tdadp ch 71

The first 71 episodes: The strongest D rank adventurer

Edited by buboleche

“Nina, why are you angry?” Nina, who was sitting at the table, had a clerly displeased look on her face.

The cause of it was: “Delicious! Although I have eaten Boar Soldier Meat several times but this one is exceptional.” (Mussu)

“Since it will be hard to chew when it gets cold it is better to eat it while it is still hot.” (Nungu)

Mussu was eating with a joyful face but of course there was a reason why he was having a meal together with Yu and the girls.

It all started when Yu bought the house from Mussu. Mussu and Nungu were waiting at the outer gate of the mansion.(Tl note: now the butler got a name, Nungu lol)

Because the black wolves were patrolling in the garden they couldn’t enter. However when Yu came back they immediately dropped their guard and started waving their tails. They all greeted him in unison.

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for you.” Mussu behaved as if they were friends while Nungu gave a bow.

“Did you need something?”

“Are you going to make, Me, the governor of the city, stay outside?”

Yu opened the gate and entered while being greeted by the flock of black wolves while Mussu followed behind.

“I was wondering how you keep the other nobles away.” (Mussu)

“What do you mean?” (Yu)

“Fufu, let’s talk while we’re eating.” (Mussu)

“I brought my handmade dish-meat and fish. I actually have little confidence in my cooking but please give me comments.” (Nungu)

While Mussu and Nungu were talking they had already arrived at the front door.

Even though they could not communicate verbally when the black wolves saw Marifa, they glanced at each other and immediately as if in mutual understanding came and nodded to her.

Mussu also examined the herbs and magic grass that was grown in the garden while he kept talking and ordered Nungu to prepare the meal. Without even caring for the black goblin, Kuro, Mussu kept talking as if it was an endless conversation.

Nina was cautious but relaxed a bit after hearing that Mussu was conversing normally. Then the meal that Nungu made was served. Mussu, of course, was the first one to star eating. Nungu was standing behind Mussu and at his side was Yu and then Marifa. Nina and Lena were seated across them.

“Don’t talk when you’re eating.” Yu said that hoping for Mussu to end the endless story.

“Fhew, I’m full. By the way, do you cook your own food? I mean, I saw the herbs and magic grass that was growning in the garden. I am impressed since they require special attention. Will you trade it for the herbs that are grown in my house? Ah, about the noble earlier. You know that I like to gather powerful adventurers however some other nobles like to gather new and low rank adventurers. There is a rumor about a new adventurer, he apparently subdued a Goblin King, sells potions, and recently began feeding the receptionists. The latest news is that today he exterminated dozens of ogres just by using first rank [Black Magic]. By the way I heard that from Gorubado viscount, Baron Peritto. Well even if he didn’t tell me I would have know about it anyway.”

“But, don’t adventurers belong to the Adventurer’s guild?”

“Of course that is the fact but the Adventurer’s guild is still an organization. Nobility, merchants, gold, woman, power, sometimes there is a lot of pressure that can force them and it isn’t that strange for adventurers to be recruited. Intimidating some D rank adventurers isn’t something big.”

“The Samuwana Kingdom…” Lena suddenly said that with a mouth full of grizzly steak.

“Yes, a certain B rank adventurer was being recruited by the kingdom however he refuted and rebelled. 1000 soldiers were wiped out.” (Mussu)

“I wonder if that person can still be called an adventurer.” (Yu)

“You know that adventurer has a baron status and has now become an A rank adventurer. He also has a party called ‘Dragon Brigade’ with power equal to a major clan.” (Mussu)

“We are afraid that one day Yu-san will become the next ‘Nightmare of Samuwana Kingdom’.” Mussu made a disturbed look when Nungu said that.

“Now then, I don’t want to exaggerate. Today I’m just visiting as a guest. You know Joseph also has enough talent to be an A rank adventurer in the near future and you also have the same possibility.”

“As I already said I don’t want to work under someone.”

