Sleep Learning : Prologue


“Get up! You lazy Harumi! Harumi Makura!”

(Tl note: his name, Makura means pillow lol)


(Tl note: the noise you make when you wake up but still asleep)

“yeee? Don’t you realize your position? You are dead! You get run over by a truck. This is happening because you are dozing off. How can you asleep while riding a bicycle? And why can you still be sleeping now?”


(Tl note: the author POV keep messing from first person to third person, I’ll try my best to adjust it)

[I remember that I was riding my bicycle. ]

Harumi do that to commute to the high school which he just entered this year. The driver of the truck isn’t doing reckless driving. The only problem is Harumi. He is sleeping while pedaling a bicycle.

(Tl note: have you experience sudden sleepiness while learning in class which resulted you write something while almost asleep? I believe this is the same thing lol)

His philosophy is that sleep is the most important thing in life, even more important than having three meals a day. He passed his day sleeping and because of that he doesn’t even have time to cut down his long black hair. It was so long that he could be mistaken as a girl. He never exercise, only sleep. That is why he looked more like a girl, his physique is so delicate. Even when he should be meeting the God after death, he is still sleeping.

Finally, he opened his eye.

[Who is she? She is so pretty]

“You, what are you doing? Is that a drool? Wha, I’m a God, a divine being, a creator, what are you doing? AAAh!”

The little girl claiming as God then drops a kick to his stomach.

“Auch! That hurts. Why are you disturbing my sleep?”

“You are in front of me; you think taking a nap is more important? Tch!”

“Aaa, just let me sleep.”

The little Kami girl then crouched besides him. Out of nowhere, she takes out a big, really huge speaker connected to a microphone.

(Tl note: yup the size was emphasized lol)

“Wake Up!”

“AA, What are you doing? My ear hurts!”

“Makura Makura sleep maniac Harumi, don’t you know why I am here?”

(TL note: she spells his name twice that is not a mistake lol)

“Um, to disturb my nap?”

“AAAAAH, oblivious, insolence!”

The little Kami girl turned up the volume to the max.

“Ah, stop that. I feel frustrated trying to talk to you!  Well, I’m dead. That is strange; I didn’t plan to die yet.”

The little Kami girl then disappointed that his reaction isn’t special.

“You accepted it huh… now, since you have died, you can’t return to the world. That is why I will make you reincarnated to a different world. Do you understand?”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, because of that, I will grant you one wish. You know, I can grant you anything.”

“Then grant me an invincible ability so no one interfere with my nap!”

The little Kami girl sighed. Whether she was amazed or gave up on him.

“Well, I can see that coming. One more thing, since the world you are going to be reincarnated is different from earth; there are also choices to be reincarnated to other race than human. For example monsters…”

“For God’s sake, just let this thing over quickly so I can sleep.”

“Although you mentioned my name, I didn’t feel good at all. Do you love to sleep that much?”


“That wasn’t praise! Well, let me explain further. To make it easier, you could think of it as jumping into a VRMMO world. You can see your              《status》, and some basic things have been put into 《inventory》. Is there anything else you want to know?”

“No… Uaaah.”

“How can you give a reply to me, a God while yawning? Really you irritate me. People are accepting their reincarnation with excitement, hopes, in good spirits, while you…”

“Oyasuminasai~ “ (Tl note: good night)

“*sigh* that farewell greetings, at least it should be goodbye!”



[While I was asleep, I was reincarnated into a fantasy world with sword, magic and sleeping. When I wake up, I couldn’t hope for a better place to sleep. Comfortable breeze blowing, the moderately warm sun, the greenery of the grassland. More importantly, there is no monster.]

Harumi didn’t realize that over his head, there is a figure flying. In the blue sky, it was crystal clear for anyone to see. It was a lion with wings letting out a cry. Anyone who heard that will feel their heart is freezing. Even a figure of a horse with upper body of a human is running away when it heard that.

“This place is good. I’ll take a nap again.”

If there is someone who is unaffected, it will be Harumi. He only thinks of taking a nap. He doesn’t have a common sense not even in his real world. He didn’t notice that things have gone wrong. He didn’t even notice that cat ears are growing on his head and a tail over his bottom. He didn’t notice anything other than sleep.


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