[SS] Chapter 99: The World Begins To Move

Here it is.  The moment we start to bring everything together.  The moment the “reality” of the game “meets” the actual game.  The players begin to move the world starts to revolve around Hydra.  Will he continue to be able to succeed?  Will his luck bring to higher places?  Or will the curse stat bring him to the bottom.  Here we go, enjoy this chapter.  The last chapter of the double digits.

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Porkto threw his head into the ground, not even giving his snout the chance to twitch.  He was so happily he started bawling his eyes out as he wailed to the ground.  Naturally the ground only responded by covering his, attempting to twitch, snout with dirt.  He might not be the best leader, but he was always trying his best.  Everyday he would attempt to expand their territory and help the weakest monster piglets rise against enemies on numerous occasions.  Without the help of technology he could only rely on one piece of bread to keep their faith going.  But now?

Now in front of them, their most respected priest, was the creator of the Bread Order, not only that, Porkto was personally invited by Hydra to become part of the Bread Order.  Was this not the meaning of pure happiness?  What else could possibly move Porkto as much becoming part of the religion he cherished most?  One piece of bread would turn into dozens!  Maybe hundreds?!  Maybe… just maybe for even Porkto who couldn’t count past 3 digits it would reach that level that one couldn’t even describe, Breadtopia! Such a scene can only be seen in person but never retold.

As Hydra continued to watch Porkto’s tears rush down and cause a flood of the ground around him he felt a warm sensation.  Porkto was truly a kind person and he tried with all his ability, and honestly Hydra admired him.  Luckily Hydra didn’t voice that otherwise the poor Porkto who was currently already blissfully happy, would die from shock.  The other pigs were all nearly under the same condition silently crying to themselves as they were all too happy.  The pigs were followers of the Bread God it was just that they didn’t have enough bread they were never able to truly enjoy the stiff, stale wonderful taste of bread. Only through Hydra bread of friendship were they able to get their first glimpse of bread.  Now they truly were in awe of it. It was after all the cheapest food item in [Second Saga] but to Bread followers?  To the pigs?  It was simply priceless.

Finally, after Porkto calmed down a bit, Hydra spoke softly and clearly again for him.

“Will you join Porkto?”

“Oh!  OOOOH!  Brother I, as the [Crimson Piglet] King, swear that we of clan of [piglets] will join and follow you till the end of lives!”

At that moment, a bright light surrounded everyone, the pigs, the bread followers, Hydra, Irina, Cline, Valeria, Falcon who was still carrying all that bread, not a single person within Hydra corps, was not basked in this bright light.  It was a light that warmed their very souls. This light wrapped around and even felt slightly mischievous enough to tickle them.  Everyone even Hydra was stumped and had no idea what was happening. But luckily they didn’t need to wait very long as they soon found their answer.

Within Hydra’s mind he heard a sound like all others.  While it was similar Hydra knew that something was different about this ding noise.  It sounded the same but it was heavier, as if it was hundreds of the same sound all combined into one.  Not a smidge louder just a certain feeling of depth.  And at that moment was when the Bread Order took its first step into the real world!


Congratulations!  You have converted over 10,000 followers!

Title has been upgraded from Priest- ArchPriest
Effects: All Bread followers will follow your orders until their dying breath.  Although it might seem like they are mindless followers, they truly believe in every bit of your ability.  Their belief in you is what allows you become stronger. +10 levels!


A new title has been acquired!
Effects: All [piglets] will bow down and twitch their snouts in awe before you.  You have the power to command and army of millions of [piglets] if you so wish.  A stampede that will shake the world.  An army that will tremble the hearts of even gods.  Oh did we mention that’s a lot of bacon?!
+20 defense, +20 damage +5 stamina


[Fellowship Of The Bread Order] has been upgrade from a tier 1 religion to a tier 2 religion!
Effects: All land becomes fertile in the presence of bread followers, especially bread related plants. +100% to growth rate of all plants, +500% to all bread related growth.
All members of the [Fellowship of the Bread Order] can speak to one another regardless of language barriers.
All Bread members plus 2 levels


You pet has acquired the item Copper Bread!
[Copper Bread] (Artifact)
As the emissary of the [Fellowship of the Bread Order] one can not have a symbol to match their importance.  The Copper bread is made of an unknown material that gives courage to those that see it. +100% morale when used
+10 levels to Pan
Pan has learnt the skill Bread Taunt!


