32 – first Labyrinth ③

32nd Episode: first Labyrinth ③

However I failed to deprive [hard skin] from the ogre.

It is also the reason ogre skin is purchased as an expensive material. If it was used as an armor, it will exhibit high performance defense because of the [hard skin] properties.

(Yuu: maybe I can bring the skin to the dwarf uncle to make some equipment)

The adventurers earlier still showed an ugly face and decided to go ahead.

It took almost an hour for me to strip down the three ogres.

After that the blood smell is attracting poison grizzlies which I deprive [poison resistant lvl 1] from it. Then I proceed forward trough the dungeon.

Along the way I discovered a treasure chest but I give up on it because I have no unlocking skill.
There are two types of treasure box. One with a key and one without. The one with a key can be unlocked using [unlocking] skill instead of searching for the key. However sometimes it contains trap. That’s why, jobs that have unlocking skill have preferential treatment.
(Yuu: well…)

“Old man, I didn’t know you have such a perverted peeping hobby. ”

I was saying that to a space where is no one there however Jospeh appeared with a surprised look.

” How did you know? ”

Joseph was wearing a gray cloack. It seems that it was the reason for his hiding skill.
Cloack of the hermit (grade 5): can avoid [awareness] up to lvl 3
” I noticed it since the beginning. ”

” Well.. Next is the boss room. Aren’t you going to stop? ”

I was stronger than last time and wanted my revenge however I want to save my strength.

” I will go back after the boss. ”

” I’ll head back first then. Remember to go back after the boss. ”

Actually it was already late. I promised to come back to Nina earlier. What is she going to say when she found out I went to 10F.

After a while we arrived in a hall with a pedestal installed.
(Yuu: it seemed if I touch this, it will unlock the boss room)

The moment I touched it, my head felt fuzzy. It is actually a transportation stone. I arrived in a wide room.
(Yuu: Where is the boss?)

At this moment, I realized there are five corpse visible. It were the adventurers from before. Their bodies are violently twisted.

” Ugyaa.. ” The Sound came from six monsters that looked like monkeys. The boss was 2m tall and the lackeys are 1.5m.

Status window
Name: Gubidoa Race: Great War Ape
Rank: 4 Level: 28
HP: 886 MP: 234
Strength: 493 Agility: 303
Vitality: 408 Intelligence: 60
Magic: 189 Luck: 30
Passive Skills
Agility up: Lvl. 1
Strength up: Lvl. 3
Active Skills
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Specter magic: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Status window
Name: Bidah Race: War Ape
Rank: 3 Level: 26
HP: 647 MP: 177
Strength: 385 Agility: 212
Vitality: 306 Intelligence: 56
Magic: 124 Luck: 24
Passive Skills
Agility up: Lvl. 3
Strength up: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Black magic: Lvl. 2
Special Skills

(PR Note: there are 5 unnamed monkeys and one named monkey as lackeys for the boss, sadly it was quite confusing to find out who was who in the later part, so I kept it simple)
Rank 4, the highest one I have seen today. The other war apes are nearing me and I unleashed “flame lance” on one of them.

“Gik.. ”

It seemed to be surprised but dodged it easily. Then the war apes are casting fireballs together and merged them into one giant fireball. I also did the same.The two giant fireball clashed with each other.

” Ugya… ”
” Hiaaa… ”

However the quality is different. My fireball isn’t launched normally. It was shot like bullet by giving a little bit rotation.

It breaks trough and hits the war apes. However they don’t die so I launched two ” flame lance” penetrating the chest and abdomen.

Some of them blocked the collision from the fireball by casting “earth wall” in front of them.

The great war ape in the behind is taking some distance and watches the fight excitedly.

Two of the war apes are coming to me by taking advantage of their speed. One of their claw attacks is blocked by my sword and by using [magic sword] I engulfed it in a surprise with my magic.

The other one is punched by my [magic gauntlet ] while utilizing wind magic. It hits in the face causing the eyeball to roll out upon death.

“Just the lackeys are so strong. I don’t have the time to deprive them.”

Then my sight is shifted to the great war ape. It still looked calm.

They understand they couldn’t come rashly at me. But wha worries me is the intelligence of these ape. They even used “earth wall” to block my magic earlier.I aimed for another war ape and used the [magic gauntlet] utilizing it to enhance my strength. I punched the ape from the bottom causing it to fly upwards , hitting the ceiling then fall back to the ground and bounce back again like a ball for several times. “Amazing.. ”

However the great war ape only barks with rage. I can feel a great amount of mana flowing from him but I couldn’t hear the chant of the magic.But I know it is bad.. The dead adventurer from earlier began to rise from their slumber.

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  2. That gives the opportunity to perhaps deprive from slain enemies. Use Specter magic on them and steal from the zombies. I haven’t read ahead, so I don’t know for sure. Unfortunately, I am too busy with my stuff to spoil myself.

  3. Thanks for the chapter; now he gets to deprive the undead adventurers. Too bad none of them probably have unlock or their wouldn’t have been unopened chests.

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