Status window
Name: Lonahora Race: ♂•♀◊©¤ ▲
Sex: none
Job: Writer Level: 1
HP: 10 MP: 10
Strength: 5 Agility: 5
Vitality: 5 Intelligence: 5
Magic: 5 Luck: 5
Special Abilities:
Reading lvl 1(MAX) (passive)
Enable user to read.
Writing lvl 1(MAX) (active)
Enable user to write.

As a person who enjoys (anonymity) stories of fantasy and action, for the last couple of years I’ve also written some and now made up my mind to share them with anyone that would like to give them a try.

As you may notice, English is not my native language. I’m merely writing in it to improve what little that I can of my own English, and so if you read my stuff expect grammar mistakes (pointers will be welcomed).

I have a personal goal that I want to achieve before ever sharing personal details about myself. When it will be done, I will share everything you want with those that are interested.

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