TDADP chapter 172

Chapter 172: Natural Answer

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Yu was walking along the highway, moving away from Comer city, heading back to his mansion. The sky was clear with no clouds and the warm sunlight made everyone want to go out and get close to the nature.


“Oh, Hi, it’s, fun, why? Why? Because it’s lunch time!”

While running around and circling Yu, Namari hummed an original song.


“What song is that?”

“Lunch song!”

Yu and Marifa were looking at Namari with amazed face as Namari didn’t show any sign of exhaustion even a little bit. Coro was pursuing behind Namari. They were running, chasing each other as they were circling around the area.


“Namari, don’t run like that, you will fall down!”

“Mari nee-chan, it’s okay since I’m a demi-human, I am…ouch.”

Namari suddenly he stumbled upon a stone and fell down. Coro thought it was a new game so he followed after and laid down next to Namari which was covered in mud. Momo who was lying on top of Yu’s head looked at muddy Namari and stared with a mocking face. Namari wanted to get up but hearing Marifa’s voice which had some anger in it, Namari didn’t move at all.

“See, I told you already! Now, Coro is covered in mud too. In such a fine weather, I have to clean up for you. Kyaa!”


Coro quickly rose up and moved towards Marifa and rubbed his body against her. Marifa’s maid clothes that was given to her by Yu became dirty because of that. Silently, Marifa was exerting pressure and the temperature around her fell down drastically. Momo sensed the crisis and quickly hid inside Yu’s flying cap. Everyone around moved to Yu’s side because they understood it was the safest place right now.


“Coro… it seems like I haven’t disciplined you enough. What if master’s clothes become dirty?”

Coro was shaking in fear and by a little bit incontinent.


“Wow… it’s an old hag! Odono-sama, help!”

Namari was looking at Yu trying to seek help but Yu blatantly averted his eyes.


“You! Who is an old hag?”

“Hiii! Coro, Run!”

Following Namari, Coro ran and followed by Marifa that chased after them while picking up the edge of her skirt using both hands. Yu was looking at the scene from a far.


“I’m home!”

“…welcome back.”

Lena who replied while she was reading a book in the living room, suddenly she looked at Namari’s jumper suit. Namari’s pants were dirty and covered in mud. Namari suddenly took off the clothes.


“…Haven’t come back.”
On the table besides Lena, there was a pretty cloak placed there.
“Namari, put on your clothes! Aren’t you feeling ashamed if Master see you in this state? And Lena, what cloak is this?”

“Are you interested?”

“I’m not interested. It’s just if it is placed on the table and left there for a long time, we can’t serve meals on this table. So please put it aside.”

“…I see. If you insist I will tell you about this cloak.”

Marifa’s eyes were twitching hearing the answer. Lena suddenly stood up and wore the cloak. When Namari looked at Lena’s appearances Namari let out a “Cool!” remarks and Lena fluctuated to the left and right as she swings her hair in a satisfied manner.

“…This, I got it from the 「Demon Tree Garden Dungeon」.”

“No way! Did you enter the dungeon by yourself?”

“…Now, I’m strong.”

“I believe Lena was cheating! I also want to go to a dungeon and get a cloak!”

“…It’s Lena nee-chan.”

Lena nudged Namari’s head with a cane lightly but Namari didn’t care at all as Namari was excited looking and touching Lena’s cloak.

“There are not only monsters inside the dungeon but also traps and other dangers. What were you thinking about Lena, going into the dungeon alone? What’s more you are just a young girl. For a young girl to dive into a dungeon alone, there are more dangers present from other adventurers. Even after you get your 3rd job, you should be more careful and not get overconfident.”

Listening to Marifa’s word, Lena’s eyes were showing some disagreement. She didn’t accept that Marifa scolded her for going into a dungeon alone.

“What kind of look is that you’re giving me? Such a rebel.”

“…nagging auntie.”

“Hahaha! Mari nee-chan is not a nagging auntie, she’s an old hag!”

“What? Who’s a nagging auntie! Namari! I dare you to say that one more time! I haven’t forgiven you for earlier either!”

Namari and Lena ran away from the living room while screaming noisily. Yu moved to the kitchen to prepare lunch and Momo was the most benefited one to be the food tester.


“Don’t eat too much now, or you won’t be able to eat anymore during lunch.”

Momo opened her mouth and put a small cut fruit covered in honey inside. Momo cheeks were inflated like a hamster as she chews. The sweetness that overflowed from the honey made Momo happy as she put her hands on her cheeks happily.



(Tl note: this part is the end of the foreboding about Nina’s betrayal, this is what we’ve been waiting for, enjoy.)

Nina was walking on a rugged embroidery carpet. Her legs were sinking to the carpet each time she took a step forward. The carpet was made from the 「Noble Sheep」 which only inhabited the holy land of Jadarc. The softness and warmth if it was wrapped around you will be the most comfortable thing you will ever feel.


