36 – Making a party ②

Episode 36: Making a party ②

“Ora ora ora… ”

While shouting, Muga crushed the goblin leader using a mace.

Gratz is blocking a goblin soldier using a shield and cuts it down using a steel sword.

Mimimu shoots a soaring flame to a goblin knight that is trying to escape. It was a spell of lvl 3 [black magic].

They cover each other. Muga always leaves space behind because he always jumped forward. Gratz covered him using his shield and sword and Mimimu sends the final touch by using magic from the rear.

“Lena-chan did you see my mace handling? ”

” No, it was my shield handling that is wonderful. ”

” What did you guys talk about? Of course as a fellow magician, my magic is the most appealing. ”

Muga as the vanguard, Gratz in the middle and Mimimu at the rear. It was a pretty good party configuration.

” What are you talking about? You can only unleashed magic from behind. ”

” Yeah if it wasn’t for my guard you couldn’t cast it properly. ”

” Hah… Low people couldn’t understand the charm of magic. Anyway, for Lena-san to be able to use [black magic] and [white magic] at such age, our clan will be pleased to welcome you. ”

” Yeah if you join us permanently, our party will be invincible. ”

“…. Unreasonable..”

She was accepted the offer because she wanted to help Nina.

“By the way, you were casting magic without a chant earlier. Do you have a special skill? ”

“… No..”

“You don’t have it? So how can you cast magic without chanting? ”

” Tell me tell me! ”

“…. Unreasonable…”

It was a secret trick Yu teach me and I was told to keep it a secret. I know many caster classes want to learn it but I couldn’t tell them.

“Don’t worry Lena. We all have our special skill. Mine is [Goblin killer],  a perfect one for this quest and Muga also has [Beast killer] skill. ”

” Hehehe, Gratz, how can you expose my skill so easily? ”

It was a silly conversation but Yu will definitely give me a long time scolding if I tell about my skill to someone I just met.

Mimimu also tells me about his [nature/spirit magic lvl 2] and [black magic lvl 3]

(tL note: seems like genie magic will be changed to nature or spirit magic. Please choose is it better to call it nature or spirit magic?)

They were adventurers of rank E with special skill but aren’t they too conceited?


Nina was crying hard when she arrived at the blacksmith. She came with Lalit. Is this his fault?

“Yuuu….. Huhuhu.. ”

She was running and comes to me. Her face is covered with tears and runny nose .

She was clinging to my body and clearly her fluids were sticking in my clothes.

” Lalit, what happened? ”

He explained to me and I realized the situation.

Lena joined a party and headed to the large forest. It wasn’t unusual.

” This time she joined a party of Crimson meteor clan. ”

” Crimson meteor? ”

” It is the biggest clan in Comer. They’re famous to have powerful rookies and they seemed to be interested in recruiting Lena. ”

” So why is Nina so worried? ”

” Because… They… Yu… ”

(Yu: aah it must be her past bad experience)

” It’s only goblin general subduing quest of rank 3 . Lena will be okay. ”

” If it was a normal one it will be alright but.. ”

” what’s wrong? ”

” It was a named goblin general with the characteristic of black skin instead of normal green. ”

Nina and Lalit are looking at me with a worried eyes. You guys wanted to check her condition right? Altough Lena seemed to be so strong and claimed herself as a genius, she is not bad as a companion. However recently she picked up Ninas bad habit of sniffing my smell but she still obeyed me.

“Magic grass… ”

” What? ”

” I ran out of magic grass. I think we could gathered some at the large forest. ”

” Yuu…. ”

” I thought you could come up with a better excuse. ” (Lalit)

” Whatever.. Shall we go? ”


” It should be around here. ”

” You guys at the back please be careful. Monster of rank 4 may come out. ”

” … Can I go home  now?”

” Please wait.. It should be around here. ”

Honestly I am tired already. I want to go back and smell Yu. I want to sleep while clinging at Nina.

” Even if it’s a named goblin general it wasn’t a big deal for my skill. ”

I tried to go back but Mimimu face is weird.

” Mimimu what’s wrong? Are you coming back with me? ”

” Wait… Please… Something is wrong.. The sound is.. ”

Around us, no other sound can be heard. Insects, birds, not even a sound of them around.

” Look, over there. ”

From Gratz voice, we are looking at a tree. Between them  the goblin general poped out. However the weird thing isn’t on him.

” This number… ”

Soon goblins surrounded us. Their numbers are over 100. No normal goblin general could lead this many goblins. From their back a goblin general with black skin appeared.

” Black skin… Goblin general.. ”

” It maybe a rank higher. It could be a goblin king. ”

Muga without fear jumped towards the goblin king.

” Eat this.. “Mace strike”!”

“Gugee! ”

The next moment, Mugas right arm is flying into the air.

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  2. Well, someone was too cocky and just lost an arm, thanks for the chapter, hopefully someone will learn their lesson soon. wonder what skill Yu will get from the general.

  3. …. and so Lena was captured by the goblins.

    In her hazy, barely sustaining consciousness, happy memories of the past return like a revolving lantern… endlessly.

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