[SS] Volume 6 Chapter 101: The First Belt

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Elysia Imperial Capital Palace

“My sweet little girl, why have you run away from home?”

Spoke an old man.  His skin was wrinkled and his eyebrows were drooping showing the appearance of a tired man.  His wavy white hair was pure as if cleaned carefully every day but it still could not hide the signs of age.  The old man was hunched over on the bed and kneading his temples softly but in a dignified manner.  Every movement was slow and seemed to show the endless amount of time he had available.  Because of this alone, his age didn’t match his movements.  The old man’s eyes were especially lively, as if they could see through the entire world with a single glance.

To be this man, how could he not be able to see through things?  After all this man was the king, King Roman.  He was a man who loved his family, a friendly king who looked after his kingdom.  He wasn’t greedy but he loved to spoil his only daughter.  Unfortunately due to the greed and lustful eyes of his court officials and numerous other nobles she ran away.  Even he, the king, could not protect his daughter wholeheartedly from their fangs.  Because of this he ended up isolating her from the world.  Growing up alone without anyone to talk to.

A life she didn’t want, and because of this she ran away.  Roman wasn’t sure it she took after her mother’s lively side or his smarts, but she definitely wasn’t happy and thus ran away.  Even with sending out all the royal guards, he was unable to find her.  Without a word from her, his stress became evident, his worries caused problems for his ruling.  Knowing fully well that the king did have a proper successor because he refused to take a concubine and his wife was unable to have another child after his daughter was born.  Thus as he started to become weaker and weaker, his subjects became more and more vicious.  Externally everything within the country was fine, but internally war had already occurred.

It was already too late for Roman to quell the strife within his court.  But he didn’t care no longer.  He was already 70 years old, and he most precious daughter was nowhere to be found.  She could have been murdered, raped or taken as a slave.  These worries gave him nightmares and even with his wife’s soothing, he was unable to stop his hair from growing whiter.  A great king, was on the verge of losing his kingdom but even still to him, nothing was more important than his family.  Although it can be said he believed the entire kingdom was part of his family, nothing could replace blood.

Roman, thinking once again of the problems in his court and his lost daughter shook his head, as a few tears welled up in his eyes and couldn’t help but mutter softly, fully of worry.

“My daughter, please be safe.”


At this point in time, a man and woman pair were walking together through a hallway together.  Luckily it was already nighttime and the old man, Michael, had already closed shop for the night and rushed over to his second job.  Although he wasn’t required to stay here for a long time because he only need to check up once in awhile.  Today, however, was an important day and required his full attention.  As Michael and Trisha were walking the hallway together, Michael couldn’t help but sigh and try and scold her lightly.

“Trisha, you know it was wrong to give Landon the way out like that.”


When Michael tried to put on a tough front it was immediately broken down when Trisha gave him a stern glare.  She was calm, and didn’t regret her actions at all.  Although they both knew there was more to the information than they told, it was still something Landon would find out about one day.  Thus Michael only want to minimize the amount of information they he knew.  Why was that, because Michael made a promise.  Who was the promise too?  Naturally it was a promise to Landon’s parents.  After all Michael and Trisha were both part of the team project that Landon’s parents worked on together, and only they and a few others knew the truth.  A deep truth that even telling Landon could result in terrible consequences.

It was at this time that Trisha lightly squeezed Michael’s hand and gave a ‘Everything will be okay’ look as they entered into a giant room full of computers and employees rushing back and forth.  Seeing them enter a person who was overseeing the operation walked over and quickly bowed in respect and spoke.


“Is everything ready?”

Michael spoke with a calm voice, as if nothing could bother or phase him even slightly. It was like he became an entirely different person, he became manly and firm.  He looked like a proper leader and could calmly analyze any problem and solve it through a step-by-step format.  It was this part of Michael that Trisha fell in love with.  Although she originally didn’t have feelings for him, she noticed he had an adorably weak side for his loved ones and only showed it to them.  It was something that Trisha cherished as only her and her daughter had the rights to see him like this.  Although Hydra was family to them as well, Michael still didn’t spoil him and trained him properly.

