The World of Mana prologue

The World of Mana


The forest of black mountain had an unspoken rule. There is a forbidden area deep inside the forest which couldn’t be entered by anyone. For those who stepped across the line, they never returned. Silently in the middle of the night, illuminated by the moonlight, a small lake can be seen. It was located right in the middle of the forbidden area. A fluctuation of space happening in the middle of the lake and a hole appeared. As if the hole is ripping apart the surrounding environment, cracking sound can be heard coming from it. Not long after, two shadows appeared out of nowhere which seemed to be caused by high speed movement.

Under the moonlight, the two shadows figure slowly revealed. One of them is a middle aged man covered in yellow clothing and the other one appeared to be an old man with white beard and hair contrasting with his black clothes.

“Brother Black, what is happening?” The man in yellow turned his head towards the old man and asked.

“This is clearly the clan’s magic. The effect of spatial opening towards this ‘cage’ can only be done by the main bloodline of our clan. You came after me so you never see the cage opening.”

Hearing the old man that is referred as brother Black by him earlier, the man in yellow appeared to be shocked.

“Brother Black, after all this time, what kind of person will be sent here?”

“I don’t know but this person should have committed a great sin for the clan.”

The two man is paying close attention to the hole in the middle of the lake and not long after, something is coming out from the hole and immediately the hole closing up by itself.

“Quick Yellow, take that thing!”

The man in yellow clothing then disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing besides the old man in black. They both shocked when they look at ‘the thing’ that Yellow is holding.

“Brother Black, this is…”
“Yeah I know Yellow. It’s a boy.”

3 comments on “The World of Mana prologue

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  2. Hmmm I’ve yet to make an opinion on this : it’s way too short! I Think it is worth trying a few chapters, to see where it leads!

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