13 – In the mountain’s cave ①

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Episode 13: In the mountain’s cave ①

“Watch out! Your [Body Enhancement] is going to run out.”


Letting out a pathetic voice, Nina released her skill.



She dodged a goblin soldier’s attack and her right dagger landed on its neck. She also delivered another blow to the goblin’s body using her left knife .

“It’s very difficult to maintain [Body Enhancement] while fighting.”

“That’s why we do the training. You also need to get accustomed to dual wielding.”

“Hehehe.. That’s right.”

Nina usually used only one dagger. Will she gain a new skill for using two weapons?

We are currently inside the cave on the mountain. Nina never ventured deeper inside so we decided to try the 2F. The cave is actually 3F deep and we usually hunt on the 1F.

“This 2F doesn’t have a lot of enemies.”

“Don’t get careless. There’s a boss on the 3F.”


Inside dungeons or labyrinths there exist strong monsters different from normal monsters. Even if you defeat it, it will appear again after some time. However, inside this dungeon, monsters are fighting with their kin for turf.

“Nina, I’m busy making potions right now. You need to kill all of the monsters.”

“Eh? All?”

“I see through opponents’ weaknesses and movements. While you don’t even use your brain and fight by reflex. You need to watch out for your opponents’ habits, Nina.”

As I said that, I was already on my way to make the seventh potion.

After we killed the bandits, Nina bought everything I needed to make potions. 17 gold and 2 silver was gained from equipment and I only spent five and a half silver.

The thing that’s quite weird is clean water. Clean water can be substituted with spring water and the quality of potions increases. I could sell it in a bigger town or to a merchant. Maybe I can be a travelling potion seller?

“Nina, you’re going to get killed, if you don’t pay attention.”

“It’s only three goblin soldiers.”

The more enemies we have, the better Nina’s movements become. Because they couldn’t move freely while watching out for their companions.

“[Dagger Strike]!” Nina activated her skill. One goblin soldier couldn’t dodge and died immediately.

“You shouldn’t shout the name of the skill out loud. If the opponent is a human, they will be prepared to block it.”

“Hii.. It’s not my fault! I’m not yet accustomed to using skills without chanting.”

Nina was able to chant her [Dagger strike] in her mind, but she would always say it out loud when activating it. The benefit of chanting in your mind is that there’s no way to guess what skill is going to be launched. If it’s a battle against other adventurers, it will be a good advantage. However, she still says it out loud when activating it.

In the meantime, she has already killed the goblins.

“A… I managed to kill them.”

“Alright. So, do you want to call it a day?”

“Yeah. My guild rank will soon become E thanks to Yu.”

Of course it’s because when we kill monsters, Nina is the one that turns quests in.

As always on the way home, I hunt horned rabbits. The bath was finally perfected. It is time to let Grandma Stella try it out.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back Yu. Nina-chan, come in too.”

I immediately warm up the bathwater.

“Grandma Stella, please take this.”

I passed her a potion that I made earlier.

The potion was made today, but I kept my ability to make them a secret from her. She doesn’t want to take potions, because she thinks it’s a waste of money.

“But, have you bought this?”

“Don’t worry. The herbs I gathered today were of high quality, so I got paid extra. It was also bought on a discount from a travelling merchant. Please drink it now.”

“Thank you..”

Today’s dinner is bread and rabbit stew. But, no matter how many times I see Nina eating, she really eats a lot.

After dinner, I brought grandma Stella to the bath.

“Yu, is that a tub? Is this the thing that you have been making?”

“Yes. Today is cold, so please get in while it’s still warm.”

“Thank you. I’m really glad.”

Because there’s a spring nearby we didn’t have to go far to draw water.

“Grandma, the water is already at perfect temperature. Please enter.”

“I’m the first one to use it?”

“Of course. I made it for you in the first place. So you should be the first one to enter.”

Grandma Stella eyes became watery. It was worth making an effort to see this. During the bath completion, my [Blacksmith] and [Alchemy] skills have both gone up to Lvl 2.

After a while, Grandma Stella has finished taking a bath.

“Yu, that was perfect. The warm water, I even feel like a queen.”

“I’m glad that you like it. I will enter the bath next then.”

“Wait! I’ll come with you.” Nina said so suddenly. Recently, she has been dining here, sleeping here, and now is also going to take a bath here. With me?

“What are you talking about?”

“Yu, a woman and  a man under the age of 18 taking a bath together isn’t a problem.”

“Is that true? Even if it’s true, we won’t fit together!”

“I have a duty to watch over you since I’m older. Listen to me!”

When I was still stunned, Nina has already dragged me to the bath. I have no choice but to get undressed.

“What? You’re not going to take a bath?”

“No.. Nothing..”

She is a strange woman.

(TL note: and here’s a sudden change of POV)

I was looking at Yu’s body as he took off his clothes. I haven’t noticed before that his whole body is covered by scars, and burn marks. They could be seen all over his body.

How many years did he suffer? What kind of tortures had he gone trough? Why, even though you’re hurt so much, you didn’t show it or tell me?

My tears started flowing. I entered the bath panickedly in order to hide it.

(TL note: the wounds are coming from the debt collector and his father is the one inflicting the burns. It seemed he was a smoker and abused him with cigarettes. But there’s been no clear information but yes it is most likely caused by them.

Anyway, how long will it takes for me to catch up to the current translation at this pace?)

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  1. oh~! Now that’s sympathy~! Great! Now they will understand each other more and more~ 🙂

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

  2. Hello~^^ thank you for the chapter! By the way since it’s confusing when the narrator changes you should say it when it does like you did with Nina ! Just sayin don’t mind my comment ^^

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