The place where Nina was located now was thousands of kilometers away from her secret lair under the Comer city. It was a room that belongs to Olivier Dowran, inside the palace in the Holy Kingdom.

(Tl note: for further information about these people mentioned below, please read again chapter 146 and they appear at some parts at chapter 107)

Nina looked over the room and aside from the 「Benantos」, nothing else was there. She opened the door and at the same time, at high speed, she equipped her dagger. Nina didn’t show any changes in her expression as she used her dagger to deflect an attack.

(Tl note: benantos is the name of the monster that is capable of teleporting and one of them connected to Nina’s secret hideout)
“What were you thinking?”

In front of Nina, there was a girl wearing an eye patch. Although her attack was deflected by Nina, she didn’t show any sign of panic.


“Well, I thought that you were an intruder. You know that you can’t use that 「Benantos」 except if there is an emergency. So, is there an emergency condition? Nina, I’m sorry about earlier, I almost killed you.”

“Fufu, even if it’s you, you are not may not be able to kill me.”

(Tl note: Fufu was the girl’s name)

“Fueee? Anyway, it seems that Nina is different from before. It felt like Nina’s job is also different and having higher skill.”

“I have earned my 3rd job and now I’m at level 40.”

“Eh? Since when? But hey, I’m still stronger than you!”

“oh, that’s good then. Is Olivier-sama here?”

“such a thing, how can you treat me like this Nina! Cruel.”

While faking a cry, the girl guided Nina to the room where Olivier was. The only common thing about the girls were that their emotions were hidden.


“Well, why did you come? Tell me.”


Olivier was reading while sitting on his usual chair. He didn’t even look at Nina. Behind him Cinzia, in maid outfit, was staring at Nina and Fufu.


“Yes, because right now I got my 3rd job, I would like to borrow Olivier-sama’s power.”

Nina said so as she removed her pendant that can prevent 【Analysis】 up to level 3.


“oh, it wasn’t a surprise since Yu’s level is still rising.”

Olivier closed the book and checked Nina status using 【Analysis】. While confirming Nina’s status, Olivier’s eyes stop at a certain skill column.


【Shadow Transformation】, by registering a person or objects using shadow, you can transform using the shadow power. The number that can be registered is two.


“I see, so you want my shadow as one of your registered 【Shadow Transformation】.”

“Yes, one of the registered shadow is Yu Sato. If possible, I would like to register the shadow of Olivier-sama.”

“Registering the shadow of Olivier-sama? Did you even think that it was possible and such thing will be forgiven?”

Cinzia didn’t speak anything until now. Although she was expressionless but her hidden emotion has leaked out from the whole body.


“Hahaha, as Cinzia said, I can’t let you register my shadow. You know my status as the Archbishop of the Holy church. If I was seen outside, nothing good will come out of it.”

Olivier then shifted his eyes and looked at an empty space.


“Olivier-sama, how about letting her register something in that room? Not in this room, in that room my power is also present, so meeting with another person aside from 217 is impossible.”

(Tl note: by number 217 what they refer to is Nina. I think it was used to be number 216 or something else, I don’t remember lol)

Although Cinzia said that in order to prevent the risk of Nina to come across another person. The holy kingdom and holy church are the only place that someone can meet with Olivier so it wasn’t possible to let Nina use 【Shadow Transformation】 on him.


“I don’t really mind but is number 217 okay with it?”

“I don’t care either.”

Although Olivier didn’t need to confirm it to Nina as she was his subordinates but he still asked her.


“So, I’ll submit my report on Yu Sato.”

Nina then told Yu’s affair. Starting from the Earl Mussu, Joseph, the adventurer’s guild, the merchant Mago from Comer city, the third prince of Mobel Kingdom, Victor from the free state of Hameln. In addition, there was also a report about the island which grouped up the beast tribe, the fallen dwarf tribe, and the demi human tribe along with the possibilities of making his own country.


“Hmm… the location I can’t say exactly where it was but it seems that the place he chose is the land of the magical kingdom.”

“Olivier-sama, what is the magical kingdom? It is the first time I ever heard of it.”

“Fufu, when did Olivier-sama said you can talk?”

When Fufu spoke without Olivier’s permission, Cinzia always got angry.


“Hey, are you not listening to me?”

“My mother always said to speak anything that is in your mind. Anyway, this is the first time I ever heard of the magical kingdom. Probably if I haven’t heard it before, this kingdom should be an extinct kingdom and in ruined more than few hundred years ago.”


“It is not in ruined but perished. Cinzia, it’s okay.”

Cinzia was puffing her cheeks in protest and her fist was clenched hard and it didn’t relax.