Your second in command Cline has received the [Mantle of Bread]!
[Mantle of Bread]
Truly an item of worship for those who pray to the Bread God.  It is unknown how the mantle came but one can turn into a piece of bread if they so chose.  No other abilities.


Irina has learnt the ability [Bread Creation]!
[Bread Creation]
Ability to bloom bread anywhere anytime, it’s a plant and it makes bread.  A must have for any bread follower.


Valeria has learnt [Bread Seduction]!
[Bread Seduction]
Using any type of Bread and any man will be on their knees, even woman eyes will turn into hearts!


Falcon has learnt [Bread Bulge]!
[Bread Bulge]
[For every piece of Bread eaten plus 2 damage for 10 minutes!


Porkto has learnt [Bread Charge!]
[Bread Charge]
After eating bread Porkto will grow 4 times in size for 5 minutes and is immune to all forms of crowd control.


Due to the upgrade in the your religion and position you have learnt the hint to the secret bread skill. [Use 9,999 piece of bread at once to invoke ***** *****]


Your religion has been upgrade from tier 1-2 would you like to announce this through the World Message?

“….Did this really just happen?”

Hydra stood there dumbfounded.  The light had already long disappeared but all the continuous messages kept him preoccupied and he looked and read every single one.  The bread followers and piglets themselves had come to an understanding that they knew what changed.  However only Hydra truly knew the massive power up they acquired.  He had no idea if the Bread God even existed but seeing this he felt somewhat compelled to believe in him.  After all these upgrades while they might sound silly, of course except for Cline’s random mantle, were all exceptionally good when used properly.

The only thing left was for Hydra to announce it the world.  Was he scared of being sought out because of it?  Not once had that ever crossed his mind after all, it was a religion for bread.  Who would take him seriously?  Not until they actually fought with him would they truly know how fearsome his power truly was.  As such Hydra without a care in the world pushed accept.  Little did he know that it wasn’t going to be the same as it was last time.



“What was that?”

On a rainy day in the capital city of Elysia, a huge tremor was heard, it caused everyone to look back and forth towards one another, as they had no idea what was happening.  They only felt like something huge was about to happen.  As for all the players they too looked on with confusion but they didn’t much care, they were rich they were happy what did they care about some tremor if there was a war they would simply move on. The lives of the Naturals meant nothing to them.  However the next moment another boom was heard and this moment not a single soul didn’t look into the sky at the source of the sound.


The clouds started to descend wrapping something as it twisted and looked like a god was descending.  People started to cry out in fear as they felt the end of the world was coming.  But a moment later as the clouds finally started to dissipate, a green window unfolded.  Unlike usual green messages the words were in gold print.  This was the words it said.

Player under the alias of Shadow has upgrade from a tier 1 religion to a tier 2 and now has the equal to all other religions.  As such the Bread God will officially descend in 1 month’s time.


“A god?!  A god is descending in [Second Saga]?!  Quick get the new station on this!  This is going to be huge!”

“Someone find out who this Shadow is!  We must get him to sign with us!  Oh the first person to meet a god!  How exciting this will be!”

“Oh my god!  I heard that Gods were in the 900+ level range!  What kind of existences are they?”

“You fool!  They would kill you with their pinkies!”

“But don’t you think it would be worth it?!”

All the players and NPCs alike were talking spreading the word.  Although Hydra’s name was heard of before it was nothing like it was today.  It was a completely different thing.  After all the Bread God would be descending!  How could they miss such a situation?!  They would crowd around him and wait until the he descended!



“What is it?”

A messenger ran over to a young man in his mid twenties.  He was a typical pretty boy but his overall attitude held pure cold feelings towards any who dared to look at him.  One could say he was incredibly built or exceptionally well toned. He wasn’t wearing any armor and the only equipment he carried were two blood red swords.  When the messenger heard the monotone response he momentarily froze up.  Although this man’s voice never had a shred of emotion behind it it only gave the feeling of a more terrifying force behind it.  After all this messenger knew that this player, was the highest leveled player in the game.  The Blood Twin swordsman with a level 164.

