Sleep Learning Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – sudden nap

Harumi Makura is sleeping in the meadow peacefully. The breeze makes it isn’t hard for him to sleep. He is sleeping despite the presence of monster nearby.

“There we go.”

Harumi bundles his shiny black hair that is long enough that it touched his waist. He turns it into a comfortable looking pillow. His delicate body that never been used for exercise then lays down on the ground. The small face that could be mistaken as a girl, dressed in adventurers suit that is easy to move, thanks to the God’s kindness.

When Harumi sleep, the skill bestowed by the God triggered automatically.

〘  Activating 『Sleep Learning』 skill〙

〘   『Sleep Learning』 Skill Is activated, all damage is nullified 〙

(Tl note: I decide to do use 〘〙 for notification window. And yeah, isn’t the skill amazing? Wait till you read the rest of the chapter.)

That is when the skill shows its true color.

The ruler of [Shino Grassland] is a 「Chimera」.

The Chimera is patrolling over its’ territory as usual. It mainly feeds on centaurs that lived near the prairie. It chased away enemy from its territory or kill it. Whenever a monster comes here, they are courting their own death.

As the king of the grassland, its size is out of ordinary. Normal chimera size will be around 3 meters long. However Makyou the chimera is 10m long. Its fang and claw is even harder than dragons.

As a monster with name, it is a proof that he was someone to be feared. Even when a flock of wyvern comes over to his territory, he managed to kill them all. It can be said that in the [Shino Grassland], he is the absolute ruler.

It is already well known that this area is his territory. Knights from kingdoms and country, even hero that leads to world peace, won’t approached this land.

Makyou was about to land and take a rest. He needs it because his wings have grown tired. The gentle breeze and the green pasture, is setting the mood for him to sleep. However his gaze is fixed to the ground and he let out a roar of anger.


There is an unknown creature, sleeping in his territory. Not only had he entered Makyou territory, he even sleep there. This makes Makyou anger uncontrollable.  He entered his battle mode. His eyes turned red, bare his sharp fangs and sharp claws coming out from his paw.

The intruder that seemed to be a beast race didn’t flutters and remained to sleep peacefully.

For Makyou who has faced many formidable enemies, this creature in front of him is only a small fry. With only a scrape of his nail, he would have been killed.

Makyou swung up his thick forefoot and swung it down focusing on its claw to sever the intruder. However his claw couldn’t do anything to the sleeping beastman.

〘 Physical attack has been nullified. Zero damage.〙

〘『Sleep Learning』 Skill Is activated, learned【Roar tolerance】, 【Intimidation tolerance】, 【Slash tolerance】. 〙


The beastman that should have been killed is still sleeping. Makyou couldn’t understand why his claw couldn’t hurt him. Then he tries another approach. Makyou opened his mouth wide which is lined with sharp fangs. He start to inhale the air and discharging it at once. When it was discharged, it turned into 《flame breath》, and hit the beastman who is sleeping. Makyou unexpectedly use a fire attributes magic.

After some times, the breath attack stopped and the surrounding area has been burned.


〘 Magic attack has been nullified. Zero damage.〙

〘『Sleep Learning』 Skill Is activated learned 【Fire magic resistance】, 【Abnormal state resistance】. 〙

(Tl note: do you prefer fire magic resistance or nullify fire mage?)

〘 Sleep disturbance factor has been detected. Preparing the skill 『Nightmare Eater』.〙

Makyou take a step back. He was surprised that his attack couldn’t do anything to the beastman. He also noticed that from the cat beastman that is sleeping, black shadows are rising and wobbling.

When he saw that, his instinct, intuition, say that it was something that he shouldn’t fight. It tries to flee by flying into the sky but just when he is spreading his wings, it was already too late.

The black substance has been tangled to Makyou forefoot and wriggling like a snake.


The more he desperately tries to flee; the black substance entangled more to his body, until it finally covered his whole body.  Makyou didn’t struggle anymore, there is no movement, and slowly the black substance is falling back to the cat beastman body. Makyou is nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, the king of [Shino grassland] vanished from the world.

〘 Sleep disturbance factor has been eliminated. The skill 『Nightmare Eater』 has been successfully executed.〙

〘 Harumi Makura has devoured the grassland guardian .〙

〘 Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up! Harumi Makura leveled up!〙

〘 Harumi Makura earned the title 【King of Shino grassland】, 【Absolute One】, 【Giant Slayer】, 【Sleep King】                . Status has been corrected.〙

〘 Harumi Makura 『Nightmare Eater』 has devoured 【Intimidation】, 【Roar】, 【Beast territory】, 【Fly】, 【Claw Slash】, 【Fire magic】               .〙

Eventually the situation calmed down as if nothing happened. Pleasant wind is blowing; the sun is warm and the mechanical announcement sound that has finished talking.

“Ah, I’ve sleep well.”

Harumi Makura wakes up, ignorant to all things that happened when he was sleeping. He was carefree and sitting down. His cat ears and tails is twitching as if stretching.

“Uuh, soon it will be dark and I am hungry. I should find a place to eat, ah, I should just find other people first.”

Harumi stands up with a big yawn and for the first time he noticed that he has a tail. Gently he touched it.

“Ah, I even get a tail. As the loli Kami said, this looks like a VRMMO. But what she said again? I was so sleepy that I barely remember anything. Ah, 《status》 open!”

In front of him, a semi-transparent floating window appeared.


He let out an amazed voice because it looks like exactly the same with VRMMO window.

(TL note: should I make flashy floating window? Hahaha)


Name: Harumi Makura

Gender: Male

Race: Beastman [cat tribe]

Level: 10

Job: –

Title: 【King of Shino grassland】, 【Absolute One】, 【Giant Slayer】, 【Sleep King】

Skill: 『Sleep Learning』, 『Nightmare Eater』, 【Intimidation】, 【Roar】, 【Beast territory】, 【Fly】, 【Claw Slash】, 【Fire magic】, 【Roar tolerance】, 【Intimidation tolerance】, 【Slash tolerance】, 【Fire magic resistance】, 【Abnormal state resistance】.


(TL note: at first I was curious at why the name of the skill is sleep learning, not absolute sleep or something like that. However I found out that, the skill will learn about the incoming attack and deal with it accordingly / learning how to deal with the things that disturbing his rest. I wish I have this skill. If you got better skill name just tell me. And the beast territory originally translated as beast barrier territory what does that do? Hahaha. And this much of skill has been gained in just one chapter. You think TDADP got a lot of skill arsenal? What about this one? Hahaha as I said this is similar to TDADP.)

“Well, I wonder if I could fly. 【Fly】is it?”

The cat ears are twitching. He is imagining himself flying, no, sleeping while hovering in the air. It is his dream of sleeping in the sky.

“Skill 【Fly】 activate! Fly away woos!”

As if he has grown wings from his back that is invisible, Harumi slowly flew into the sky.

(Tl note: it is better if his ears that is acting as a wing.. flapping cat ears lol)

“Whoops, this is tricky. Hahaha.”

Anyway, Harumi finally mastered on how to fly.

Harumi noticed that this is really similar to a VRMMO that he used to play long time ago. The menu is the same and there is a 《map》 option. He opened it and a semi-transparent 3D map floats in front of him. It showed the range of 【Beast territory】 which covered the whole [Shino grassland]. It will show him any item or monster in the range of his territory.

He is searching around and outside of the grassland, there is a town displayed.

“Ah, there is a town near the area. [Hairun city], the direction is to the south! Yo, full speed ahead!”

That day, Harumi Makura journey to find the best sleeping place in another world begins!