31 – first dungeon ②

31 Episode: first dungeon ②

We’re currently on the 3rd floor of the “Labyrinth of Golgo”. Nina and Lena can handle a single monster of rank 3 without a problem.

If there are multiple opponents, I will come and help. It’s because one blow from it is enough to cause instant death for Lena.

“Huff… Huff.. ”

Lena is trying to stay cool but her breath is heavy. Only one third of her MP are remaining. It is a good time to take a break.

” It seemed to be a dead end. ” (Nina)

” What a coincidence, let’s rest here. ”

“… I can still go on..” (Lena)

Up to this point, we have found three treasure chests. Then I take two mana potions and one health potion.

“Here, drink this. ” I passed it to Lena.

Mana potions are only a little bit effective to restore the MP. However it was made from magic grass, clean water and [alchemy lvl 2]. I have a lot of them collected in Resser village.

” No, I’m still okay. ”

I ignore her and reapply enchantment on her. I also used heal on Nina.

” Nina, it seems that there is no problem fighting with the monsters in this dungeon? ”

” It’s just that your enchantments help a lot and Lenas magic is so strong. With this I also could come up with some attack variation. ”

I am surprised at how calmly she could make that conclusion.

I am not tired at all because almost no fight involves me. Then I take out a 2nd rank perfect magic stone. It is about 40 to 50 pieces. I used [alchemy] to create magic ball.

” What? It now has two magic effects? ”

It looks like Lena isn’t surprised by it.

Immediately I tried it on Ninas “steel dagger (grade 6): fire attribute”. I tried to enchant “strength up” and “agility up”.

Don’t tell me you could only enchant it for once.
Steel dagger (grade 6): agility up and strength up.
” Sweet.. ”

Nina looks at it with a happy face.

” Me too.. ”

Lena also wanted the same.
Momon cloack (grade 6): HP up and strength up.
” Hehehe.. ” she seemed happy. I also did the same to my equipment. –
Black steel armor (grade 5): HP up, MP up, and strength up.
Black steel gauntlet (grade 5): HP up and MP up.
I enchant the same effect and it all works, I was afraid that the same enchantments won’t work together.

After that we proceed until 5F and returned back without using a return stone.

Lena face was slightly pale because her lack of physical fitness. She sleeps as soon as she finished dinner and taking a bath.

Nina was also sleepy but I taught her math and literature for another two hours.

“Uuu.. Yuu… ”

” Also that’s it for today. ”

” Finally..”

There is some progress because Nina is actually quite smart.

” Now, I’ll go to the dungeon. I’ll be angry if you follow me. ”

” Why? ”

Of course I want to level up to.

” Nina, you have worked hard today. You should rest to prepare for tomorrow. Now it’s my time to work. ”

” Buu.. ”

Nina is pouting however she was convinced.

There is still the enchanter from earlier at the entrance.

” Oh, the boy from earlier. Want another enchantment? ”

” No need. ”

” But the buff period is over. Isn’t it dangerous entering alone? ”

He was smiling like a devil, trying to lure me. I don’t know how many years of experience he has in tricking adventurer.

” So, need another buff? ”

” No need uncle.. ”

The enchanter uncle face then turn ugly. I quickly entered the dungeon.

What blocked me is a salamander, looked like a lizard but 1 m tall. Cyclops, 3m tall with one eye and wielding a club. Golems are usual made of soil and weak to water. Golems and Salamander are weak to water attribute and cyclops, I’ll just have to cut trough it.
Here are their statuses.

Status window
Name: ***** Race: Golem
Rank: 3 Level: 18
HP: 322 MP: 16
Strength: 264 Agility: 3
Vitality: Intelligence: 1
Magic: 9 Luck: 8
Passive Skills
Active Skills
Special Skills
Status window
Name: ***** Race: Salamander
Rank: 3 Level: 16
HP: 296 MP: 136
Strength: 164 Agility: 93
Vitality: 207 Intelligence: 19
Magic: 99 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Fire resistance: Lvl. 1
MP recovery up: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Black magic: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Status window
Name: ***** Race: Cyclops
Rank: 3 Level: 22
HP: 571 MP: 120
Strength: 510 Agility: 99
Vitality: 284 Intelligence: 23
Magic: 88 Luck: 30
Passive Skills
Night eyes : Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Body enchance: Lvl. 2
Special Skills

Of course I deprive them all. Also I wanted the salamanders [MP recovery up].

When I arrived at 9F, I finally met with a group of adventurers.

It’s a party of five with a level range of 22 to 24.

One vanguard, 2 middle and 2 at the rear, a good balanced party. And one of them noticed me.

” Boy, are you coming with your party? ”

” No, I’m soloing. ”

They are surprised when I said that I’m alone.

” This is 9F, unbelievable. ”

” We even needed 8 hours to reach this place. How long have you been here? ”

” Erm.. About two hours. ”

” 2 hours?! ”

The healer woman wanted me in their party but the party leader is reluctant. The other don’t even believe me coming here alone.

However when we were talking, I detected 3 monster approaching with my [awareness]. The party also noticed them.

” Guaaaa.. ”

It was an ogre (subspecies) and two normal ogre.

” Three monster.. Ogre and one subspecies. It’s the worst.. ”

” Gaaaa ”

The ogre all at once casted [war cry]. Three adventurers were frozen in spot.

The vanguard is rising his shield to block one of the ogres. The other one is coming at me, swinging it’s fist.

” It’s dangerous! “one of the adventurer is screaming but I calmly received it with my left hand.

” He caught the attack? ” seeing me handle it with one hand, the adventurers were startled.

” It’s disappointing. ” the strength is less than I expected. Then without any wait I performed [swordmaship lvl 4] technique,” flash”. The ogre then divided into four clean portions. It was Joseph jii-san technique but I could use it now without problem.

” Ggggoogggaaa.. ”

The other ogre was angry when his fellow was killed and came towards me. I dived into the bosom and use [magic gauntlet] on its belly. I used wind magic equip and with increased speed, my fist sinks down on the stomach.
With a dull sound, the ogre bounced back trying to escape. The ogre(subspecies) is using this chance to swing a sword from behind me, giving a chance for the ogre that is now crawling to escape.

” I won’t let you get away. You’re my depriving prey. ”

When I look back to say it, the adventurers are left with their mouths hanging open.

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  2. lol those adventures got trolled. Damn nice to see him showing who the boss is. guess that meaning in a few chapters he will get his ass whipped by someone stronger as that is generally what happens in these kind of stories

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