Status Window
Zedediah Knightley
Name: Zedediah Knightley
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age 24
Hometown: Knightley Empire, Human Continent
Job: Single Spell Magician – Dragon Warrior – Author
HP: 250 MP: 999
Strength: 50(250) Agility: 50(250)
Vitality: 50(250) Intelligence: 75
Magic: 99 Luck: 1
Special Abilities:
Dragon’s Vitality [Passive]
With the power of the Dragon’s Blood, you don’t need to sleep for days, and able to write all night long.
Dragon’s Eye [Passive]
You are able to notice small mistakes in writing.
Dragon’s Mana Techniques [Active]
x5 Boost for strength, agility, and vitality; so you can release the next chapter faster.
Dragon’s Intuition [Passive]
Able to release the chapter one hour faster inside his mind
Goddess’ Cookies [Passive]
Donate Cookies

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