19 – self-proclaimed genius magician ③

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19 Episode: Self-proclaimed genius magician ③

I used a wind blade spell to kill a poison toad.

It was convenient because, unlike with fireballs, monster’s materials could be salvaged.

Today we have already been traveling for four days with Lena. Because of the intense training and adjusted pace for the weak Lena, we’re behind the schedule.

“It’s because of some genius that we have to take a break.”

“It’s because you wanted to experiment so I couldn’t help it. ”

” Not you.. It’s Lena.. ”

” UUuu… ”

I ignored Lena and looked at Nina. It’s because we have been experimenting while facing a poison toad. We checked the poison damage, the effectiveness of healing on the poison and so on. It was all done while facing a poison toad.

Status window
Name: **** Race: Poison Toad
Rank: 1 Level: 8
HP: 73 MP: 2
Strength: 31 Agility: 12
Vitality: 22 Intelligence: 6
Magic: 2 Luck: 2
Passive Skills
Poison Attack: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Special Skills

So, the poison originates from it’s tongue. From it’s appearance, we couldn’t have imagined that it could move so fast. My body is hurting all over because of the poison. However, Nina quickly helped me when she realized that I was in danger.

“Yu, are you alright? ”

” Yeah, but it was painful. We should avoid getting poisoned in battles later on. ”

” Do you need treatment? ”

” No. I’m alright because I can cure myself. You can gather the materials. ”

I applied cure and green light covered me to cleanse the poison.

” Yu, soon we won’t be able to carry any more. ”

We constantly gathered materials so that was only natural.

” You can put them in here. ”

Lena took out a small bag. It was something I have never seen before.


Item Pouch (grade 5) : This item allows storage of things, it can store up to 200 cubic meters total.


” You have an item pouch? ”

” Yeah. The cheapest ones go for 10 gold coins, Lena’s bag is great. ”

” My parents gave it to me. ”

Come to think of it, her parents were a magician and a priest. Her equipment was also given by her parents. That’s why her equipment is, in a way, above her level.

“It’s worth more than my entire fortune.”

Nina screamed that out, so I don’t think she will give it to us. However, Lena passed the item pouch to me.

“Yu, hold onto this. ”

” Aren’t you afraid that I will run away with it? ”

” I believe in you and Nina. I will lend it to you until we arrive at Comer city. ”

How strange..  The item pouch’s material is like rubber. It was possible to put things bigger than it’s entrance into it, and the weight didn’t change.

That day, I have lit the bonfire and Nina sat in front of me.

” Yu.. I know that you haven’t slept for five days. ”

” It’s natural to take guards. ”

I said that, but Nina still wrapped me and herself with a piece of cloth and blankets.

” This way you can stay warmer and safer. ”

(TL note: idk why safer)

” Nina is a genius to come up with that idea. ”

Lena said so while joining us, she squeezed inside.

” Yu smells good… ”

” I know that. But Nina, don’t touch my bottom. ”

” But I have to do it at least once a day. ”

I don’t know what to say anymore.

I haven’t slept for five days and under the warmth of Nina and Lena I felt sleepy.

” Yu is finally asleep. ”

” Nina, for how long have you known him? ”

” Less than a year. Lena, why did you want to go to Comer city? ”

” I want to raise my [White magic] and [Black magic] to level 5. I want to be a great magician. Enter the magic school. However, to do it I have to pass a test and pay 100 gold coins for enrollment. ”

” 100 gold coins just for a school? My money combined with Yu’s doesn’t even come close to that. But you can accumulate it slowly when hunting with us. ”

” Yeah.. Yu and Nina are good people. ”

That day, the girls talked until late in the night when they fell asleep.

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