[SS] Chapter 103: Set For Lathandra!

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At this moment in time Hydra wasn’t sure if Porkto was trying to help him, or get him killed.  As he was still leaning over Irina, he cautiously moved back.  He didn’t say anything as he noticed that just above Irina’s cheek bones she was turning red giving him a slight glare that only made her cuter.  With such an expression if he said anything he was only asking for an arrow in the knee.  At least he was hoping it would be in the knee as opposed to the buttocks.  Hydra didn’t know how many more arrows to the behind he could take.

As he finally got off, Irina regained her composure, while Valeria was having a look of regret that filled her face.

‘I was just surprised!  Why did I have to push him into my rival.  Of all things I should dragged him down to the floor with me!’

Regret was a regret because you couldn’t fix it. Naturally that the situation had already happened, she was frustrated.  Luckily for her, someone came just at the right moment for her to vent her frustration on.  At the same time, Irina was trying to get rid of her embarrassment as she was hoping Hydra didn’t notice her red face.  But when she made eye contact with him, when she slightly moved her face, she figured he had already noticed it.  After all although his eyesight was looking at her, it was in fact looking at that red mark on her cheeks.

‘AH!  I just want to crawl into a into a tree and hide!’

But at that moment she realized.  Someone was there for her to vent this embarrassment out on.  Seeing the two ladies stand up suddenly, Hydra felt what was going to happen next was going to be terrifying.  Then he realized where they line of sight was directed to.  It was to Porkto!

‘Poor Porkto.  May the Bread God reincarnate you as a piece of bread in the next life.’

As he silently prayed, he knew that the girls wouldn’t be so harsh as to kill Porkto, but Porkto definitely would rather die than go through that punishment.  But maybe it was because Porkto was an intelligent kingly, manly pig with the best snout on the plains, that he realized death was coming for him.  He didn’t made another noise and bolted straight out of the tent.  Startled by the sudden development, the girls had no choice but to chase after him.

All of this happened and everyone forgot about poor Pan who was flung off of Hydra laying on his back.  Luckily Pan was tuckered out and was sleeping on his back showing his adorable white fur.  Seeing this, Hydra unconscious scratched his stomach and Pan responded while in his sleep.



Soon after Hydra managed to get up, but he finally noticed that window had popped up at his waist.  Hydra had moved where the windows popped up during when he was transmuting and didn’t notice it when he awoke because of certain problems.  However not that he saw it he noticed it was a unique colour from all the rest.  It was partly red and partly yellow.  As if a flame was the set background of the message and sure enough, it was a message from Phoenix Enterprises.

-Event!  Hello players!  Congratulations to the ONE MILLION players who have upgrade from beginner’s to intermediate players.  To celebrate this, we have come up with a game.  A game that I’m sure all of you players will be very greatly interested in.  As many of you already know, the plains of Lathandra is a neutral territory splitting up the other four humanoid territories.  The beast clans to the north, the humans to the east, the elves to the west, and finally the god-kin to the south.  But did you know that within the plains exists a castle?  Do you know what’s special about this castle my dear players?  Well let me tell you.  This castle is available for players!  That’s right!  The reward for the event, is your OWN PERSONAL KINGDOM! If you wish to join, in 2 days time there will be a banquet at the imperial palace in Elysia.  I hope to see you there players!

“This…. This can be a great opportunity for me.  Although I imagine the cost of ruling a city must be unimaginable, at the same time the profits must be huge!”

Hydra couldn’t help but mutter to himself silently as he thought about it.  Because he couldn’t determine this alone he immediately rushed off to find Cline.


“If we set up a blockade like this during calvary charges we ca-


As  Cline was running through tactics with all of the squad leaders, he was interrupted loudly by Hydra.  As Hydra rushed inside the tent everyone slightly bowed other than Falcon and Cline.  This was a sign of respect to their authority that was just below Hydra.  But even if no one bowed to him Hydra wouldn’t have cared but Cline on the other hand made sure there was a clear form of hierarchy.  Especially in a religion where Hydra was basically the closest to the Bread God.  It was true after all.

Seeing Hydra quickly rush over to him Cline, quickly wondered what Hydra had wanted.  But the moment Hydra started to whisper in his his ear his immediately was startled and quickly called for everyone to disperse.  After all the squad leaders left it was only Hydra, Falcon and Cline left over.  Only then did Cline ask in serious manner towards Hydra.

“Is what you say true Hydra?”

“Why would I lie about such a thing.  The castle of Lathandra will have an owner through some sort of competition.  What do you think should we join it?”

Hydra excitedly asked.  Falcon also knew of Lathandra, and the moment he heard it was coming to become the prize of a competition he couldn’t believe her ears.  He even took a few seconds to clear the debris in his ears to follow the conversation closer.  On the other hand Cline was thinking silently to himself.  But no matter how he thought of it  he couldn’t figure out why such a thing was happening.  But regardless if it was available this was a chance they could not afford to miss out on.

“Let’s join.  This is the best chance we will get to expanding the Bread Order.  If we can take over Lathandra you will become one of the most politically powerful men on the entire continent.  As such making money will be incredibly easy.”


Hydra rushed off happily.  Cline and Falcon weren’t sure what he was going to do, but they didn’t need to be told that they had to clear up camp immediately.  As Falcon soon rushed out the door after getting a nod from Cline.  Cline could only shake his head in worry.

“Is this going to be okay?  After all we won’t be able to hide from the kingdom if we join the banquet.  Too many people will recognize us.”

Although cline knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity at the same time, it came with risks much greater than Hydra realized.  But would Cline deny Hydra this right after all Cline knew that Hydra needed a lot of money for something.  And if he need money this was the best chance he could ever get.


As Hydra happily rushed back to his tent, he immediately sat back down in the small space in the middle.  As he did he scratched Pan’s stomach again hearing a happy cry before he started to continue his [Transmutation].  He needed to make new boots, and maybe some leather pants.  After all he was probably the only Intermediate Player still not equipped with pants.  Who would have guessed!

After a long process and at times he could hear the loud cries of a pig.  But he was able to focus on his so he brushed it off hopefully thinking it was his imagination.  He managed to finish a pair of boots and a pair of pants.  Unfortunately he used all of the materials here, but fortunately he managed to increase his [Transmutation] to level 2!  There was no added effect, but it allowed him to control the metals and hides more easily.  Even this alone was already a huge advantage so Hydra didn’t mind at all.  He only quickly put on his new pants and new boots and opened the menu to look at all his new stats!

Name Hydra Level 51
Race Human Profession Aether Bladist
Fame 3250 Religion: [FoTBO] Position: ArchPriest
Damage 157(+40)~ Defense 117
Vitality 2840 Mana 655
Strength 137 Agility 150
Stamina 27 Wisdom 35
Intelligence 37 Luck 55
Faith 15
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
[Shadow Stealer]- damage +40
[Dusk Glove]- Defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)
[Handmade Boots]-Defense 20
[Armor Of The Shadowless Man- Defense 50 [Shadow Walk] (Cost 100/10ft Mana)
Handmade Pants- Defense 30
[Bent Shin Guards]-Defense 7
[Ring Of Eternal Darkness Skill:  [Life of Darkness]: At death the user will turn into an unknown form with unknown status, intelligence, state of mind, and length of time.
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