Status window
Name: Yui Race: cat-human
Sex: not as often as id wish…. male
Job: Thief Level: 1-100(variation due to mood)
HP: 100 MP: 100
Strength: 5 Agility: 999
Vitality: 50 Intelligence: 8 (+999)
Magic: 100 Luck: 10 (+999)
Special Abilities:
Blessing of the cappuccino god
when cappuccinos are used as wager, LUCK +999
Cats god Blessing
a species of human being inheriting a cat soul
Cats curiosity
INT +999 in topics that attracts users interest
Stalker (Cats curiosity sub bonus)
bonuses to Observe, Search, Hide and LUCK
Lazy (Cats god Blessing sub bonus)
a high drop in stats, also high chance of drowsiness
Hard worker
able to do a job till the end, even with 0 drive
Reader lvl: maniac
able to read 10+ books within 7 days
Order maniac
user will feel restless when facing disorder (high probability of emergency escape)
able to use other classes skills as his own
High chances of finding solutions to problems\situations

just your average stalker that likes to sleep 😀

ps: if you got a way to neko-land, pls contact me :3

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