21 – Guild Card Secret

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Episode 21: Guild Card Secret

In the end, because I lost to Nina’s pleading eyes, Lena was accepted as our party member.

“That’s a good decision.. ”

So, we entered Comer city. A lot of different races could be seen here. Humans, dwarves, elves and demon-like demi-humans and beast races. However, calling them demons is a taboo, because of its discriminatory nature. There are also half-dragons and giants that I forgot to mention.

” Now, I need to get a guild card. You guys, don’t talk to anyone about my status. ”

” Uuu.. So, we can’t talk to anyone?” (Nina)

“It’s better if you don’t. ”

” Yu is so cautious… ” (Lena)

” You, in the Adventurer’s Guild, if you talk or laugh without my permission, I will punish you. I wonder if we will become poor again after creating a guild card. ”

” How big… ” Nina was surprised. Compared to Resser Village’s guild hall, this one was 10 times bigger. It was even larger on the back side.

” Because it is one of the more popular bases for adventurers. Imagine how much money is circulating here. ”

That came from Lena, her parents also were adventurers, so she is knowledgable about it.

Inside, the area was divided into a bulletin board for quests, a quest reception area, and others. The people inside account ot more than a 100. Even the reception area has three receptionists.

” An incredible lot of money flows in this place. ”

At the counter, a brown skinned woman greeted us.

” Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. How can I help you? ”

” I want to make a guild card. ”

I wonder why Nina and Lena are confused.
(TL note: I think it was because he was trying to make a guild card which is different from adventure identifications? I’m not sure)

” Yes sir, may I have your adventurer identification? ”

” I want to make that too. ”

The receptionist just looks at me with a narrowed eyes.

” Can you tell me your hometown? ”

” Resser village. ”

” Shouldn’t you have one from the Resser’s guild branch? ”

I take out the fake card.

“You already have your guild card..”

However, I know that it was a fake one.

It was made by that fat uncle to exploit the work of a young child like me. The quests won’t be recorded so he could steal some of the reward.

“Then I will take this.. You can entrust it to me. ”

” So, can you make a new one for me? ”

” I can but.. ”

” I think that it broke, so I want a new one.. ”

” It’s alright but you have to fill out some papers.. ”
(TL note: the level of conversation is out of my mind.. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong PR note: just bureaucracy talk lol)

The woman then wrote something in a ghost-like language.

” Is that how writings and characters in this world look like? ”

I also saw Nina sweating bullets, while Lena looked calm. I think in the future we will have to include literature in Nina’s training.

” Can you help me fill them out? ”

” Yes, but you have to read the contract. ”

We filled it out and I also read the description of the guild card.

D-G rank adventurers can receive quests on the first floor. Starting from C rank, they are allowed to take quests from the second floor.

” I will come back in a while. Please wait. ”

However, a medium build man, about 180cm tall, came closer while grinning.

” Hey, are you new here? Blonde and black hair is unusual. ”

” Yes, please look after us in the future. ”

But, he just laughed.

” You should stop now. A rookie will always be a rookie. You’re only wasting a guild card when you die. Just return to your village. ”

His laughter made the always smiling Nina expressionless and Lena frozen.

I couldn’t help but look at his status.


Status window
Name: Lalit Nets Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 27
HP: 536 MP: 266
Strength: 213 Agility: 255
Vitality: 117 Intelligence: 87
Magic: 58 Luck: 59
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: Lvl. 4
Awareness: Lvl. 4
Trap discovery: Lvl. 3
Silent step: Lvl. 3
Assassination mastery: Lvl. 2
Night eyes: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Dagger strike: Lvl. 4
Assassinate: Lvl. 2
Body enhance: Lvl. 3
Lock pick: Lvl. 3
Steal: Lvl. 3
Stealth: Lvl. 3
Appraisal: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Return Bag

(Tl note: seems like if the job is upgraded, the person will have two jobs instead. And return bag is returning pouches that have been stolen? Idk.)

Equipped weapon:

– Damascus Dagger (grade 4): Has a Chance to Inflict Poison on Attack.


– Dark Hood (grade 5) : Darkness Resistance Up
– Bear Skin Clothes (grade 5) : Agility Up
– Thieves Gauntlet (grade 4): Effects of Thief Class Skills Enhanced
– Gale Greaves (grade 5): Agility Up


– Shadow amulet (grade 5) : Reduced Chance of Being Discovered
– Messy bracelet (grade 5) : Poison Resistance Up
– Amulet of pororo (grade 5) : Physical Resistance Up.


This guy has two jobs, decent skills and equipment. No wonder he talks big.

“Lalit, what are you doing? ”

” Collet-chan, I’m not doing anything. ”

” Are you trying to chase away new adventurers? ”

Lalit wasn’t smirking anymore. He held out four silver coins in between his fingers.

” What are you trying to do? ”

Nina and Lena didn’t have a clue either.

However, Lalit focused on his fingers and the silver coins were folded in half.

” See, this is what may happen to you guys. It’s still early, just go back to your village. ”

I took the folded silver coins and crushed them between my thumb and index finger.

” What? ” Lalit eyes opened wide.

” You think you’re the only one who could do that? ”

Laughter was heard from nearby adventurers, but it wasn’t the mocking kind, like Lalit’s.

” Hahaha. Lalit got bitten back. ”

” Hahaha.. That rookie is doing great. ”

” Aaarghh.. ” Lalit exitted the guild with a bright red face.

” So, miss Collet, can I get my guild card? ”

” Aah. Yes.. Mr. Yu please add a drop of your blood to complete the process. ”

” Now it’s finished, right? ”

” Yes, and the fee is one silver. ”

” Speaking of which, I want to get a job. ”

” Oh.. There is a room in the back for that, and the fee is one silver. Speaking of which, you may want to check your status. ”

” Just lead me to the back room. ”

” What? You don’t want to check your status? ”

” Yes, I don’t want to leave any information on the card. ”

When I said that Collet’s face became blue.

” What do you mean? ”

” When you check your status with the guild card, some mana flows out. ”

” But that’s natural as it involves some magic. ”

” Of course. But some mana is also there to send information to the guild from a guild card. ”

If you think about it, it was clear. As an independent organization, the guild needed some power. They hold the information of adventurers what gives them an upper hand. They could prepare to face the enemy. Although the quest rewards are attractive, the intel gathering done by the guild is suspicious.
” What? ” Nina, Lena, and other adventurers around were shocked.

” Pl-please.. Don’t say it too loud.. ”

” Is it just a misunderstanding or do you insist on looking at my status? ”

” It’s a misunderstanding sir.. ”

Collet seemed to use some kind of magic on her eyes while talking. Maybe it was to confirm my status with [Analysis].

” Then, I will guide you to the room for choosing jobs. ”

She was trying to hide her lies, but her sweat was slowly dripping. What a poor lie.

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