06 – level up!

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Episode 6: level up!

I was finally able to move when the sun has set. My body was still hurting all over but I didn’t want Grandma Stella to worry about me. I walked out from Resser village and, unsteadily, I arrived at a pig shed.

Not your typical kind of pig. It’s body was as big as an adult human with a face of a pig. They’re called “Orcs”. They could be kept, because they were under slavery magic. Grandma Stella told me that they are mainly used for manual labour, because of their strength.

There were three orcs inside but I focused on one of them.


Status window
Name: **** Race: Orc

(TL Notes:I guess Rank means monster rank?)

Rank: 1 Level: 3
HP: 153 MP: 6
Strength: 61 Agility: 6
Vitality: 101 Intelligence: 3
Magic: 2 Luck: 2
Passive Skills
Physical strength up: Lvl. 1
Breeding: Lvl. 1

(TL Notes: I guess every monster has the trait breeding?)

Active Skills
Special Skills


I didn’t know whether it had no name or whether I just couldn’t read it. It also had no job and it had a rank instead .

I concentrated my eyes on it to practice my special skill, [Depriver].

Firstly, it has to be something that is in my line of sight. Secondly, my head hurts badly whenever I use it. Thirdly, the skill has a success rate and the effective range is 1 meter.

After three tries, I managed to get [Physical Strength Up Lvl 1]. From the other two orcs, I tried to deprive their skills too. While the skill level remained at 1, the effect of [Physical Strength Up] has been increased tremendously. I picked up a rock and thrown it. It flew off nearly 100 meters. My only real concern was the real “Guild card”. Because it could display Status and Skills lists.

If Hage noticed that his skill went missing, most likely I will be accused. Not for any particular reason, but for this “cursed” black eyes and hair. I met Grandma Stella on the way home. She was worried, because I was late, so she has been searching for me. After seeing my wounds, she cried badly. I don’t want her to be worried and sad.

Grandma Stella existence is very dear to me. In my previous world, not even my father-in-law was this good to me. My step father would even sometimes vent his frustration on me, like that debt collector. Grandma Stella gives warmth to my heart.

On the next day I spied on Hage. It seemed like he hasn’t realized that his skill was missing. He laughed as usual and took another goblin subjugation quest. I followed him from far away, unnoticed. Just a few minutes after entering deep into the mountains, a few goblins have already shown up. Of course, they were killed with ease.

This mountain, I know very well, because this was where I would gather my herbs. While Hage was battling some goblins, I have decided to do him a favour. Using stones, I taunted some goblins, while hiding myself, and guided them to Hage’s location. At first, there were two goblins and they increased every time, because Hage was still battling. During the time I was luring all of the goblins in the area, Hage was fighting 30 of them. He was used to fighting goblins and has already killed ten of them, while I was gathering another 30.

However from the 30 I brought over, two seemed to be different. Their appearances were unusual.


Status window
Name: **** Race: Goblin Mage
Rank: 1 Level: 6
HP: 45 MP: 33
Strength: 10 Agility: 11
Vitality: 17 Intelligence: 10
Magic: 16 Luck: 8
Passive Skills
Breeding: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Black Magic: Lvl. 1
Special Skills


Status window
Name: **** Race: Goblin Priest
Rank: 1 Level: 8
HP: 41 MP: 28
Strength: 8 Agility: 10
Vitality: 16 Intelligence: 12
Magic: 18 Luck: 6
Passive Skills
Breeding: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
White Magic: Lvl. 1
Special Skills



My mind was in a frenzy after seeing magic skills. When those two joined in, the tables have turned. The wounded goblins were healed by the goblin priest and Hage was having problems defending against magic attacks.



“Oh no!”

While they were busy fighting, I approached the two goblins silently.


After a couple attempts and a painful headache, I successfully gained [Black Magic Lv 1] and [White Magic Lv 1].

(TL Notes: I wonder why fireball comes from black magic lol)


The goblin mage tried to cast a spell, but the fireball wasn’t triggered.

