Status window
Name: MeeBoo Race: Beastmaan (Wolf race)
Sex: Male
Job: Warrior Level: 35
HP: 1460 MP: 720
Strength: 5 Agility: 230
Vitality: 50 Intelligence: 400
Magic: 5 Luck: 5
Special Abilities:
Dog Nose (Passive)
Can smell odors that other races cannot smell regardless whether it’s bad or good.
Wolf Transform (Active)
Can transform into Wolf form but loses human traits such as speech and thumbs.
Trainable (Active)
Can be taught new tricks with treats by his master, but not guarantee a 100% success rate when attempted. 
Loyalty (Special)
Will remain loyal to his master and won’t complain if treated nicely but not afraid to bite the hands that feeds when cornered and abused.

Born and Bred in Australia, this person has been brought up living in a multi-cultural environment where humankind live along side with other races, as a result he has learned to be kindhearted to others and willing to lend a hand whenever required. He is currently working full-time but prefers to sleep, read and game where possible as long as he gets paid.

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