“A player named Shadow has created a religion that will upon a God.  It will descend in 1 month.”

The messenger didn’t dare tell him that the message contained the fact that it was a ridiculous Bread God as he didn’t wish to be killed on the spot.   And he wasn’t worried about telling him insignificant information as once a player reached level 50 a lot of the options could be turned off for the more serious players.  This cold man was such a player.  Hearing the information, the man’s eyebrows twitched a bit but then returned to their usual expressionless state.  He only spoke a small sentence but the meaning behind it was great.

“Gather the men.”

“Yes your Lordship!


“Another message?”

A young white cat woman was sitting on top of a tigerman being fanned by another while being massaged by two more.  But she couldn’t help but hiss unconsciously seeing the message as if it didn’t concern her at all.  Haras, after being treated like a queen in the game was starting to adapt to such a lifestyle.  Little did she know that her inner bottled up sadistic side was crawling out to become more apparent.  She didn’t enjoy it but she wasn’t as apprehensive about as before.  Now she only looked to the message and felt like this “Shadow” player needed be dealt with before he became a force that would threaten her future kingdom.  Haras spoke softly and silently but full of power.

“Gather the beasts.”

“Yes your Empress!”


Another place far away in a valley in the northern part of Tsula

“Ha!  Finally finally we changed our classes!”

Goliath threw down a giant shield and a small lance to the floor.  He was thoroughly exhausted.  After trying their best to overcome the trials they finally succeeded, while the [Shadow Lurkers] had the opportunity to share with the world they kept silent.  Something that even surprised themselves after all they were usually the type to make their name known far and wide.  However after seeing Hydra everything changed.  They wanted to become strong themselves and build up their guild that way. Now Goliath had changed into a [Shield Lancer] with light armor.  As long as he blocked he would live.  However a single hit could be the end of him.  A class solely for those looking for a challenge.  Thus he thought this was a perfect class it would challenge him every second and continue to improve his skills.

The moment he spoke out, Lockon with a old mantle covering his body full of differing rune symbols he spoke out as well.

“That was worth it though! I even managed to change into the [Disaster Mage]!”

A mage with the ability to conjure hundreds of different runes that would allow him to show the true might of magic upon the world.  Any army?  IT would be wiped out with a single spell, however the problem was that a single spell took incredibly long to cast as he had to accurately write each rune or the spell would fail.  However the power behind it was by no means weak.  It was a [God Class] profession after all in fact all of their class changes were  [God Class] and used by the gods themselves.  This was even a class tier above Hydra’s!  This was the first time they felt proud of themselves but because they knew of  Hydra’s ability they didn’t dare get arrogant as the shy Rina tiptoed her way to the front and spoke.

“Um… truly these classes are amazing.  The [Life Essence Priest] is simply too amazing.  I can’t even tell how good it is…”

As she looked shamefully towards the others because she couldn’t gauge her own power, they couldn’t help but laugh as Lila spoke out in her defense.

“Oh little Rina, you combine both mana and health into one stat now!  How could it not be god level?  Although your healing is restricted on regens for yourself, your heals on others will allow you to heal for near eternity!  Your class could be said to be the most sought after class in the game now!”

“Hehe… thank you Lila.”

Rina bashfully rubbed his toes back in forth as she was dressed in a priestess like uniform.  On the other hand Lila just chuckled again gave a slight smirk as she recalled her own class.

“Yes all our classes are amazing even my [Zeus’ Archer] is something to be terrified by.”

Lila after turning into the [Zeus’ Archer] would no longer use arrows and instead use lightning bolts for her attacks.  These attacks had near infinite possibilities to be used as most methods would not be able to even block not even speaking about saving their lives!  At this moment however the [World Message] dropped in front of them.

But not a single one of them batted an eye.  In fact they all only spoke with a clear tone of respect and anticipation.

“As expected of Shadow.  However, we will catch up to you!”

All in unison, they reconfirmed their goal and at one step at a time they would approach their friend, defeat him, and create the strongest guild in [Second Saga] with him.

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