Status window
Name: tyhuko Race: Procrastinator
Sex: All the girls are welcomed
Job: Sleep magnet Level: -1
HP: 10 MP: 10
Strength: -2 Agility: -3
Vitality: -5 Intelligence: 30
Magic: 0 Luck: -9000
Special Abilities:
Procrastination (passive)
What you have to do today, do it tomorrow.
Extreme racism lvl 1 (MAX)
All non-procrastinators will be extermin- *falls asleep*
Sleep magnet lvl 9000 (MAX)
Everything you perceive inspires you to sleep.
Aura of sleepiness (passive)
Everyone around you will get restful sleeps
Never lucky (passive)
Your luck is so horrible that even Murphy’s law can’t compare.

Once upon a time, there was a sleep inducing mushroom. Over the ages, people have grown curious and experimented on it.
Time passed and the unique substance, Chloroform, was created.
This story is about a young boy who- *snores*

An amateur writer trying to achieve new heights with his sarcasm.
“Tyhuko, tall, strong and somewhat handsome… all the men want to be like him and all the women want to be with those men…”

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