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Rebirth Online World Staff List 


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  • libert8, Have no idea
  • unadon doing Isekai, 
  • visu doing Sefiria, Isagi
  • scythe doing Hello work
  • Some one ? Talisman emperor
  • Some one 2 ? Crybird
  • NovelsJapan! Ex-Hero Candidate

Editor: want to help contact us here please ad PR or Editor in the Subject name

  • Master of Dungeon >> NegatIvezero
  • Immortal God Emperor >> N/A
  • To Deprive A Deprived Person >> Rambo Wambo
  • Zombie Master >> N/A
  • Lazy dragon >> Mahou no Anpan (MIA)
  • Neta chara >> N/A
  • Boring Reincarnation >> MeeBoo
  • Destination of Crybird  >> Zed
  • other original works >> N/A

Most of the chapters that have been edited will have v2 in the title later on at the Table of Content..


Site Editors


Ryuu – (Ryuu3rs)

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Hi! I’m looking for proofreader and editor, anyone lurking around wanted to help? and new translator?

Because I mainly write from phone and english is not my first language so there will be mistakes here and there and no auto correct for grammar whatsoever. So are you willing to help me?

Anyway since there is some Machine translated works too, so if there is new translator that is learning how to translate works, feel free to contact me if you want to put your works here. We will learn to get better together..

And if you could help with other thing like designing web, drawing illustration, writing review of your favourites LN, and any other things that you could think of, feel free to contact us…


Rebirth Online World [ROW]

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48 comments on “Staff

  1. Ok so how can I send you an email? I want to help you out… I did a v2 of Chapter 10 from TDADP and wanted to send it your way, so that you can decide if you want my help or not. Anyways my email ( Not sure if there is a private message thing on wordpress.)

      • I don’t really like to be bound by a schedule, so I don’t really think I would be the best editor for you. It would be better if you get another editor, but if you like my edits, I don’t mind doing them whenever at my free time (or when I feel like it). Also thank you for your hard work, and if you would like to contact me, my email is (don’t expect a fast response. I barely check it)

  2. If you still need help for proofreading and editing I would be happy to help. But I have to warn you I’m still in high school so i’ll be a bit slower around exam time.

  3. Hey snow…
    I want ask something can i?
    Oh and ada lowongan kerja di starbuck daerah bandung kata kakak aku..
    I write some wn now… My own wn and i want to post it here because i dont know how to make a page…
    And emm if u can please read it when its done..
    And of course if u need help i will gladly help… If u can tell me how its done… U can mail me at or sms me 082122445597 thanks..

  4. still need editors? I can edit very, I’m confident in my english, it’s my first and best language. also i tried my hand at writing a wn but dont know how to det up a site can i send you an edit of a chapter i did and what i wrote.

  5. Hello, I am Zhaernon and I noticed that since a while ago editor for TDADP seems to be missing. Because I quite like this series I would like to help you edit chapters from this translation.
    If you still need an editor for this series, mail me:

    • I can also take care of a bit of more technical stuff, like setting up “Next chapter”, “Previous chapter” links or making the ability tables the previous editor was making. From what I see those were not done since chapter 65.

  6. Mr. Snow do you still need a proofreader? Would you recruit this poor hamster. I have no experience or whatsoever with it, but I would like to train in your command.

    I may not be available everyday, but I would try my best to finish work hehehe

  7. hi there!
    can I somehow contact you guys in private, by email?
    I want to ask for some of your advice guys~

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