Rambo Wambo

Status window
Name: Rambo Wambo Race: Human
Sex: Male
Job: -Grammar Nazi-Table master

-Informatik student

Level: 62
HP: 3200 MP: 6400
Strength: 210 Agility: 980
Vitality: 434 Intelligence: 1250
Magic: 1111 Luck: 9
-html table mastery Lvl. 8 (passive) : levelcap at 10
used to harness the power of tables
-haskel mastery Lvl. 90 (passive)
sadly haskell is totally useless for practical useage
-java mastery Lvl. 2 (passive)
Java is a powerfull tool, known since ancient times, but not many have mastered it fully
-point out english mistakes of other people Lvl. 50 (actice)
a basic skill for every grammar nazi, it is used to make people feel bad about their english knowledge
-learn a lot of boring stuff Lvl. 14 (passive)
basic skill for every student, usefull to survive boring lectures
-pc master race Lvl. 22 (passive)
Years of absentment of consoles, in the home of the user, help to cultivate this skill; the user feels that PC is love, PC is life
-lazy Lvl. 22 (special)
sadly this skill almost every time activates, uncontrollable by the user, when he is trying to learn shit…


mostly I am a 22 years old informatik student from germany, who has to learn a lot of stuff and when I am not doing that I am reading WN / manga / watch youtube / rarely I play some videogames… rinse and repeat, with a daily chapter edited after I wake up

4 comments on “Rambo Wambo

  1. You need to step up your game in editing TDADP. Frankly speaking, The words don’t seem natural and hard to read. Your excessive usage of “that” every single time destroys the flow of the sentences. Basically, the sentences are so stiff. There’s also the fact where the tenses are all jumbled up. Why oh why do you torture your readers?

    I’ve only read the first few chapters, so I’m hoping to see the editing improvements on the more recent chapters. Oh, I’m talking about chapters 1-3 by the way.

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