“Well, let’s talk about this later. I hope you’ll reconsider my offer. Anyway, what’s wrong with that black goblin? I’ve never seen or even heard about it.” (Mussu)

“I just saw him for the first time too. It was a rare species or maybe it’s mutated. The strength is around rank 4.” (Nungu)

The sun had already set while two people were walking in the darkness. Nungu was leading the way while holding a magic tool that emitted light and Mussu was following behind. Suddenly three figures appeared in front of them. It were goblins and orcs that often appeared on the road sneaking trough the forest. Mussu already knew that they were coming judging from their smell emitted everywhere. The orcs however were wearing funny faces because they couldn’t move their feet. They couldn’t even turn their heads.

From the distance it could be seen that the orcs and goblins’ bodíes were missing. Only their heads were hanging in the air due to a thread. They most likely died without even noticing what had happened.

“It’s a good practice for my arm but now the blood is a problem.”(??)

“Your naive technique is still far from perfect.” (??)

(Tl note: I don’t like reading the last few sentences lol, another hidden plot?)

In a tavern in Comer city many adventurers gather because of the affordable price and acceptable taste. A loud sound could be heard from one of the tables.

“Haaa, I thought we were going to die today.”

“It was because of that idiot who failed to release the trap.”

A failure in unlocking a chest and triggering a trap that had a 2% chance of happening.

“I can’t even imagine it. Wow, Brit, what you were telling at the guild was the truth?”

A man finished his drink and said.

“Puhaa… it’s gonna be true no matter how many times I repeat it. It will still be the same.” Brit from the ‘Steel’ clan was now drinking and talking.

“That boy called Yu, he massacred the ogre flock in an instant just using <<Stone Bullet>>. I couldn’t believe it myself. I was prepared for death but he came and without even chanting performed the spell. Even his other party members just continued their break in silence. When the first rock hit the chest of the ogre it was instantly blown away. An ogre killed instantly in just one shot. Don’t laugh this off, even the rest of the ogres were killed in a matter of seconds.”

“ No, no, we won’t laugh. But, <<Stone Bullets>> is only first rank magic. How can it kill an ogre?”

“If you don’t believe me ask Rei and Klang, they were there too.”

When Brit was talking comfortably and telling his story, one of the adventurers who had been eating and drinking in the next seat laughed. Of course Brit’s ears picked up the mocking ridicule.

“Hey, is something funny?”

“You know, if such a magician appears he will be sought after by the major clan nobles and merchants. In addition, massacring a flock of ogres while he is just a D rank? I can’t believe it.”

“But he isn’t a magician from his appearance.”

“So now you’re saying he is a warrior and can use magic? Hahahaha that’s even more unbelievable.”

“Moran, stop it. You’re being rude.”

“We are from ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan. We usually stay at the capital and just came here recently.”

The clan ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ was a clan that consisted only of women. Anita Roselle, the leader was one of the promising youths and recently became C rank. She gave an apology while lowering her head.

“There is no need to apologize. We did nothing wrong.”

“Moran, do you want me to be angry?”

Moran then fell into silence because of her cold gaze.

“However even if I say I believe that story, he said that the boy Yu brings a Damascus armor and sword, he is clearly a front line warrior and shouldn’t have a high powered spell to kill an ogre.”

“Memetto, what do you think about this?”

Suddenly, the girl named Memetto who was eating a beef stew coughed suddenly.

“Kehokke, hot… please don’t surprise me like that. Keh.. Defeating an ogre using <<Stone Bullet>>? It would be impossible. It could be used to defeat weak monster but an ogre? <<Stone Bullet>>’s potential is limited. There is a chance if all the mana is used to increase the size of the stones to those of a boulder but if you listen to the story, the boy’s  <<Stone Bullet>> is only at the size of an acorn. It is an impossible feat.”

“See, Memetto also said that it was unreasonable. I’m not the wrong one here, Ann.”

Moran jumped in joy but Memetto spoke again.

“But if that is true, an acorn sized <<Stone Bullet>> holding enough force to defeat an ogre in one hit while being performed by a warrior class job; the boy is also a D rank adventurer right? Maybe he is Houdon Kingdom’s strongest D rank adventurer.”

Memetto’s words silenced everyone and the usually noisy tavern became quiet.

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