40 – Goblin King ④

40th Episode: Goblin King ④

The goblins that are surrounding us were freed from the goblin king’s [pack leader]. The goblin army was thrown into chaos. I expanded the “heaven’s net” to grasp the situation. It covered my blind spot better than [awareness] because my mana runs trough the thread of steel spiders, which made up the net.

A goblin knight jumped at me, I cut its body in half without forgetting to deprive its skills at the same time. [swordmanship lvl 2] and [body enhance lvl 1] successfully deprived. As the level of [depriver] increased, the pain in my head was reduced.

Now, when I took the [swordmanship], some memories of sword techniques flowed into my mind.

(Yu: this is great.. Some need to be practiced but I can use these techniques)

After reaching [spirit magic lvl 4] , when I deprive someone, their memory of skill techniques was transferred to my mind.

However the number of goblins reduced, but not the number of monsters. Orc soldier, boar soldier, poison grizzly, they came because of the smell of blood.

A poison grizzly comes swinging its claw. Its strength is only around 200-250 and its level around 20-25.

My strength on the other hand is only 210 but with my skill [strength up] and [brute arm] assisted with [body enhance] it is now added and multiplied by various factor. Resulting in a total of 900 strength. I caught the poison grizzly claw using my left arm, while using [magic equip] on my right arm. Only one blow is needed to make a hole on its belly.

The total number of remaining enemies is now 300-400. It is too bad that I couldn’t deprive them one by one and should kill then quickly.

“Explosion! ”

I keep on barraging the spell and soon enough they were all turned into grilled meat.

I get back to where the others are. There have been some injuries since it was impossible to come out unscathed but it was all minor.

” Yuu!”

Nina come and hugged me, seriously I couldn’t breath because I was suffocating. The cause of it is the two soft mound on her chest.

Then Lena comes from behind sandwiched me. She is now sniffing around.

“Hmm. Yu’s smell is so good. ”

The only sane person in here is Lalit.

” What are you guys doing? ”

I sent a flying chop to Lena and Nina but they didn’t stop clinging.

It was pretty safe since most of the monster in the area either ran away or were killed here.

” We’re saved. Thank you Yu! ”

Then I take the perfect magic stone from the goblin king and give it to Lalit.

” wha! You’re giving this to me? ”

” It’s compensation for your help. ”

Lalit is reluctant but I forcefully give it to him. I also gives the goblin king’s ear to Muga.

” This is needed to take the rewards right? ”

” This.. Is too much!”

“No. You didn’t run away when the situation got worse. I really need to thank you. You also tried to protect Lena to the point your arm got cut off. ”

(Yu: well, probably the two others will be dead by now)

” Pervert uncle, you won’t come out? ”

From behind a tree, Joseph comes out.

His expression wasn’t pleased at all.

” Darn.. That dwarf said this cloak can completely hides me. I even paid 30 gold coin for this. And you! You purposely threw one of your spells at me earlier, weren’t you? Are you trying to kill me? ”

I jumped at him and brandished my sword. He reacted well and high metallic sound can be heard from our collision.

” Pervert uncle, how’s my attack now? ”

Joseph’s [swordmanship] is at level 8 while mine reached level 7 from the enormous amount of goblins I deprived earlier. I could feel that my sword isn’t losing by much but there is still a gap in our power.

” God, you’re such a cheat! ”

Joseph is spitting a curse like a child. After that we put our swords away.

Joseph is performing another stunt to recover from his shock. He touched Nina and Lena at their bottom. They of course replied by throwing daggers and spells but he dodged them easily.

“Die! ”

” Pervert! ”

We take some time to recover then decide to get back home but Lena didn’t move.

” What is it? ”

” Yu.. Give me a piggyback ride. I’m tired. ”

What is she saying? We all have been recovered by using [white magic]. However she was so selfish. She won’t even move a bit.

” Alright.. ”

On the way back, there’s something soft pressing ony my back. It wasn’t unpleasant but I couldn’t concentrate on the road. It is hard to walk and Lena keeps sniffing my hair. Nina is also clinging to my side.

At last, Lena moved her nose to my ear. It will be bad if she sniffs there. However my worries were all for nothing. With a soft voice she whispered to me.

“Thank you… ”

(Author note: sorry.. At the previous chapter I mentioned Joseph’s sword skill. It should be at level 8 not 7. Sorry once again!)

