14 – In the mountain’s cave ②

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14th story: In the mountain’s cave ②

Two months have passed while I was training with Nina.


Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: thief Level: 15
HP: 87 MP: 40
Strength: 28 Agility: 70
Vitality: 30 Intelligence: 20
Magic: 18 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: Lvl. 3
Trap search: Lvl. 1
Awareness: Lvl. 1
Silent step: Lvl. 2
Dual dagger: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Steal: Lvl. 1
Disarm trap: Lvl. 1
Stealth: Lvl. 2
Stalking: Lvl. 2
Body Enhancement: Lvl. 1
Dagger strike: Lvl. 1
Special Skills


Nina stats and skills have improved once more. She has learned [Dual dagger] after wielding weapons in both hands. When she got this skill, her attack power has increased once again. Still, her growth rate is abnormal.

While she was training, I was practicing my [Alchemy]. I tried using Heal on clean water and it turned into holy water. When I used it in a potion, the effects were even further amplified. They can be sold at a higher price to a merchant. If I could mass-produce them, then it would improve my survivability.

Since my money is also accumulating, it might be a good time to replace my equipment. But, I will do so later, when I get to a big city.

Nina has become stronger so we went to 3F. The enemies here are Goblin Soldiers and Kobold Shamans. The Kobold Shamans white magic is troublesome. Because of that I helped her out every now and then. Of course, I tried to deprive the Kobold Shaman.



Nina’s dagger landed on the Kobold Shaman’s neck. It continued moving towards the Goblin Soldier, when she activated [Dagger strike]. She was now capable of chanting skills silently.

“You have become strong. You could handle 3F now.”

“I have said it before. There’s a boss here, so we should be alert.”

At that time Nina made a joke.

“Maybe I could even defeat the boss.”

We continued further in and saw a big room. We peeked inside, finding 10 goblin soldiers and knights. In the center stood a goblin three meters in height?

Three meters! I checked it’s status.


Status window
Name: Mountain’s cave King Race: Ogre (subspecies)
Rank: 3 Level: 5
HP: 783 MP: 13
Strength: 451 Agility: 79
Vitality: 413 Intelligence: 21
Magic: 51 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Hard skin: Lvl. 2
Physical strength up: Lvl. 2
Breeding: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Body Enhancement: Lvl. 1
Warcry: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Pack Leader: Lvl. 1


Huh? It’s the boss? How can his strength be so absurd? Are Ogres originally this strong?

“Yu.. How is it?”

“The boss is an Ogre. It’s skin colour is red, not the usual green, because it’s a subspecies.”

Nina was frightened after hearing that.

“Let me continue. It’s lower level than us. It’s only level 5, but the status is abnormal and it’s rank 3.”

“Rank 3? That’s impossible. Rank 3 monster are for rank D adventurers to handle.”

That day we decided to return home and gave up on fighting the boss. Someday I will return to fight it.

(TL note: finally a MC that know it limits.. Not like charging straight on and with miracle kill the boss.. If you know what I mean.)

I returned home while collecting some wild vegetables and nuts on the way. Grandma Stella is still recuperating, so it would be great if I could get some meat .

When I got back, grandma Stella was lying on the ground. Has something happened?

“Grandma Stella!”


Nina and I hurriedly carried her to the bed.

“Yu, Nina-chan, don’t worry. I tripped when walking.”

I tried to heal her, but there’s not much effect. I need to make a potion.

“Nina, please take care of grandma Stella for a bit. I will gather some herbs.”

“Yu. There’s no need to do that.”

“No, I’m really worried.”

After that, Yu left the house.

“Yu and Nina-chan.. I’m happy to have met both of you.”

“If that’s so, please get healthy.”

“Nina-chan.. This is a perfect opportunity for us to talk. When you took a bath with Yu, you must have noticed. His body….”

“Yes I saw that…”

“I’m not related to him, but I took him in.. I know that he is a good boy. But what he has gone through.. It may have been hell.”


Yu was running wildly in the mountains. He killed any goblin that was in his way. He needed to find some good quality herbs and he needed to do it fast.


“Nina-chan.. It seems like you have become Yu’s friend. Now I can leave him in your care..”

“Stella! Don’t talk like that! Yu will come bringing herbs and you will be healed.”

“No… Potions and such will not heal me. This is a special disease. Yu’s potion won’t work..”

“Stella, you already noticed that he made them?”

“I know that Yu is a great adventurer. I know that he hides some equipment too. Although he said that he is only gathering herbs, but he says so only because he doesn’t want to make me worried.”

Although they were only living together for a short period of time, Stella recalled all the good memories she had made with Yu. She knew that he is able to use magic and has been progressing since then.

“I hope he will live without regrets. Pursue his dreams… Ah.. I think I’m almost at my limit…”

The door opened with force.

“What did you say?”

“Yu… Healing or potions will never save me.”

Stella said that with her usual calm tone.


Yu was shouting angrily, but Stella’s face remained happy.

“I never thought that someone would call me grandmother… I’m really glad…. Yu…..”

Yu didn’t want to give up.

“Heal! HEAL! No… It’s not enough… My Heal isn’t enough… Wait! I’ll come back…”

Once again, Yu left the house.


“Nina-chan… You don’t have to stop him.. For now, I have something important to tell you.”

Nina wanted to run after Yu, but was stopped by Stella.

Stella’s face was almost blue. She was about to die….



Yu was launching skills in a frenzy and has killed many goblins in the process.


He let out a [Sword Strike] and cut a goblin in front of him.


In a rampage, Yu has killed over 50 monsters while depriving them of their skills.

“Monster that has white magic. There!”

Yu raided the dungeon without stopping.

That day villagers around Resser Village would hear the unceasing screams of monsters.


Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: None Level: 10
HP: 59 MP: 70
Strength: 21 Agility: 28
Vitality: 25 Intelligence: 33
Magic: 22 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: Lvl. 3
Physical strength up: Lvl. 3
Awareness: Lvl. 3
Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 2
Body Enhancement: Lvl. 2
White Magic: Lvl. 2
Black magic: Lvl. 1
Blacksmith: Lvl. 2
Alchemy: Lvl. 2
Steal: Lvl. 1
Stealth: Lvl. 1
Appraisal: Lvl. 1
Dagger Strike: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 2
Depriver: Lvl. 1


I need to be stronger.. Stronger….

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11 comments on “14 – In the mountain’s cave ②

  1. Jeez. He really is still a child, I mean too emotional and easily riled up that’s right he’s also too hot blooded jeez~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

  2. Well IF I’m in his condition I’ll do the same
    He see hell already and the one person that care to Him
    is dying T_T

  3. You know, emotionally, I feel bad for him, but narrative-wise, I could see her death coming a mile away: she’s too old/weak to be a party member and too frail to survive alone, her age also implies the no-regrets-death aspect, and the passing-of-the-torch/dead-mentor stereotypes, if she didn’t die early, she’d die during one of the coming-of-age transitions.

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