TDADP chapter 128

Chapter 128: hard facts

edited by ganjz

Among the nobles and merchants in the Comer city, there was one conspicuously large mansion. The furniture was on par with nobles from the big city, the chair, tables, paintings, all decorated to please the eyes. It can be easily seen that it was all expensive ones. It can even cause sarcasm for people at how great it was.

Sitting on a sofa Mussu was receiving reports from Jozu.
“Oh, it seemed that Nina hasn’t reached level 40 yet.”

“Yes, the girl didn’t let me see their guild card but I believe their power should be around level40. Even Lena magic capabilities is possible to be over 40.”

“But, have you confirmed with the girls yet? Because teenagers with level of over 40, no matter how talented that person is, the battle experiences needed to reach that person was enormous and even with 10 years’ a veteran may not reach that level.”

“It’s what I believe at first but their battle wasn’t normal. Ordinary adventurers when dungeoning, it was like 80% exploring and camping with the 20% for battle. However, the girls doing it 80% battle and 20% break. I don’t know if that’s how they normally adventuring. Normal adventurers also only goes out 8 times per month on a quest but the girls had been doing it every day. It was like abnormal, and they seemed to love to battle. Oh, this is delicious. “

“Indeed. What is this drink again?”

“This recipe is from Yu, I just need to add some honey to milk.”
Nungu then explained to Mussu and Jozu who were drinking.

“actually, the honey isn’t a normal one but it came from ant nectar.”

After that an awkward air flow between Mussu and Jozu, of course their expression also changed slightly.

“Ohoho, is that so? But the milk is still hot. I’ll drink later when it’s cold.”

“Oh, I wonder. I think we can use a magic tool that Yu gave me.”

“Is that such a magic tool to cool down a drink? Was it possible for it to unleash ice magic?”

Mussu mood was gradually getting better hearing such flatter from Jozu but Nungu once again cleared his throat.
“It’s still a prototype and it was addressed to Nina not for us.”

After that sentences once again Jozu hands trembled a little while holding the master craftsman glasswork from the imperial city.
“Speaking of which, the sweets have finished. Can you bring me a new one?”

“Yes sir.”

On the table, there was assorted of sweets but it was not enough since it’s all disappeared. Nungu rang a small bell with pleasant echoing sound and not long after a maid came into the room and handed out new sweets that has been prepared in advance.

Mussu stared at Nunggu but he can’t say anything.
“Thank you… anyway Jozu, how is Nina development?”

“I think I have finished teaching all the basic. They don’t need any more help from me and their future growth is up to them. Is there anything else that you want me to do Mussu-san?”

Hearing Jozu words, Nungu eyebrow reacted with a little flutter. Although Nungu was cold but Mussu thanked today he was a little overkill. Probably because he didn’t like that Mussu was using Jozu to collect information about Nina.

“Nina 【throwing】 and 【Assassination】 skill has a unique combination. However, her attack was too direct and it will be easily dodged. Lena has a great magic power and specialized to be rearguard. She prefers thunder and wind elements of the 【black magic】 and her 【white magic】 are decent too. She is even able to get a 「philosopher」 job in the future. Her usage of 【barrier】 was protecting her all around but it will consume lots of magic power to always sustain it all the time. Marifa is an 「insect tamer」 and it was really scary at how heinous her insects are. They have different abilities and her own physical abilities isn’t far behind from Nina. For the other details, I’ve write in the paper.”
Mussu then received a paper from Jozu with full of surprise regarding their ability and his own expectations.
“This is incredible… their equipment are also this amazing?”

“Yes, they always go to a blacksmith named Wood. He only runs a small blacksmith in the back alley but apparently the material was given to him from Yu. Yu also passed some of the equipment and magic tool that he finds in the dungeon. So right now, the girls’ equipment is even comparable to high B rank adventurer. Their magic tool even makes me envious.”

“Wood, he really is a good blacksmith and he is able to impart a skill to the equipment he made. However, Yu sold the material to the guild through me. How can he still have spare materials for Nina and the girls? Any other thing you need to report?”

“Well… at first when I take this request I thought that the girls were only spoiled adventurers. However, Nina show her seriousness and obediently followed my guidance. Lena was still a child and don’t want to deal with monster material but Marifa doing it without even complaining.”