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  2. Calling rambo… The picture isn’t being showed… Maybe you should ask within9 how he do it. Probably he is uploading the picture to our domain and do the linking from there like how he did the donation button…

  3. thanks for the chapter, if you leave notes about unsure stuff, some of us will try to help out despite not being proper editors and all. i wasn’t hoping for much at the start of this but it’s so addicting. Has a death march LN/WN feel to it about the protag being op and leveling up well though satou is much more op from the start. i’m guessing heavens net caught joseph this time because his awareness skill is starting to lag behind it as said in the previous chapters. wonder if lalit or joseph will eventually join his party but probably not so yu can keep all the girls for himself in the future. wonder how op yu would appear if he went to the magic academy later with lena and having nina stalk him throughout his stay there. many thanks again for the chapter and your hard work on bring out these timely releases. well then again no words can really describe how great we feel. picture link is working nice and touching scene there.

    • So much to answer. Nice. Ok First I think I always leave notes on paragraphs I can’t help.
      2. I am super sure on the Joseph -> Heavens Net “guess” 😉
      3. Have you taken a look at the pictures (in TDADP’s Index page), don’t lake at them if you can’t survive a minor spoiler
      4. Nina working to create chaos sounds like a lot of fun 😉

      • Well if we leave enough to talk about it means we read it, enjoy it and thought a bit rather than trying to post something first. Thanks for your hard work on this trying to keep it together and all.

  4. nyahahaha.just had to ask nicely n voila!! we now got pics to go with the story.btw did u guys include it with previous chapters? gonna re-read the series next weekend. looking forward to it.
    almost forgot. THANKS for all your hard work. 🙂

  5. time for my crossover mc power absorber evaluation of novels I have read so far with characters with a power absorbing type ability.
    Now, with the MC in shinka no mi. Gets absolutely everything out of an enemy he defeats. memories of where useful things are, techniques, and even a fraction of the stats are absorbed and added to his own. and any rare drop is received as well.
    Rou from Re:monster, can gain skills from the things he eats, and is not limited to the enemies or living things or other people or monsters, he can eat objects like magic stones and weapons and gain skill that way. The trade off is that the abilities don’t stack and weak things hardly gives him anything. the plus is that the stronger the thing he eats, the more he gets. especially if it is much stronger than him.
    This MC can absorb and take away the skills of people and monsters that are alive and active without even defeating them, he can absorb while fighting a strong opponent to weaken them and take away skills. the trade off is that he can’t absorb from enemies that are destroyed unless they were somehow revived. they need to be alive to be absorbed, at least undead, but not actually dead. He also experiences pain when absorbing power but that is reduced as the skill becomes higher. One huge plus side is that he skills he absorbs stacks and the same skills absorbed multiple times can accumulate and become a higher level of the same skill. Sort of like absorbing the experience put into that skill. Some games particularly FF5 uses an ability point system for jobs and he is essentially adding the ap into that particular skill each time it is deprived from another.
    There is also a character in arifureta, but he is similar to rou but that probably isn’t an ability but something innate to that universe and only when he eats magical beasts.

        • yeah I did, I will answer it today in the evening… Back to the picture: the way you said makes it look nice and all, but the html linnes are the same 😉 “<img src=…" to show the image on the page and an "<a href=…" to show a link to dislpay the bigger image… So if it doesn't show it definetily has to be your phone… let me quickly check mine

      • If I read more power absorber novels that have had some translations. I wont spoil so I will only speak of what has been translated. I have done a crossover reincarnated mc evaluation. It has detailed how they died, what kind of person they were and what lead to their deaths. and how they lead their lives. The last time I did one: it was Rudeus from Mushoku Tensei, the MC from Gun-ota, Rou from Re:monster, and souji from Souen no Historia. It was mostly me holding a grudge on the MC from Gun-ota for the actions of his previous life and how he died.

    • The guy in Arifureta had a gods cryastly to heal him has he’s broken and remade hundreds of time. It remade him to add the monsters innate ability on to himself.

    • Rou’s “disgusting gourmet” has a similar ability aspect as Yu’s “leveling” of skills. the more of a type of thing he eats, the closer he gets to full absorbtion and assimilation of their abilities and stats.

  6. Thanks for the new chapter!
    Any big story plot soon? A rival? Demon lord? Warring kingdoms?

    • Can’t the poor guy have some fun, without having to save the world? 😉 btw I have no idea what’s coming next. Haven’t even looked at google translated names of future chapters…

  7. Thanks

    I see that the last volume’s illustration stay in this chapter

    Can I know how long till finish the volume?

  8. With how lena and nina react to his aroma, you’d think he managed to deprive that ‘breeding’ skill from the first ogre.

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