35 – Making a party

35th story: Making a party

It was the Arc Palace of Kiyoshikuni country. It is one of the biggest country in the continent. It believed in the Irigamitto, Goddess of light so the Pope was a part of the royal family. They dominate and operates the country with Irigamitto religion as the base.

In a room of the Arc Palace, a knock can be heard.

“Enter.. ”

” Please pardon me. ”

The man who entered seemed to be a devout believer judging from his robe.

” So, let me hear the report. ”

” It is as you planned Archbishop Stella Foddo. The Yu Sato that you hate is progressing smoothly as planned. ”

” I see, then you will soon teach him more skills? ”

” Yes, the spirit control and in the one year plan, he is supposed to learn some combat skills and summoning magic. ”

” So, continue to give me a report once a month. ”

” I think there will be some problems. There is a possibility that Kanzuka of Kano Sages is making a move. ”

” Darn that guy. ”

The Archbishop closed the book and said so. It caused the believer to be frightened but continues to report.

(TL note: seems like a twist in here.. And the archbishop is a he although the name is Stella lol. PR Note: wasn’t the granny called Stella?l)

” The matter of the Union is progressing smoothly. We have positive reaction from the Republic of the Daelim empire. We will contact the king in the next occasion. ”

” And Hamelin nation? ”

” Hamelin and us were in a little dispute because of financial struggle. ”

” Tch.. That merchant should be dealt with. I’ll see if I could visited them somehow. ”

” Thank you Archbishop. ”

Irigamitto believers are organized as the pope, Cardinal , archbishop, bishop, chief priest, priest, assistant priest, and apprentice. This man is the third most powerful man in the organization. Then the report continued.


We’re currently at the 9F of Golgo dungeon. Normally adventurers dived inside about 1-2 times a week but we have been doing it daily. Of course Joseph is following us but only I noticed this.

“Now, Die! ”

Nina then moves behind the Salamander and cuts the neck cleanly using her thread of steel spider. Without resistance the neck fell off.

” Why do you have to shout every time you attack? ”

” Ehehe. It’s a habit? ”

Apparently Nina seemed to be embarrassed by it. The other two Salamander in the back are dissected to shreds in Lena’s wind magic.

Lena becomes better in managing her MP, also her stamina increased.

” Yu, there’s a room there. ”

” Don’t enter it. It is the boss room. ”

” Boss? ”

” Let’s just level up a little more for today and we have to get our equipment from the blacksmith. ”

At first, Nina and Lena took 10 hours to come here but now it only take four hours. However the fight with the boss couldn’t be taken easily. I also believe that Lena has leveled up.

” I have reached level 23 and it feel it becomes harder to raised. ”

” The higher your level the harder it is. ”

” But your skill could still grow even if your level isn’t. ”

” It wasn’t a problem because I’m here.. ”

I sent a flying chop to Nina for saying that. She was staring at me with watery eyes but complacency is a fatal thing.

However because they killed the monsters so fast I could not deprive them.  And some skills won’t increase from level 6 to 7. Maybe there is a large wall between 6 and 7.

“Uncle, let’s call it a day. ”

” Eeh why? ”

Joseph has been following us again but this time his equipment is all black, it could prevent being discovered by [awareness] up to lvl 5.

“I paid so much for this equipment and still was found out.”

He was whining about it. Actually it was hard for me to notice him. I used Nina’s trick here.

I use the spider thread and spread it out on the ground by laying it out with my magic. Like making a net. Not even Lena noticed this because I used little mana. I’ll call it “heaven’s net”.

“You’re so noisy uncle.”

“Joseph uncle, please don’t get dispirited. ”

“.. Perverted.. Die..”

Nina tried to cheer him up but Lena words are harsh. She might hate him to the root.

Then we returned back to the guild to sell the materials. I went to the blacksmith to get my equipment.

“Uncle, are you here ? ”

” Oh! I’ve been waiting for you. Look at this. ”

The dwarf uncle brings out the equipment excitedly.


Ogre boots (grade 5): increased magic resistance


Ogre shoes (grade 5): increased magic resistance


” I made this using the susbspecies. ”

” Uncle.. This.. ”

Is it because ogre skin originally has high magic resistance?

” Yeah, it has magic resistance skill without even being enchanted. ”

(Yu: I wonder if I could add some more enchantment)

I took them with  me.

” Wait.. One more.. This is a service. ”

The uncle comes and gives me a hat.

” This is a prototype. Made from fire eating bird skin, and tailored using thread of a steel spider. The glass was made of high purity Niji-shokukame shell to protect your eyes. ”

It doesn’t have name because it was a prototype but it looks like world war I pilot goggle.

” Cool.. How much is this? ”

” I said that it was a service.. Just continue to come here in the future. ”

It was like a contract for me to come in the future.

I also passed some Salamander skin and scales. I wanted to make some weapons or armor. Of course he is excited because I don’t see other customers than me here.

Nina and Lena already finished selling the materials and were looking at the quest board.

“Subduing an earth dragon. 100 gold coins! Lena you could get the money for school instantly. ”

” However a dragon species is at least a rank 6 monster. ”

While they are talking, a group of three approached them.

” Hey, I will take the goblin general subduing quest. How about we do it together? ”

” We’re from the crimson meteor clan, it is Comer city biggest clan. ”

” I don’t know.. ”

The adventurers involuntarily let out a dry laugh because of Lena reaction but they didn’t give up.

While an elf adventurer is holding Nina hands and said.

” We will divide the rewards money of 10 gold coins and the materials money. ”

However Nina has a bad experience with partys.

” Sorry.. I won’t join another party. ”

They were disappointed to see Nina refusing the elf but they still didn’t give up.

” It will be better if you go with us. Our clan may even take you in if you’re promising. ”

” Yeah it will also be a precious experience if you join our party. ”

” good experience? ”

” Yeah. By joining different party you could adapt well in any situation and it could even contribute to boost your current party. ”

” I’ll go.. ”

” Huh? ”

It was Lena accepting them.

” That’s great.. What about you sister? ”

” I said I don’t want to join. ”

After a while they give up in persuading Nina. Then they move to the counter to receive a quest with Lena.

” Nina-chan.. Hello. ”

” La-lalit? ”

” Yo.. Surprised? ”


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