08 – Nina the thief ②

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Episode 8: Nina the thief ②

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Under the blue sky, a dull thud sound and a groan could be heard.

“My name is Nina Levers. I’m a thief from the Vivid village. I noticed a boy starting from a month ago. He was being treated badly by the villagers. The villagers were throwing rocks at him, trying to kick him out. However, at that point his eyes were directed towards me. Because of my [Awareness] i found out his name, Sato Yu. But, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Ugh! Ugh!” (TL Notes: apparently our MC is still being thrown rocks.)

“I came to this village after I have ran away from the Vivid village. The party that I teamed up with was trying to ‘attack’ me in a dungeon. I think they had planned it from the beginning, judging by their lustful eyes. Being an adventurer forces me to be involved with parties, but a woman adventurer is rare, so I would always end up with some men. That day, after I barely escaped, they accused me and kicked me out of the village. I think I had the same eyes as that boy back then.”

“Ugh.. Aaaw!”

“I know how painful it is to be treated so badly.”

Today, they met again on the small road.

“Are you seeing grandma Stella?”

“What? You have a problem?”

Yu remembered that the people in the Guild were saying something about Stella. Did they force her to work? Was that the reason she seemed to have overworked herself? Or did she hurt her?

“You! What have you done to grandma? Apologize!”

“What? I don’t want to do it.”

The only things that could make Yu furious were those involving Stella. He loves her like his own grandmother.

Yu didn’t care about their strength differences. He grabbed Nina’s waist and pulled down her pants.

“What? Is he going to ‘attack’ me like the guys from the Vivid village?”

Nina was startled. She certainly had a trauma because of the Vivid village guys ‘attempt’.

“Because grandma Stella says, that I have to be kind to women, I’ll just do this for now.”

Yu moved his hand and slapped her bottom.

(TL Notes: I didn’t believe this. Did I mistranslate it somehow?)

“It hurts!”

It was a strength that couldn’t have come from a boy. The pain and the shame, it was unbearable.

“Hey cowgirl, I’ll only say it once. Leave grandma Stella alone.”

After that, Yu ran away as fast as he could.

“Why did he call me a cowgirl? Is it because of my chest? How dare he do this to me. I’ll make him apologize!”

When Yu arrived home, Stella asked about Nina. When he explained what happened.


He learned about something called ‘fear’ from Stella.

After some time has passed, he talked to her meekly.

“Grandma, I want to buy a saw, hammer and nails.”

He had to ask her, because the villagers wouldn’t sell him anything.

“Are you going to make something?”

“Yeah, you will definitely be pleased.”

“Oh! I’m looking forward to it.”

He still had some money from the rewards from gathering herbs, for the time being he wanted to make a bath in the house. If he had access to running water it would be easier for him to practice blacksmithing later. There’s a spring nearby so it won’t be a big problem.

For increasing alchemy, he needed to have the correct ingredients before he could refine a potion. He also needed to learn recipes. Seeing no way to learn recipes, from tomorrow on, he would go hunt goblins, practice magic and create the bath.

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  1. great~! I wonder why there’s so much comments here~? lol

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  2. honestly ,why did the author make him twelve? It just makes me feel igkhfghd <– sound of disgust, when main characters are younger than sixteen (like gakuen alice ugh)… unless this was set in like ancient china or something. I laugh and I cry

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