Ldyrdy a.k.a Snowfallsdown

Status window
NAME: Ldyrdy (Snowfallsdown) RACE: Forgotten Race
SEX: Male
JOB: Ero-writer

useless translator

rant master

LEVEL: ?????

impossible to detect

HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
MAGIC: ??? LUCK: ???
Special Abilities:
Unimportant existence ( passive , unique )
No one noticed your weak pressence
Rant a lot (passive)
No matter what you do you will always rant
Ero Writer , level 1 ( active , forbidden )
Sometimes you will write ero story when the requirement is met
Lazy country bumpkin , level 99 , ( passive )
You will be too lazy to do anything
Snowfallsdown , level ?? ( passive )
Is it snowing? gained + ?????? stats when the snow falls

a 23 turned 24 this year.. an otaku with a shameless mind..

10 comments on “Ldyrdy a.k.a Snowfallsdown

  1. So just trying to find out if you need any help with the site fixing links and index pages so on and anything else you need site wise help with i can do it just give me a shout i did send you an email but duno if you’re still using that one

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