mitico giorgio presentation

Father, Legend, Lover….

i am none of those, well maybe i’m regarded as a legend in a few places.

Hy i’m Giorgio, Italian, 18 year old (21 december is my birthday), i’m currently studying in university (physics), i’m italian, 1.90, green eyes, brown-blond hair ecc.

I find pleasure in reking noobs both online and in reality (i’m a mma fighter and an ex Antagonistic swimmer).

You can find me on ps4 giorgiolord and xbox 360 mitico giorgio and on steam giorgiolord.

I… don’t know what else to say… anybody got questions please ask.

9 comments on “mitico giorgio presentation

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  2. you know i just happen to make that fast read. your name make repeated spelling and i thought you were a niconico dweller.
    also so far the story is good.

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