25 comments on “The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

  1. on new site (rebirth.online) there was an announce ment of chap 22, but link doesn’t work. also there is no chap 20 or 21 so if you could do something about broken link or whatnot that would be amazing.

    • sorry about that, but we are testing something about the site so I make a post which was sadly chp 22 at that time. the link already deleted so it is not broken or something. thanks for the report.

      • So does that mean that there is a chap 20 and 21 or not? because if there is, there are no links to them, and if not then do you have an ETA on the chaps? Thank you for your work, and boy is the main naive… Has he never heard of Columbus or has he forgotten the Black Ships? Does he have THAT MUCH faith in humanity or is he just a bit soft in the head?

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