Making a quick glance over everything once more, Michael spoke with a voice that was just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Let’s start the first event for [Second Saga].  Make sure no one screws this up or you’ll lose pay for a month!”

“Yes sir!”


During this time, in a tent, Hydra was sitting in the middle, in fact this small open spot was the only available spot left as the entire tent was filled with items gathered by the pigs and bread followers.

When all the bread followers had finally made friends with the pigs became mounts for the bread followers giving Hydra an army of Bread followers riding pigs.  Definitely one of the most intimidating things Hydra had ever heard of, naturally he wasn’t going to voice this out.  After regrouping Porkto gave Hydra all the items they had acquired of the time  they were expanding.

Killin multiple animals, hides were as numerous as the grass outside, and other fruits and plants were also gathered.  The money was left for Valeria to manage as she smart enough to handle nearly all the internal matters herself.  With all these new items Hydra was thrilled and immediately shut himself inside his tent and took out the [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook].  There were numerous designs showing exactly the curvature of of the shin guards and exactly how much the angles would deflect blows the easiest.  It showed numerous techniques for making it easier to handle and properly utilize.  Not to mention it had formulas for easy to make potions and other consumables.  Although at this moment Hydra wasn’t able to make potions and needed to be level three before he could.

That didn’t bother Hydra and only gave him more reason to try hard and level it up.  Thus he decided until he did level it up till three he could continuously use the materials and create random stuff.  Luckily Hydra needed some missing gear so it wasn’t a waste, but even if he didn’t use it he could give it away to the others.  However still Hydra was a little sad to do so as these items could give him money.  But at the same time a stronger army meant making money in the future easier.  Simple pocket change just wouldn’t help him as much.   Clapping his hands together Hydra called out.

“Let’s start.”

As Hydra’s palms were forcefully removed from one another a force of attraction was felt in between as a piece of hide, that Hydra was staring at, immediately rushed to that location.  The Hide hovered in the air and soon Hydra stiff fingers started to relax and calmly move in a rhythmic like motion.  With each finger concentrating on a different area the hide started to change shape.  With each fold the hide started to become thicker.  When it became as thick as a pinky finger Hydra stopped folding it.  At this he finally managed to exhale a breath of warm and lifeless air.

“Hah.  This requires me to concentrate so much.  Even the slightest mistake causes for the entire material to be destroyed.  Luckily when I was using [Mercury] it could reform its shape and wouldn’t lost upon failure.  But now that the quality of material is a lot lower it is destroyed so easily.”

Hydra couldn’t help but sigh to himself.  He had already destroyed numerous pieces of materials and with each destruction, he lost all the experience he had gained in the [Transmutation] skill.  Only upon successful creations of working with materials of the highest quality with experience gained be kept.  Luckily Hydra was getting used to it, and with a few more seconds of breathing time he continued.

As the hide was stretched out into a single strap, it had the looks of a ugly belt unfinished and in fact that was exactly what Hydra was attempting to make.  Although belts were did not give defensive stats, they did give the opportunity to make it easier for items to be accessed.  Thus Hydra felt it would be easiest to start off with a simple belt.  To his surprise it took many failures to even get to this point.

Luckily because it was still a game Hydra didn’t have to go through the process of softening the hide or tanning it.  The moment he started to transmute it everything was being neatly done for him.  It only required his full concentration without a single mistake.  With the perspiration continuously falling and the cracking of his knuckles, that started to turn red, he was finally able to turn the material into a proper belt.


Leather Belt (common)
A leather belt made awkwardly.  Almost as if it was the first belt the maker had ever created.  It can’t be said to be get but the leather used was average material and can’ be said to be ugly.
Effects: Can have 5 items stored on the belt for easy access.


Hydra yelled and stretched his hands out in victory and then threw his body into the pile of hides to fall asleep.  He had been working non stop for hours already and all the work had made him too tired to think.  At that moment, another message appeared and he would only find out after he woke up.

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