34 – rank up

34th Episode: rank up

When I woke up, I send a flying chop to Nina because she was sleeping besides me..

“Fugya.. ”

Nina shouted then got up with a watery eyes. Lena on the other hand was still sleeping, I wonder if she was tired.

When finally, after Lena woke up, washed her face and changed her clothes, I could pass her the “ring of life”.

“Hey, equip this okay? ”

” Is this for me?.. ”

” It is increasing HP by 50.”

“Increasing HP? ”

From Lena’s head, a hair popped out like an antenna. She seemed happy because it was moving right and left.

” Here this is for Nina. ”

I passed her the” dagger of steel” and “item bag”.

“This is for me? ”

“It was made from Salamander materials and has some fire attributes, even if it was taken from the dead adventurer, it was still useful.”

The moment I said that it was taken from dead adventurer, she was shocked a bit, is she afraid?

Todays breakfast was beef stew and bread with salad. The meat is soft enough to melt in the mouth and afterwards we head to the guild.

I want to sell materials and find some quests. However the guild was crowded. I couldn’t find an idle receptionist, there is no dungeon related quest too. Finally after some time there is a vacant line in front of Collet’s.

” Yo Collet, good morning. ”

” Collet Ohayou! ”

” Good morning! ”

Collet replied energetically however it seemed Lena morning reaction is kind of dull.

” I want to sell monster materials. ”

” Alright, no problem. ”

I take out from the item bag, poison grizzly fur, great war ape claws, fangs, and Salamander tail.

” This is what I get yesterday. ”

Collet seemed to notice it.

” This is a lot.. War ape and great war ape too. Did you guys get it yesterday? ”

” No, it was only Yu. ”

” What? It was only him? Everyone, take out your guild card. ”

This time, Lena and me ranked up to E. Nina also nearing to reach D rank.

” Here’s the purchasing money. ”

It was 4 gold 7 silver and 8 half silver, that’s because of the boss rank material sold higher.

” Collet, is there no dungeon related quest? ”

I want to know the reason while Nina is playing with Lenas hair on the side. Lena was being toyed with, without any resistance because she was still sleepy.

” Nowadays the dungeon monster are rarely found but there are still some on a deeper level. So at least C rank is needed and there is no D rank quest around. The lowest one is from 21F dungeon. ”

It seemed that there is a limit to what low rank adventurer could do.

” Thank you Collet. ”

” No problem.. it’s my pleasure. ”

” Wow it’s unusual for Yu to smile. ”

Collets face then turned red when Nina said that. I rarely smile but I do when I’m in the mood.

” Next, we’ll visit the blacksmith. ”

” This place is empty. ”

” Where is everyone? ”

The street wasn’t like usual.

When we arrived at the shop, we couldn’t even tell if it was open or not.

” Uncle, where are you? ”

” Oh boy, what’s wrong? ”

I take out the ogre skin from the item bag.

” Whoa.. This is ogre skin.. What’s more there is a subspecies mixed in. ”

” Could you make some shirt and pants? ”

” What? To use this for shirt and pants not armor? Even boots can be made,looks like you need one too. ”

I saw my boots and have worn out because I also experimented by using [magic wearing] on my boots. It surprised me it only takes two days to be done.

(TL note: alright let’s change magic gauntlet to magic wearing)

For me, a shirt, pants and boots. Nina and Lena both will get shirt and shoes too because they don’t want to get a hot pants.

“Uncle, how much is it? ”

” Can I get the excess skin material? ”

” you can take it. ”

” Alright, 1 gold coins reduced by materials. ”

I paid him upfront and he immediately get down to work.

We head to the dungeon and the enchanter uncle is still there.

” Don’t you need another enchantment? ”

” Is there a new one? ”

The enchanter uncle then folded his arm and laughed hard.

” Of course I have two new ones! ”

(Yu: I hope you could have more enchantment skill.. It will be convenient for me.)

” This new one will increase attack and raise magic defence. ”

” Alright, give me the two. ”

I passed two silver coins and received the buff. It increased about 5% and when we enter the dungeon I applied it to Nina and Lena.

” You learn it too? ”

” how’s the effect? ”

Lena status was checked using the guild card.

” The buff is working and the ring of life is also working. ”

I noticed there is something different with Lenas guild card. There is a thin layer of magic. Lena saw me looking at her guild card and said.

” I used my own magic on my guild card so it won’t send information to the guild. ”

” Is that true? ”

” are you doubting me the genius? ”

After that, Nina tried to imitate her. I also tried the same.

After we succeed, we proceed down.

When Lena was about to be hit, it was stopped by a [barrier] . It was kind of [body enhance] skill but instead of using mana to strengthen the body, it was used to make a thin layer of protection.

“Wow Lena, is that a new skill? I’ll also show you a new trick”

Nina said that while the neck of a cyclops was cut off instantly.

” That was amazing.. ”

” is that a skill too? ”

However I didn’t see any mana changes or chant.

” It was taught by Lalit. It was a thread of a steel spider. It doesn’t use too much MP but it was hard to master. ”

Nina stretched her hand and a thin thread was laid out. She swung it swiftly and it cut the body of cyclops easily.

This day we proceed to 6F and I used the time to make potions.

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