“The island that Yu Sato set up as his base was a part of the Remu kingdom but as a result of the battle between the 「Great Sage」 and 「Gajin」, part of the continent blew away and the magical kingdom disappeared due to the aftermath. It wasn’t strange of Russ was a survivor of the magical kingdom and became an undead. It was a high possibility that the magical kingdom has someone that practiced that kind of magic. Number 217, did you met with Nana?”


“Nana is currently under Yu Sato 【Specter Magic】, she is now under the demi-human Namari control.”
“So, if it was really a survivor from the magical kingdom, to have the technology to intercept the magic tool for long distance communication isn’t impossible. I just don’t expect this kind of result. So, number 217 can you tell me your impression of Yu Sato?”


“Yes. Yu Sato has a cunning and brutal personality. Originally I thought he didn’t really mind but he will be merciless against those that are hostile to him. He also will be kind to those that will benefit him. For example, the guild manager, the adventurer’s guild receptionist, he will bribe them and in return the staff will treat him with familiarity and give him preferential treatment. To the merchant named Mago, he gave him a considerable amount of money in return for the wholesale of high level potion created by 【Alchemy】. With Victor, the merchant of Hameln recently there was also an exchange of money.”


“Hameln. I didn’t think that they will make a move but by coming into contact with Yu Sato, it will be tricky but the result was as expected.”

“What is tricky? Aah!”

Cinzia at this point was pinching Fufu’s bottom that made her Jumped. Fufu then hid behind Nina as she patted her stinging bottom.


(Tl note: the following conversation was a bit confusing as if there’s some things still being hidden)

“Hahaha Cinzia, don’t bully me too much. I didn’t go on schedule but the result was better. Yu Sato’s strength is growing and in the end I will ask help from him. It was because I am the only one that can save him.”


“So, will Yu Sato benefit us in the future?”


“Ah, Master, Cinzia is speaking without permission.”

After saying that, Fufu returned behind Nina again to hide in haste.


“Now, at this point it was getting out of hand. We need a way to control Yu Sato. Number 217, is there some other trouble?”

“Yes. Stella Foddo, her body was taken away by someone and Yu Sato put great importance in this matter-“

“I’m sorry but it wasn’t me that did it. When I went to collect the body, Stella’s body has been taken away and the grave was dug up. The house was also on fire. It is probably the work of Bataille or the Vesiere faction. If I can find it, I will definitely keep it here. She has yet to pay for her betrayal to the holy church and the holy kingdom.”

Olivier resumed listening to Nina’s report and not long after, she was about to leave the room.


“Yes, the beast tribe on the island, are they really pledging loyalty to Yu Sato?”

Without thinking for a long time, Nina replied: “No, they are just using Yu Sato. If you give me permission, I can eliminate them.”

Looking at her reply Cinzia put a little puzzled look but soon the laughter of Olivier returned her usual expression.


“Haha… number 217, this time I’m planning to use Yu Sato. What do you think?”

“What does it mean?”

“Nothing. You can leave now.”

After that, Nina disappeared after going out the door and Olivier had been staring on the door for a while.



“Here, what do you need?”

“I understand you are curious; do you think that the target realized it?”

“Under normal circumstances, number 217 and Fufu won’t realize Olivier-sama’s power. Do you think you need to use your influence on her again?”

“No, since the pawn that I prepared before was broken, I can’t afford to lose number 217 now.”

“Do you think that there was a possibility that number 217 betraying us?”

“Well I guess if my influence on her disappeared it will be possible but there’s nothing I can do about it. Although it doesn’t appear as if there’s anything wrong, I will put on another chain on her just in case.”

Afterwards, Olivier and Cinzia line of sight was directed at Fufu.

“Oh, you’re left alone.”


Nina returned to her secret hideout and looked around.


“I got nervous because I met him again for the first time after a long time. Well, let’s forget about it.”

Nina held the black dragon claw and black dragon fang dagger on her left and right hands. She was using the 【dagger technique】, 《double dagger strike》 on the 「Benantos」. A slashing storm released from her left and right hands aimed at the body of benantos and quickly turned the benantos into a meat block. It was something that Olivier bred and has been improved, more valuabe than venantos and hasn’t been able to be mass produced, right now it has turned into an unrecognizable appearance.


“I will be troubled if it can be strengthened further.”

Nina once again made sure that the benantos were dead and got out of the room. The ceiling collapsed and the debris made it impossible for the secret hideout to be used again.  As if there was nothing happening Nina walked out from the underground and unexpectedly Nina stopped in place as if she remembered something.


“Well, how did Olivier hear such a matter? Ah! It’s already this late… if I didn’t get back home soon, Yu will be angry.”



This time, Lena got a cloak.

Pumpkin set

Pumpkin Cloak (Grade 4): no effect

Set effect: doubled pumpkin hat effect

In addition to the hat and cloak, the set still containing pumpkin pants and pumpkin ring.

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