Status window
Name: NegatIvezero Race: Transcended Human
Sex: Male
Job: Magic Knight

Exceed Editor

Level: 1
HP: 450 MP: 400
Strength: 325 Agility: 630
Vitality: 200 Intelligence: 500
Magic: 420 Luck: 55
Special Abilities:
Realm Of God , level 19 ( active , unique )
Illusion technique
Pulls the enemy into a dimension made by the caster and subjects the enemy to all sorts of torture(or any kinda weird plays šŸ˜‰ )
Absolute Victory , level 19 ( active , forbidden )
sacrifice a body part or organ to kill an enemy
Weird Persona , level 19 , ( passive )
makes the user seem like a total weirdo (even though i’m not)
Embarrassment Resistance , level 19 ( passive )
Resists total breakdown in an embarrassing situation

I am 19 years and I’m working on my engineering degree . Although i don’t get much free time , i’ll try my best to do my job as an editor . I’m part French-Canadian , part Brit so I’m not claiming to be an English scholar but I hope what I’m doing is not making things worse for the readers.

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