Jozu has been giving high evaluation to Nina and sometimes Nungu just giving out weird expression. But, every time Mussu looked back at Nungu, he has returned to his usual expression.

“The most worrisome thing is whenever I speak ill about Yu. At that moment the girls immediately changed. Nina even comes and attack me with real killing intention. If the girls are sticking together they will be doing fine. However, there’s still some issue with the ‘crimson meteor’.”
Jozu’s face then showed some concern. Mussu and Nungu face also stiffened when they heard that. It was as if the atmosphere around them has changed. Jozu realized that it was awkward and needed to apologize.

“Sorry, I’m so inconsiderate. However I didn’t think that Nungu-san is interested in some political affairs. Also there’s been some people looking for Joseph.”
“Don’t worry about that. Don’t say anything to the adventurer’s guild about Joseph too.”

Right now Mussu biggest concern will be about Nina’s safety. Jozu also understood that there was a possibility that some people of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan will attack them. Right now, ‘crimson meteor’ guild leader is in absence so instead the vice-leader Deritto is in action. He was known as someone who has been collecting A rank adventurers and recruiting them and it also hindering in Mussu since both of them has the same hobby.

‘Crimson meteor’ is one of the largest group in Comer city. Many B rank and C rank adventurers enrolled to the clan. If a fight breaks out, one can know what will happen. The results of any clan that went against them were clear. Jozu who have seen Yu, knew that he was not a fool and the best thing to stop the conflict was for him to come out.

“Mussu-san, the matter between the girls and ‘crimson meteor’ seemed to be increasing every day. The harassments by the clan members are getting worse. After all the girls seemed to be enduring it for now. But…”

Jozu calmed down a bit. But the ‘crimson meteor’ seemed to be harassing Nina but it was just some tactics of the clan to disturb the girls’ growth. Lena didn’t feel anything about the harassments and yet Marifa didn’t do anything too. He was just an outsider but he can feel the anger swirling inside. Nina on the other hand she doesn’t even feel anything. No matter how you see it, she has been controlling her feelings. Jozu couldn’t guess why was she acting like that.

“Jozu. I don’t think they will be in trouble after all… A rank… there’s no way they can compete.”


Jozu suddenly stopped. He thought of something and repeating what Mussu just said. A rank. Certainly Mussu said that. Jozu became an adventurer at the age of 15 years old. He was promoted to A rank and become recognized for his achievements at the age of 35. It took him two full decades. The A rank that Mussu said must be the boy, Yu. It’s not even half a year yet since he registered as an adventurer. However, was that really the boy?

“Mussu-san. Did I hear by mistake, it seemed that Yu has reached A rank?”

When Mussu and Nungu stared at each other expressionlessly because of Jozu question, this time they answered but it was a different kind of pressure.

“That’s right. It was unofficial, but Yu strength is now at A rank adventurer level. The last time we met with Yu, it was at the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. Right now, Yu is already at A rank dungeon near the Imperial city. 「Devil’s prison」 and he was in the 77F.”

“「Devil’s prison」…77F! is that true? At the 74F there was an 「Ancient Dragon」. The ancient dragon that will kill anyone that came in its turf!”

“I don’t know how Yu handle the Ancient dragon but if he really defeated it, I’m afraid that his real strength is at S rank and not A rank. Maybe in the next few weeks he can reach the S rank but not now since he just been promoted to B rank.”
It was what Mofisu told to Mussu a few days ago. Jozu at this moment can only feel confusion, headache and disbelieve.

That was normal since if what Mussu said was true, 「Devil’s prison」 dungeon is a high level dungeon and even high-level adventurers won’t easily mess with it not to mention the ancient dungeon. But knowing that it was Mofisu that said this, it was almost sure that Yu really defeated the ancient dragon.

“Other than raiding the 「Devil’s prison」dungeon, I also heard that he has been doing various quest outside of the dungeon.”

“Even outside?”

“That’s what I’ve been told but I don’t know the details but I believe it since it was Yu. Anyway, don’t worry about the ‘crimson meteor’ problem. I will handle it.”

After that, Jozu received some request from Mussu and some even equivalent to the A rank quest. Jozu can only blame his bad luck.

At that time, Mussu also has a bad premonition and it became a reality after a few days.

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