“?!?” the goblin mage was confused. Taking advantage of that, I have thrown a rock that I had prepared before. This throw had the power that could make a stone as big as a palm fly 100 meters. Using [Body Enhancement] to reach that power, the rock that I had thrown easily smashed it’s head open.

The goblin mage’s body fell and caused the goblin priest to panic. “Heel..” it recited in a hurry but, of course, nothing happened. Via throwing another rock, I ended it’s life.

Hage’s condition now wasn’t good. There were only five goblins remaining, but his left arm has been torn off and blood was coming out from his left leg.

“[Sword strike]!”

It was a simple strike using a sword twice in succession. (TL Notes: This time the skill name was changed by the author into double strike, I’m at lost now but I’ll stay with sword strike)

“What’s happened? Why isn’t it getting activated?”

Hage was enraged, but the cause of that may be me, because I took [Swordsmanship] from him.

The goblins managed to throw him off to the ground, while Hage killed one in the process. Unfortunately, one of the goblins noticed me.


They abandoned Hage and focused on me, who was unharmed. They were probably thinking that I was a bigger threat than the injured Hage.

I repeated the same process as the one I used when killing goblin mage and priest. Rock thrown towards their head was enough to end their lives. I missed some throws but there were many rocks lying on the ground so my ammunition was unlimited.

After finishing with the goblins, I approached Hage, who was lying down.

“Fiuh.. I will be able to survive.. Thank you..”

“You said that I misunderstood the villager’s kindness. Aren’t you doing the same right now?”

“Ugh.. What do you mean? It was just something in the past.”

“Are you stupid or what? Don’t you think it was strange for goblins to keep coming at you and attack in large numbers?”

“You…you.. It’s your doing!”

He was looking at me with murderous eyes. However, I didn’t care and activated my [Depriver].

In the end, his [Physical Strength Up] , [Sword Strike] and [Body Enhancement] were deprived.

“I thank you for all of your ‘assistance’. This time I will ‘return the favour’.”

When I said that, he understood what I was going to do.

“Wait.. That’s not something personal.. I was asked by the guild. They want to get rid of you. I was forced to do it.”

“You know you could refuse.”

“Wait…! Wait!.. I’m..”

I threw a stone from up close into his face. The stone sank deep into his face.

This was the first time I killed somebody.. However, I felt nothing..

Maybe my empathy has been long gone, since even my stepfather had a habit of abusing me. Maybe my heart has been broken all along. I took Hage’s money and equipment.

Hage’s Equipment
Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Long Sword 6 No Effects.
Armour Leather Armour 6 No Effects.
Boots Leather Boots 6 No Effects.

(TL Notes: we still have no clue on equipment grade for now)

Then I looked at my own status.


Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: None Level: 4
HP: 23 MP: 31
Strength: 6 Agility: 10
Vitality: 8 Intelligence: 25
Magic: 8 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship: Lvl. 1
Physical Strength Up: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Body Enhancement: Lvl. 2
Black Magic: Lvl. 1
White Magic: Lvl. 1
Sword Strike: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 2
Depriver: Lvl. 1


The [Physical Strength Up] and [Body Enhancement] have leveled up from depriving Hage.

“Next destination is the Guild!”

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  1. hoohoho~! I’m getting really amused and gleeful ehem happy about what’s happening. weird? I think it’s good or not..

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

  2. when I read chapter 1 until 5, I didn’t like the story and want to quit but my head said to read 1 final chapter and I read it, and now I feel I like the story a little and want to read more..

    thanks for the chapter bro..

  3. Black Magic can be used as category for all damage magic and his debuffs , not only for Death Magic.
    It includes spells of all elements but not the “master spells”

  4. Have you played Final Fantasy or any of the similar RPGs? They basically label Black Magic as any offensive magic and status ailments while White Magic is meants for healing/detox

  5. more than likely the “Breeding” skill is something like a cross species mating skill (you know how fantasy stories have orcs and goblins capturing human (and other races) females for the purpose of breeding

  6. I guess that ends any chance of him being a robinhood like goodguy… lets hold out for anti-hero.

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