Chapter 3

Bodies of broods flew up all over the place. Some of them were frozen. Others torn apart. The black dragon killed them all even while it was fighting the giant beetle.

Once in awhile it would eat a Hell Mantis. Its scale will turn blacker and its muscle grew. From the look of it, the dragon got more strength with each brood it ate.

The beetle which was holding its ground just now was gradually getting push back. Its strong horn has been broken. Its exoskeleton cracked.

Each claw by the dragon would produce a crackling sound. Sometimes the crack was small. Other time it was big.

The dragon spat out a freezing cold wind on the beetle legs. When the beetle jumped up to evade it, the dragon rammed its abdomen. An unpleasant crackling sound rang out from its body.

The beetle fell with its back on the ground. The black dragon bit  down on its legs. Its tail swatted the incoming broods and sent their body pieces flying.

At this time Lone Wolf and Anastasia arrived at the scene. Everywhere they went, more and more broods died. Their heads were either burst open or cut off.

They stopped in front of the dragon. They watched as it bit Gigantes times after time. It ate them and grew stronger.

“Carlos! Stop!” (Anastasia)

The dragon ignored her and kept eating. Its body grew darker and larger. It emanated ominous feeling from all over its body.

“I say STOP! You’re going to get infected!” (Anastasia)

Anastasia jumped forward to the dragon. It swatted its tail to hold her off. Lone Wolf fired a couple of shots. The bullets were deflected by the scales without leaving even a scratch.

The dragon roared at them. It lifted a few brood and threw them. Anastasia cut them apart while Lone Wolf dodged and killed them. They went closer to the dragon.

Getting disrupted while having its meal, the dragon raged. Its arms clawed at the two operatives who looked like ants in its eyes. At the same time, it released a frost breath from its mouth.

A transparent shield appeared in front of Anastasia. It held off the breath while she dodged the claw attacks. Lone Wolf jumped back out of the breath range.

He set his rifle into its high caliber mode. He crouched down behind a mantis’ corpse five meters away. He aimed his rifle at the head.

Anastasia ran up close to it. Her blades cut apart everything in her path. When she closed in, a claw descended on her. She lifted her dual blades to hold it off.

Unfortunately her strength would never be enough. It was a mere dream to hold off a dragon’s strength.

When the claw hit the blades, they bent back and sent her flying back. She somersaulted in mid air and quickly regained her balance. A claw came swinging from her right right after.

Lone Wolf shot at the arm. The high caliber bullet hit and cracked up a few scales. The claw attack stopped only for a very short moment but it allowed Anastasia to dodge it.

She quickly stabbed her blades at the arm when it passed through. She jumped up to the arm. Holding firm on her blades, she held on.

The dragon lifted its stabbed arm. Its other arm quickly moved to intercept her. Lone Wolf shot another high caliber bullet at it. When the arm stopped, Anastasia quickly pulled out her blades and ran up. She was heading for its head using the arm.

The dragon didn’t like being boarded. It opened its mouth to bite at her. Anastasia held up her blades and slashed at its tongue. Dark red blood spurted out, covering her. She squinted her eyes.

The dragon looked like it didn’t care for its tongue. It continued to bite down on her.

Anastasia saw the incoming fangs. She was surprised that it ignored its injury. She quickly tried to pull back.

Lone Wolf quickly shot with his sidearm as his rifle was still in cool down time. He sprinted over to deliver more accurate shots. The bullets hit its mouth and more blood came out. However the fangs didn’t stopped.

Anastasia despaired at the incoming fangs. Her blades could only hold off a part of it. The rest of them will bite down on her.

She saw a hole in the dragon’s jaw. She remembered that was the place the fang given to her once was. That hole was so small that she couldn’t fit in even if she could reach it.

She closed her eyes tightly while holding her blades close to her, not caring if they hurt her. The sharp blades cut her fair skin. Drops of blood flowed. The blades suddenly shone a bright light.

The dragon suddenly stiffened up. The fangs stopped in their place. Anastasia fell to the ground below. Lone Wolf managed to catch her in time.

Both of them looked up at the same time. The dragon was beating its body where its heart should be. It looked like it is in pain.

A short while later, it roared angrily. It tore open the space. A strong suction force pulled everything around it. The dragon jumped inside the tear.

Lone Wolf held his ground while holding Anastasia in his arms. The tear slowly closed in. The force grew weaker and weaker. However the surrounding has turned into a big mess.

When the tear closed up, the entire ground was littered with corpses. At one place the corpses moved a bit. Suddenly a blade came out of a corpse. A gunfire sounded out and the corpse flew.

Lone Wolf kicked another corpse away. He looked around the place. Behind him Anastasia stood up with unsteady feet. She sheathed her blades and sat down.

Blood covered up her once beautiful figure. She wiped off the blood on her face. She then scattered the rest of the blood with magic. The blood flew around her.

“Hey. Look around before scattering the blood.” (Lone Wolf)

“Ah sorry.” (Anastasia)

Lone Wolf wiped off the blood on his face. He threw a tonic bottle over to her. Anastasia drank the tonic.

Her wounds slowly closed off. Her pale face slowly regained its rosy color. She stretched her body for a bit. Her hair tied into a ponytail swayed when a breeze passed.

Lone Wolf looked over to the horizon. One by one, soldiers came out from there. A few VTOL planes flew around in the air. There were only a few firefights going on now. Soon they will go cleaning up the planet.

A VTOL flew over and stopped above them. Anastasia stood up. She turned to Lone Wolf.

“Special Operative Lone Wolf. There is a possibility where we will meet again in the future. Please take care of me.” (Anastasia)

“Special Operative Ana. I am honored to work with you.” (Lone Wolf)

The two of them saluted each other. Anastasia looked up at the VTOL. A light shone over her. Her body slowly grew blurry. Suddenly she turned to Lone Wolf.

“Ah. I will pay for the potion.” (Anastasia)

“No need. It is just a cheap potion. Think of it as a greeting.” (Lone Wolf)

“Hmm. Alright then. See you.” (Anastasia)

Her figure disappeared completely soon after. The VTOL above flew off to the distance.

#End of Chapter 3

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