feeling quiet happy building up the tension was after all quite fun.  However he too anticipated to see Porkto’s and the rest of the piglet’s reactions so he sucked in a deep breath ready to roar loud enough for the entire army of [piglets] to hear him!

“This is the [Fellowship Of The Bread Order]….. And I am Shadow, the creator of the Bread religion!”

The words echoed through the air, although to the bread followers it was nothing but weird snorting and oinking that definitely though it was some sort of amazing speech.  After all who was Hydra?  He was their Lord Hydra the Bread lord and number one passionate follower of the Bread God.  The person who showed them miracle after miracle and today they could only imagine that another miracle was about to happen in front of them.


Porkto was so stunned his tail went straight!  This was the max level of stunness for Porkto.  Whenever his tail went straight it was serious business, and nothing could be more serious than this!  At the same time the pigs started to chatter amongst themselves however the chatter soon turned into roars and loud screams.

“KYAH!  I knew it!  Priest Shadow is the best!  Ah I shoulda took the chance to oink him when I could!  Now I’ll never able to!”

“What a pig amongst men?  Man amongst Pigs?!  Blah!  He’s a hero!  He’s the Priest of the Bread Order!”

“….Is what you say true bother?!”

“It is Porkto… and I hope, that you and the rest of the [piglets] will join me and spread the bread (that fucking rhyme though Tongue) and save all those pigs in need of help.  Porkto, your majesty, will you join us, the Bread Order?”

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